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Born To Be Free by Sonique [2003] [album editions]

Born To Be Free (Sonique)

Track listing

2Hold Me Now
3Can't Make Up My Mind
5Love Washes Away
6Will You Want Me
7Freefalling (Mum's Favourite)
8Right Here You An' I
10You're The Reason
11Born To Be Free
13I'm Gonna Love You
14Can't Make Up My Mind (2)

Sonique albums

1Born To Be Free[ 2003 ]
2Hear My Cry[ 2000 ]
1Born To Be Free (Sonique)
2Hear My Cry (Sonique)

Sonique songs

1Alive [from the "Born To Be Free"]03:51
2Are You Ready? [from the "Hear My Cry"] 
3Born To Be Free [from the "Born To Be Free"]04:20
4CanĀ“t Get Enough [from the "Hear My Cry"] 
5Can't Make Up My Mind [from the "Born To Be Free"]03:18
6Can't Make Up My Mind (2) [from the "Born To Be Free"]07:35
7Cold And Lonely [from the "Hear My Cry"] 
8Drama [from the "Hear My Cry"] 
9Empty (Hideaway) [from the "Hear My Cry"] 
10Freefalling (Mum's Favourite) [from the "Born To Be Free"]04:38
11Hear My Cry [from the "Hear My Cry"] 
12Hold Me Now [from the "Born To Be Free"]03:44
13I Put A Spell On You [from the "Hear My Cry"] 
14I'm Gonna Love You [from the "Born To Be Free"]03:52
15It Feels So Good [from the "Hear My Cry"]07:08
16It Feels So Good (Can 7 Soulfood Club Mix) [from the "Hear My Cry"] 
17Learn To Forget [from the "Hear My Cry"] 
18Love Is On Our Side [from the "Hear My Cry"] 
19Love Washes Away [from the "Born To Be Free"]03:42
20Magic [from the "Born To Be Free"]04:21
21Move Closer [from the "Hear My Cry"] 
22Please [from the "Born To Be Free"]03:48
23Right Here You An' I [from the "Born To Be Free"]05:32
24Seriously [from the "Born To Be Free"]04:00
25Sky [from the "Hear My Cry"]04:26
26Will You Want Me [from the "Born To Be Free"]04:30
27You're The Reason [from the "Born To Be Free"]03:45
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