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Labour Of Love III by UB40 [1998] [album editions]

Labour Of Love III (UB40)

Track listing

1Holly Holy
2It's My Delight
3Come Back Darling
4Never Let You Go
5Soul Rebel
6My Best Girl
7Good Ambition
8The Train Is Coming
9Blood And Fire
10Mr. Fix It
11Stay A Little Bit Longer
12Someone Like You
13The Time Has Come
14Crying Over You
15Legalise It

UB40 albums

1Baggariddim[ 1985 ]
2Cover Up[ 2001 ]
3Dub Sessions[ 2007 ]
4Getting Over the Storm[ 2013 ]
5Homegrown[ 2003 ]
6Labour Of Love[ 1983 ]
7Labour Of Love II[ 1989 ]
8Labour Of Love III[ 1998 ]
9Labour of Love IV[ 2010 ]
10Promises and Lies[ 1993 ]
11Signing Off[ 1980 ]
12UB40[ 1988 ]
13Who You Fighting For?[ 2005 ]
1Baggariddim (UB40)
2Cover Up (UB40)
3Dub Sessions (UB40)
4Getting Over the Storm (UB40)
5Homegrown (UB40)
6Labour Of Love (UB40)
7Labour Of Love II (UB40)
8Labour Of Love III (UB40)
9Labour of Love IV (UB40)
10Promises and Lies (UB40)
11Signing Off (UB40)
12UB40 (UB40)
13Who You Fighting For? (UB40)

UB40 songs

61Holiday [from the "Labour of Love IV"]03:42
62Holly Holy [from the "Labour Of Love III"]03:35
63Homely Girl [from the "Labour Of Love II"]03:24
64How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live [from the "Getting Over the Storm"]04:43
65How Will I Get Through This [from the "Getting Over the Storm"]04:10
66I Did What I Did [from the "Getting Over the Storm"]03:14
67I Didn't Know [from the "Getting Over the Storm"]04:45
68I Got You Babe (with Chrissie Hynde) [from the "Baggariddim"]03:08
69I Knew You [from the "Homegrown"]04:33
70I Think It's Going to Rain Today [from the "Signing Off"]03:41
71I Would Do for You [from the "UB40"]05:36
72If You Ever Have Forever in Mind [from the "Getting Over the Storm"]04:24
73I'm On The Up [from the "Cover Up"]03:13
74Impossible Love [from the "Labour Of Love II"]05:12
75Innocent Dub [from the "Dub Sessions"]06:19
76It's A Long Long Way [from the "Promises and Lies"]04:29
77It's My Delight [from the "Labour Of Love III"]03:57
78Iґll Be on My Way [from the "Who You Fighting For?"]02:12
79Johnny To Bad [from the "Labour Of Love"]05:02
80Just Another Girl [from the "Labour Of Love II"]03:35
81Just Be Good To Each Other [from the "Homegrown"]05:00
82Just What's Killing Me [from the "Getting Over the Storm"]04:37
83Keep On Moving [from the "Labour Of Love"]04:39
84King [from the "Signing Off"]04:35
85Kingston Town [from the "Labour Of Love II"]03:51
86Kiss and Say Goodbye [from the "Who You Fighting For?"]03:12
87Legalise It [from the "Labour Of Love III"]09:53
88Let Me Know [from the "Cover Up"]04:19
89Little by Little [from the "Signing Off"]03:44
90Look At Me [from the "Cover Up"]04:16
91Lyric Officer Mk.2 [from the "Baggariddim"]03:16
92Madam Medusa [from the "Signing Off"]12:53
93Man Next Door [from the "Labour of Love IV"]05:14
94Many Rivers To Cross [from the "Labour Of Love"]04:32
95Matter of Time [from the "UB40"]03:22
96Mi Spliff [from the "Baggariddim"]04:01
97Midnight Rider [from the "Getting Over the Storm"]04:09
98Mr. Fix It [from the "Labour Of Love III"]03:23
99Music So Nice [from the "UB40"]03:41
100My Best Girl [from the "Labour Of Love III"]04:10
101Never Let You Go [from the "Labour Of Love III"]03:18
102New York Sidewalk [from the "Dub Sessions"]05:52
103Night Drive To Tijuana [from the "Dub Sessions"]06:00
104Nothing Without You [from the "Homegrown"]03:54
105Nothing Without You (Dub Versi [from the "Homegrown"]03:09
106Now and Then [from the "Promises and Lies"]03:40
107On the Other Hand [from the "Getting Over the Storm"]03:50
108One Woman Man [from the "Who You Fighting For?"]03:21
109Please Don't Make Me Cry [from the "Labour Of Love"]03:26
110Plenty More [from the "Who You Fighting For?"]03:55
111Promises and Lies [from the "Promises and Lies"]03:38
112Really [from the "Cover Up"]04:15
113Reasons [from the "Who You Fighting For?"]03:53
114Red Red Wine [from the "Labour Of Love"]05:21
115Reefer Madness [from the "Signing Off"]05:08
116Reggae Music [from the "Promises and Lies"]04:06
117Rudie [from the "Cover Up"]04:27
118She Caught The Train [from the "Labour Of Love"]03:17
119Signing Off [from the "Signing Off"]04:25
120Since I Met You Lady [from the "Cover Up"]03:15



UB40 are a British reggae band formed in 1978 in Birmingham, UK. []


  • Reggae fusion,
  • Reggae,
  • Dub
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