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Cuts Like a Knife by Bryan Adams [1983] [album editions]

Cuts Like a Knife (Bryan Adams)

Track listing

1The Only One
2Take Me Back
3This Time
4Straight from the Heart
5Cuts Like a Knife
6I'm Ready
7What's it Gonna Be
8Don't Leave Me Lonely
9Let Him Know
10The Best Was Yet to Come

Bryan Adams albums

118 Til I Die[ 2007 ]
2Bryan Adams[ 1980 ]
3Cuts Like a Knife[ 1983 ]
4Eleven[ 2008 ]
5Into the Fire[ 1987 ]
6Live! Live! Live![ 1995 ]
7Mtv Unplugged[ 1997 ]
8On a Day Like Today[ 1998 ]
9Reckless[ 1984 ]
10Room Service[ 2004 ]
11So Far So Good[ 1993 ]
12The Best of Me[ 2002 ]
13The Best of Me (Single)[ 1999 ]
14Waking Up The Neighbours[ 1991 ]
15When You're Gone (Single)[ 1998 ]
16You Want it You Got it[ 1990 ]
118 Til I Die (Bryan Adams)
2Bryan Adams (Bryan Adams)
3Cuts Like a Knife (Bryan Adams)
4Eleven (Bryan Adams)
5Into the Fire (Bryan Adams)
6Live! Live! Live! (Bryan Adams)
7Mtv Unplugged (Bryan Adams)
8On a Day Like Today (Bryan Adams)
9Reckless (Bryan Adams)
10Room Service (Bryan Adams)
11So Far So Good (Bryan Adams)
12The Best of Me (Bryan Adams)
13The Best of Me (Single) (Bryan Adams)
14Waking Up The Neighbours (Bryan Adams)
15When You're Gone (Single) (Bryan Adams)
16You Want it You Got it (Bryan Adams)

Bryan Adams songs

121Run to You [from the "Reckless"]03:55
122Run to You [from the "Live! Live! Live!"]04:06
123Run to You [from the "So Far So Good"]03:55
124Run to You [from the "The Best of Me"]03:55
125She's A Little Too Good For Me [from the "Room Service"]02:37
126She's Got a Way [from the "Eleven"]04:41
127She's only happy when she's dancin' [from the "Reckless"]03:13
128She's Only Happy When She's Dancin' [from the "Live! Live! Live!"]03:29
129Somebody [from the "Live! Live! Live!"]05:48
130Someone [from the "Reckless"]04:44
131Someone [from the "So Far So Good"]04:44
132Somethin' to Believe in [from the "Eleven"]04:00
133Star [from the "18 Til I Die"]03:42
134State of Mind [from the "Bryan Adams"]03:16
135Straight from the Heart [from the "Cuts Like a Knife"]03:31
136Straight from the Heart [from the "So Far So Good"]03:31
137Summer of '69 [from the "Reckless"]03:36
138Summer of '69 [from the "Live! Live! Live!"]04:33
139Summer of '69 [from the "So Far So Good"]03:36
140Summer of '69 [from the "The Best of Me"]03:36
141Summer of '69 [from the "Mtv Unplugged"]04:01
142Take Me Back [from the "Cuts Like a Knife"]04:41
143Take Me Back [from the "Live! Live! Live!"]05:31
144The Best of Me [from the "The Best of Me"]03:37
145The Best of Me 1 [from the "The Best of Me (Single)"]03:32
146The Best of Me 2 [from the "The Best of Me (Single)"]03:32
147The Best Was Yet to Come [from the "Cuts Like a Knife"]03:04
148The Best Was Yet to Come [from the "Live! Live! Live!"]02:52
149The Only One [from the "Cuts Like a Knife"]03:16
150The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You [from the "18 Til I Die"]03:37
151The Only Thing That Looks Good on Me Is You [from the "The Best of Me"]03:37
152The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You [from the "Mtv Unplugged"]04:34
153There Will Never Be Another Tonight [from the "Waking Up The Neighbours"]04:40
154This Side Of Paradise [from the "Room Service"]03:50
155This Time [from the "Cuts Like a Knife"]03:20
156This Time [from the "So Far So Good"]03:20
157Thought I'd Died And Gone to Heaven [from the "Waking Up The Neighbours"]05:48
158Tonight [from the "You Want it You Got it"]04:59
159Tonight We Have the Stars [from the "Eleven"]04:06
160Touch The Hand [from the "Waking Up The Neighbours"]04:05
161Try to See it My Way [from the "Bryan Adams"]04:02
162Vanishing [from the "Waking Up The Neighbours"]05:03
163Victim of Love [from the "Into the Fire"]04:07
164Wait and See [from the "Bryan Adams"]03:06
165Walk on By [from the "Eleven"]02:54
166Walking After Midnight [from the "Live! Live! Live!"]02:19
167Wastin' Time [from the "Bryan Adams"]03:35
168We Found What We Were Looking for [from the "Eleven"]03:38
169We're Gonna Win [from the "18 Til I Die"]02:27
170What Does It Do To Your Heart [from the "When You're Gone (Single)"]03:05
171What's it Gonna Be [from the "Cuts Like a Knife"]03:40
172When You Love Someone [from the "Mtv Unplugged"]03:41
173When You're Gone [from the "When You're Gone (Single)"]03:23
174When You're Gone [from the "On a Day Like Today"]03:24
175When You're Gone [from the "The Best of Me"]03:24
176Where Angels Fear to tread [from the "On a Day Like Today"]03:47
177Why Do You Have to Be So Hard [from the "Room Service"]02:58
178Win Some, Lose Some [from the "Bryan Adams"]03:48
179You Want It, You Got It [from the "You Want it You Got it"]03:49
180Your Underwear [from the "18 Til I Die"]03:17

Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams

Bryan Guy Adams is a Canadian rock singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer, and photographer.

Adams has won dozens of awards and nominations, including 20 Juno Awards among 56 nominations.


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