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The Gold Collection by Sheena Easton [1996] [album editions]

The Gold Collection (Sheena Easton)

Track listing

1Morning Train
3Modern Girl
5For Your Eyes Only
6One Man Woman
7Summerґs Over
8Take My Time
9Calm Before The Storm
10Just Another Broken Heart
11Savoir Faire
12Are You Man Enough
13Back In The City
14Letters From The Road
15I Donґt Need Your Word
16So We Say Goodbye

Sheena Easton albums

1A Private Heaven[ 1984 ]
2Fabulous[ 2000 ]
3The Gold Collection[ 1996 ]
4The World of Sheena Easton: The Singles Collection[ 1993 ]
1A Private Heaven (Sheena Easton)
2Fabulous (Sheena Easton)
3The Gold Collection (Sheena Easton)
4The World of Sheena Easton: The Singles Collection (Sheena Easton)

Sheena Easton songs

1All By Myself [from the "A Private Heaven"]04:16
2Are You Man Enough [from the "The Gold Collection"]03:24
3Back In The City [from the "A Private Heaven"]03:46
4Back In The City [from the "The Gold Collection"]03:46
5Best Of My Love [from the "Fabulous"]03:10
6Calm Before The Storm [from the "The Gold Collection"]03:28
7Can't Take My Eyes Off You [from the "Fabulous"]04:15
8Don't Leave Me This Way [from the "Fabulous"]05:24
9Double Standard [from the "A Private Heaven"]03:48
10For Your Eyes Only [from the "The Gold Collection"]02:59
11For Your Eyes Only [from the "The World of Sheena Easton: The Singles Collection"]03:00
12Get Here To Me [from the "Fabulous"]04:55
13Giving Up Giving In [from the "Fabulous"]07:38
14Hard To Say It's Over [from the "A Private Heaven"]04:24
15Hungary Eyes [from the "A Private Heaven"]03:41
16I Donґt Need Your Word [from the "The Gold Collection"]03:20
17Just Another Broken Heart [from the "The Gold Collection"]03:25
18Letters From The Road [from the "The Gold Collection"]03:23
19Love And Affection [from the "A Private Heaven"]04:06
20Love Is In Control [from the "Fabulous"]05:11
21Modern Girl [from the "The Gold Collection"]03:28
22Modern Girl [from the "The World of Sheena Easton: The Singles Collection"]03:39
23Moody [from the "The Gold Collection"]02:07
24Morning Train [from the "The Gold Collection"]03:18
25Morning Train (Nine to Five) [from the "The World of Sheena Easton: The Singles Collection"]03:22
26Never Can Say Goodbye [from the "Fabulous"]04:23
27On My Own [from the "Fabulous"]04:02
28One Man Woman [from the "The Gold Collection"]03:07
29Paradox [from the "The Gold Collection"]02:40
30Savoir Faire [from the "The Gold Collection"]03:10
31So We Say Goodbye [from the "The Gold Collection"]02:06
32Strut [from the "A Private Heaven"]04:06
33Sugar Walls [from the "A Private Heaven"]04:01
34Summerґs Over [from the "The Gold Collection"]03:24
35Swear [from the "A Private Heaven"]03:41
36Take My Time [from the "The Gold Collection"]02:39
37That's What Friends Are For [from the "Fabulous"]04:41
38You Could Have Been With Me [from the "The World of Sheena Easton: The Singles Collection"]03:47
39You Make Me Nervous [from the "A Private Heaven"]03:53
40You Never Gave Me The Chance [from the "Fabulous"]04:18

Sheena Easton

Sheena Easton

Sheena Shirley Easton is a Scottish-born singer and actress. []


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  • For Your Eyes Only by Sheena Easton

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