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Earth And Sun And Moon by Midnight Oil [1993] [album editions]

Earth And Sun And Moon (Midnight Oil)

Track listing

1Feeding Frenzy
2My Country
3Renaissance Man
4Earth And Sun And Moon
7Drums Of heaven
8Outbreak Of Love
9In The Valley
10Tell Me The Truth
11Now Or Never Land

Midnight Oil albums

120,000 Watts R.S.L.: Greatest Hits[ 1997 ]
2Blue Sky Mining[ 1990 ]
3Diesel and Dust[ 1990 ]
4Earth And Sun And Moon[ 1993 ]
5Head Injuries[ 1979 ]
6Oils On The Water[ 2004 ]
7Place Without A Postcard[ 1981 ]
8Red Sails In The Sunset[ 1984 ]
9Scream In Blue (Live)[ 1992 ]
10Species Deceases[ 1985 ]
120,000 Watts R.S.L.: Greatest Hits (Midnight Oil)
2Blue Sky Mining (Midnight Oil)
3Diesel and Dust (Midnight Oil)
4Earth And Sun And Moon (Midnight Oil)
5Head Injuries (Midnight Oil)
6Oils On The Water (Midnight Oil)
7Place Without A Postcard (Midnight Oil)
8Red Sails In The Sunset (Midnight Oil)
9Scream In Blue (Live) (Midnight Oil)
10Species Deceases (Midnight Oil)

Midnight Oil songs

1Antarctica [from the "Blue Sky Mining"]04:17
2Arctic World [from the "Diesel and Dust"]04:22
3Armistice Day [from the "Place Without A Postcard"]04:26
4Back On The Borderline [from the "20,000 Watts R.S.L.: Greatest Hits"]03:10
5Back on the Borderline [from the "Oils On The Water"]03:05
6Back On The Borderline [from the "Head Injuries"]03:08
7Bakerman [from the "Red Sails In The Sunset"]00:55
8Basement Flat [from the "Place Without A Postcard"]04:33
9Bedlam Bridge [from the "Blue Sky Mining"]04:32
10Beds Are Burning [from the "20,000 Watts R.S.L.: Greatest Hits"]04:18
11Beds Are Burning [from the "Diesel and Dust"]04:17
12Beds Are Burning (Our Common Future, Darlinghurst 1989) [from the "Scream In Blue (Live)"]04:04
13Bells And Horns in The Back Of Beyond [from the "Red Sails In The Sunset"]03:27
14Best Of Both Worlds [from the "20,000 Watts R.S.L.: Greatest Hits"]04:05
15Best Of Both Worlds [from the "Red Sails In The Sunset"]04:04
16Best of Both Worlds [from the "Oils On The Water"]04:05
17Blossom And Blood [from the "Species Deceases"]04:27
18Blue Sky Mine [from the "20,000 Watts R.S.L.: Greatest Hits"]04:19
19Blue Sky Mine [from the "Blue Sky Mining"]04:15
20Brave Faces [from the "Place Without A Postcard"]04:47
21Brave Faces (Capitol Theatre, Sydney 1982) [from the "Scream In Blue (Live)"]04:59
22Bullroarer [from the "Diesel and Dust"]04:59
23Burnie [from the "Place Without A Postcard"]04:43
24Burnie [from the "Scream In Blue (Live)"]05:04
25Bushfire [from the "Earth And Sun And Moon"]04:36
26Cold Cold Change [from the "Head Injuries"]03:27
27Don't Wanna Be The One [from the "20,000 Watts R.S.L.: Greatest Hits"]03:02
28Don't Wanna Be the One [from the "Oils On The Water"]02:59
29Don't Wanna be the One [from the "Place Without A Postcard"]03:03
30Dreamworld [from the "20,000 Watts R.S.L.: Greatest Hits"]03:34
31Dreamworld [from the "Diesel and Dust"]03:37
32Dreamworld (Brisbane Boondall Centre, 1990) [from the "Scream In Blue (Live)"]03:41
33Drums Of heaven [from the "Earth And Sun And Moon"]05:31
34Earth And Sun And Moon [from the "Earth And Sun And Moon"]04:32
35Feeding Frenzy [from the "Earth And Sun And Moon"]05:07
36Forgotten Years [from the "20,000 Watts R.S.L.: Greatest Hits"]04:22
37Forgotten Years [from the "Blue Sky Mining"]04:16
38Gunbarrel Highway [from the "Diesel and Dust"]03:36
39Harrisburg [from the "Red Sails In The Sunset"]03:50
40Harrisburg [from the "Oils On The Water"]03:00
41Helps Me Helps You [from the "Red Sails In The Sunset"]03:47
42Hercules [from the "20,000 Watts R.S.L.: Greatest Hits"]04:31
43Hercules [from the "Species Deceases"]04:29
44Hercules (Brisbane Boondall Centre, 1990) [from the "Scream In Blue (Live)"]04:56
45If Ned Kelly Was King [from the "Place Without A Postcard"]03:38
46In The Valley [from the "Earth And Sun And Moon"]04:41
47Is It Now? [from the "Head Injuries"]04:22
48Jimmy Sharman's Boxer [from the "Red Sails In The Sunset"]07:32
49Jimmy Sharman's Boxers [from the "Oils On The Water"]06:28
50King Of The Mountain [from the "20,000 Watts R.S.L.: Greatest Hits"]03:49
51King of the Mountain [from the "Blue Sky Mining"]03:51
52Koala Sprint [from the "Head Injuries"]05:10
53Kosciusko [from the "Red Sails In The Sunset"]04:41
54Kosciuszko [from the "20,000 Watts R.S.L.: Greatest Hits"]04:42
55Kosciuszko [from the "Oils On The Water"]04:25
56Loves on Sale [from the "Place Without A Postcard"]02:21
57Lucky Country [from the "Place Without A Postcard"]04:47
58Minutes To Midnight [from the "Red Sails In The Sunset"]03:07
59Minutes to Midnight [from the "Oils On The Water"]03:48
60Mountains of Burma [from the "Blue Sky Mining"]04:55

Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil is an Australian rock band from Sydney originally performing as Farm from 1972 with drummer Rob Hirst, bass guitarist Andrew James and keyboard player/lead guitarist Jim Moginie. []


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