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Let It Happen (Deluxe Edition) by MxPx [2006] [album editions]

Let It Happen (Deluxe Edition) (MxPx)

Track listing

1Role Remodeling
3Your Turn
4Never Learn
5Begin to Start
6Swing Set Girl
7Sick Boy
8Oh Donna
9Small Town Minds
10First Class Mail
11Can't See Not Saying
13Thoughts and Ideas
14Easier Said Than Done
15Rock & Roll Girl
16Important Enough to Mention
17Elvis Is Dead
18Lifetime Enlightenment
19Let It Happen
20Hot and Cold
21So Kill Me
22Suggestion Box
24Want Ad [Alternate Version]
25Honest Answers
26Late Last Night
27Biased Bigotry
29Do Your Feet Hurt [Critter Version]
30Twisted Words [Original Demo]
31Suggestion Box [Original Demo]
32Too Much Thinking [Original Demo]

MxPx albums

1Let It Happen (Deluxe Edition)[ 2006 ]
2Secret Weapon[ 2007 ]
3The Ever Passing Moment[ 2000 ]
4The Passion Of The Christ (Soundtrack)[ 2004 ]
5The Ultimate Collection[ 2008 ]
1Let It Happen (Deluxe Edition) (MxPx)
2Secret Weapon (MxPx)
3The Ever Passing Moment (MxPx)
4The Passion Of The Christ (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
5The Ultimate Collection (MxPx)

MxPx songs

1Americanism [from the "The Ultimate Collection"]02:20
2Angels [from the "Secret Weapon"]03:15
3Bass So Low [from the "Secret Weapon"]03:37
4Begin to Start [from the "Let It Happen (Deluxe Edition)"]03:29
5Biased Bigotry [from the "Let It Happen (Deluxe Edition)"]02:29
6Biting the Bullet (Is Bad for Business) [from the "Secret Weapon"]03:18
7Buildings Tumble [from the "The Ever Passing Moment"] 
8Can't See Not Saying [from the "Let It Happen (Deluxe Edition)"]01:44
9Chick Magnet [from the "The Ultimate Collection"]03:12
10Chop Shop [from the "Secret Weapon"]02:14
11Circumstance [from the "Let It Happen (Deluxe Edition)"]02:10
12Contention [from the "Secret Weapon"]01:17
13Creation [from the "Let It Happen (Deluxe Edition)"]01:23
14Do & Don't [from the "The Ultimate Collection"]03:37
15Do Your Feet Hurt [from the "The Ultimate Collection"]03:08
16Do Your Feet Hurt [Critter Version] [from the "Let It Happen (Deluxe Edition)"]03:13
17Doing Time [from the "The Ultimate Collection"]01:23
18Dolores [from the "The Ultimate Collection"]01:28
19Drowning [from the "Secret Weapon"]03:51
20Easier Said Than Done [from the "Let It Happen (Deluxe Edition)"]01:25
21Educated Guess [from the "The Ever Passing Moment"] 
22Elvis Is Dead [from the "Let It Happen (Deluxe Edition)"]01:51
23First Class Mail [from the "Let It Happen (Deluxe Edition)"]02:08
24Foolish [from the "The Ever Passing Moment"] 
25GSF [from the "Let It Happen (Deluxe Edition)"]02:34
26GSF [from the "The Ultimate Collection"]02:34
27Here With Me [from the "The Ever Passing Moment"] 
28Here's to the Life [from the "Secret Weapon"]02:57
29Honest Answers [from the "Let It Happen (Deluxe Edition)"]02:56
30Hot and Cold [from the "Let It Happen (Deluxe Edition)"]02:11
31Important Enough to Mention [from the "Let It Happen (Deluxe Edition)"]02:19
32Is The Answer In The Question? [from the "The Ever Passing Moment"] 
33It's Undeniable [from the "The Ever Passing Moment"] 
34Late Last Night [from the "Let It Happen (Deluxe Edition)"]01:34
35Let It Happen [from the "Let It Happen (Deluxe Edition)"]02:57
36Lifetime Enlightenment [from the "Let It Happen (Deluxe Edition)"]01:07
37Middle Name [from the "The Ultimate Collection"]02:55
38Misplaced Memories [from the "The Ever Passing Moment"] 
39Money Tree [from the "The Ultimate Collection"]01:41
40My Life Story [from the "The Ever Passing Moment"] 
41Never Better Than Now [from the "Secret Weapon"]02:47
42Never Learn [from the "Let It Happen (Deluxe Edition)"]02:05
43New York To Nowhere [from the "The Ultimate Collection"]02:16
44Not Nothing [from the "Secret Weapon"]03:06
45Oh Donna [from the "Let It Happen (Deluxe Edition)"]02:13
46One Step Closer To Life [from the "The Ever Passing Moment"] 
47Prove It To The World [from the "The Ever Passing Moment"] 
48Prozac [from the "Let It Happen (Deluxe Edition)"]02:16
49Punk Rawk Celebrity [from the "Secret Weapon"]02:42
50Punk Rawk Show [from the "The Ultimate Collection"]02:32
51Responsibility [from the "The Ever Passing Moment"]02:39
52Rock & Roll Girl [from the "Let It Happen (Deluxe Edition)"]02:06
53Role Remodeling [from the "Let It Happen (Deluxe Edition)"]02:33
54Role Remodeling [from the "The Ultimate Collection"]02:32
55Sad sad Song [from the "Secret Weapon"]02:44
56Secret Weapon [from the "The Ultimate Collection"]02:07
57Secret Weapon [from the "Secret Weapon"]02:06
58Shut It Down [from the "Secret Weapon"]02:59
59Sick Boy [from the "Let It Happen (Deluxe Edition)"]02:32
60Small Town Minds [from the "Let It Happen (Deluxe Edition)"]01:03



MxPx are a punk rock band from Bremerton, Washington. []


  • Skate Punk,
  • Pop Punk,
  • Hardcore punk (early)
  • @ 2015 AdoZonMail