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Passage In Time by Quo Vadis [2001] [album editions]

Passage In Time (Quo Vadis)

Track listing

1Vital Signs 2000
2As One
3The Hunted
4Dysgenics (Live)
5Point of No Return: Mute Requiem
6Element Of The Ensemble
7Sons of Greed
8Vital Signs

Quo Vadis albums

1Babel[ 2007 ]
2Day Into Night[ 2000 ]
3Defiant Imagination[ 2004 ]
4Forever...[ 1996 ]
5Krol[ 2002 ]
6Live in Montreal[ 2007 ]
7Passage In Time[ 2001 ]
8Quo Vadis[ 2002 ]
9Uran[ 1996 ]
1Babel (Quo Vadis)
2Day Into Night (Quo Vadis)
3Defiant Imagination (Quo Vadis)
4Forever... (Quo Vadis)
5Krol (Quo Vadis)
6Live in Montreal (Quo Vadis)
7Passage In Time (Quo Vadis)
8Quo Vadis (Quo Vadis)
9Uran (Quo Vadis)

Quo Vadis songs

61Nabrani [from the "Uran"]03:28
62Nazajutrz [from the "Uran"]04:01
63News'y [from the "Uran"]03:53
64Nie Dla Mnie... [from the "Krol"]04:06
65Nie Kaidy [from the "Uran"]03:25
66Niewinne Pytania [from the "Quo Vadis"]04:15
67Night Of The Roses [from the "Day Into Night"]00:37
68NKWD [from the "Quo Vadis"]04:39
69Nocturnal Reflections [from the "Forever..."]01:18
70Ogien [from the "Krol"]02:49
71On The Shores Of Ithaka [from the "Day Into Night"]06:51
72On the Shores of Ithaka [from the "Live in Montreal"]08:05
73Pantheon of Tears [from the "Forever..."]03:50
74Pantheon of Tears [from the "Live in Montreal"]03:48
75Pax [from the "Babel"]04:12
76Pelnia [from the "Krol"]03:09
77Point of No Return: Mute Requiem [from the "Passage In Time"]05:30
78Point of No Return: Mute Requiem [from the "Live in Montreal"]04:26
79Portret [from the "Krol"]03:23
80Quo Vadis [from the "Quo Vadis"]03:03
81Quo Vadis (2) [from the "Quo Vadis"]03:06
82Quo Vadis Homine [from the "Live in Montreal"]01:30
83Rzeznik [from the "Quo Vadis"]03:52
84Sadness [from the "Passage In Time"]04:45
85Sans Abris [from the "Forever..."]04:31
86Satine [from the "Babel"]04:03
87Silence Calls The Storm [from the "Defiant Imagination"]05:03
88Silence Calls the Storm [from the "Live in Montreal"]04:58
89Siodmy Krag [from the "Krol"]04:13
90Sodoma [from the "Krol"]03:31
91Sons of Greed [from the "Passage In Time"]05:22
92Szafot [from the "Quo Vadis"]04:42
93The Day The Universe Changed [from the "Forever..."]05:29
94The Hunted [from the "Passage In Time"]03:52
95To The Bitter End [from the "Defiant Imagination"]06:59
96To the Bitter End [from the "Live in Montreal"]06:41
97Tornado [from the "Krol"]01:46
98Trzy szosteczki [from the "Quo Vadis"]04:17
99Tunnel Effect [from the "Live in Montreal"]07:12
100Tunnel Effect (Element Of The Ensemble IV) [from the "Defiant Imagination"]05:39
101Umarl Krol [from the "Krol"]02:45
102Untitled [from the "Krol"]04:37
103Uran [from the "Uran"]02:49
104Uran II [from the "Uran"]04:28
105Venus [from the "Uran"]02:23
106Vital Signs [from the "Passage In Time"]05:01
107Vital Signs 2000 [from the "Passage In Time"]03:11
108Vital Signs 2000 [from the "Live in Montreal"]02:23
109Wegetacja [from the "Quo Vadis"]03:32
110Wielki Ogieс [from the "Uran"]08:10
111Wolny ? [from the "Uran"]02:40
112Zdrada [from the "Quo Vadis"]03:33
113Zegary [from the "Krol"]03:08
114Zero Hour [from the "Forever..."]03:18

Quo Vadis

Quo Vadis

Quo Vadis is a technical melodic death metal band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, formed in 1992 by Bart Frydrychowicz, Yanic Bercier and Arie Itman. []


  • Melodic death metal,
  • Technical death metal,
  • Progressive metal
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