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The Ultimate by Vanessa Mae [2003] [album editions]

The Ultimate (Vanessa Mae)

Track listing

1Classical Gas
2I Feel Love
4Red Hot (Symphonic Mix)
6Bach Street Prelude
8Cotton Eye Joe (Live)
9(I) Can, Can (You?)
11Night Flight
12Toccata & Fugue in D Minor
13Allegro (Spring-The Original Four Seasons on 8 No 1)
14Scherzo in C Minor for Violin & Piano

Vanessa Mae albums

1Choreography[ 2004 ]
2Storm[ 1998 ]
3The Classic Album 1[ 1996 ]
4The Ultimate[ 2003 ]
1Choreography (Vanessa Mae)
2Storm (Vanessa Mae)
3The Classic Album 1 (Vanessa Mae)
4The Ultimate (Vanessa Mae)

Vanessa Mae songs

1(I) Can, Can (You?) [from the "Storm"]03:40
2(I) Can, Can (You?) [from the "The Ultimate"]05:16
31st Movement - Introduction - Grave (Max Vruch) [from the "The Classic Album 1"]03:17
42nd Movement - Allegro (On' Hey Thje Dusty Miller') [from the "The Classic Album 1"]05:26
53rd Movement - Adagio [from the "The Classic Album 1"]00:59
64th Movement - Finale - Allegro Gurriero (On Scots Wha H) [from the "The Classic Album 1"]07:05
7A Poet's Quest (For A Distant Paradise) [from the "Storm"]04:31
8Adagio Cantabile (On' Auld Rob Morris') [from the "The Classic Album 1"]04:00
9Allegro (Spring-The Original Four Seasons on 8 No 1) [from the "The Ultimate"]05:05
10Andante Sostenuto (On 'I'm a doun For Lack O' Johnnie') [from the "The Classic Album 1"]05:27
11Aurora [from the "Storm"]04:56
12Bach Street Prelude [from the "Storm"]04:25
13Bach Street Prelude [from the "The Ultimate"]03:38
14Bolero For Violin And Orchestra [from the "Choreography"]05:06
15Classical Gas [from the "The Ultimate"]03:11
16Cotton Eye Joe (Live) [from the "The Ultimate"] 
17Embrasse Moi (You Fly Me Up) [from the "Storm"]05:03
18Emerald Tiger [from the "Choreography"]03:50
19Handel's Minuet [from the "Choreography"]03:50
20Happy Valley [from the "Storm"]06:32
21Hocus Pocus [from the "Storm"]03:14
22I Feel Love [from the "Storm"]06:57
23I Feel Love [from the "The Ultimate"]03:45
24I Preludio (J.S.Bach) [from the "The Classic Album 1"]03:45
25II Loure (J.S.Bach) [from the "The Classic Album 1"]03:09
26III Gavotte En Rondeau (J.S.Bach) [from the "The Classic Album 1"]03:01
27I'm A Doun [from the "Storm"]04:28
28I'm A Doun For Lack O' Johnnie (A Little Scottish Fantas) [from the "The Classic Album 1"]04:28
29IV Menuet I (J.S.Bach) [from the "The Classic Album 1"]01:14
30Leyenda [from the "Storm"]06:32
31Leyenda [from the "The Ultimate"]02:36
32Moroccan Roll [from the "Choreography"]03:08
33Night Flight [from the "The Ultimate"]06:35
34Picante [from the "The Ultimate"]07:00
35Raga's Dance [from the "Choreography"]05:26
36Red Hot (Symphonic Mix) [from the "The Ultimate"]07:48
37Retro [from the "Storm"]03:57
38Romance No. 2 In F For Violin And Orchestra Op. 50 [from the "The Classic Album 1"]08:27
39Roxanes Veil [from the "Choreography"]04:43
40Sabre Dance [from the "Choreography"]05:59
41Scherzo in C Minor for Violin & Piano [from the "The Ultimate"]08:17
42Scherzo In C Minor For Violin and Piano (Johannes Brams) [from the "The Classic Album 1"]05:24
43Storm [from the "Storm"]03:43
44Summer Haze [from the "Storm"]03:09
45Tango De Los Exilados [from the "Choreography"]03:55
46The Blessed Spirits [from the "Storm"]08:16
47The Havana Slide [from the "Choreography"]03:46
48Toccata & Fugue in D Minor [from the "The Ultimate"]03:11
49Tribal Gathering [from the "Choreography"]03:37
50V Menuet II (J.S.Bach) [from the "The Classic Album 1"]01:22
51VI Bourree (J.S.Bach) [from the "The Classic Album 1"]01:13
52VII Gigue (J.S.Bach) [from the "The Classic Album 1"]01:32
53Widescreen [from the "The Ultimate"]05:37
54Yantra [from the "The Ultimate"]03:51

Vanessa Mae

Vanessa Mae

Vanessa-Mae Vanakorn Nicholson, known onstage as Vanessa-Mae is an internationally known British classical and pop musician, especially noted for her violin skills.

Her music style is self-described as "violin techno-acoustic fusion", as several of her albums prominently feature the techno style. []


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