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Marian Mcpartlands Piano Jazz by Norah Jones [2003]

Marian Mcpartlands Piano Jazz (Norah Jones)

Track listing

1Conversation 1
2September In The Rain
3Conversation 2
4In The Dark
5Conversation 3
6Comes Love
7Conversation 4
8For All We Know
9Conversation 5
10I Can't Get Started
11Conversation 6
12Don't Know Why
13Conversation 7
15Conversation 8
16The Nearness Of You
17Conversation 9
18Beautiful Friendship
19Conversation 10

Norah Jones albums

1Austin City Limits[ 2002 ]
2Chicago House of Blues (16.04.02)[ 2002 ]
3Come Away With Me[ 2003 ]
4Feels Like Home[ 2004 ]
5First Sessions[ 2001 ]
6Live at Bonnaroo (23-06-02)[ 2002 ]
7Live In New Orleans[ 2002 ]
8Marian Mcpartlands Piano Jazz[ 2003 ]
9New York City (Norah Jones & the Peter Malick Group)[ 2003 ]
10Not Too Late[ 2007 ]
11The Fall[ 2009 ]
12The Greatest Hits[ 2008 ]
1Austin City Limits (Norah Jones)
2Chicago House of Blues (16.04.02) (Norah Jones)
3Come Away With Me (Norah Jones)
4Feels Like Home (Norah Jones)
5First Sessions (Norah Jones)
6Live at Bonnaroo (23-06-02) (Norah Jones)
7Live In New Orleans (Norah Jones)
8Marian Mcpartlands Piano Jazz (Norah Jones)
9New York City (Norah Jones & the Peter Malick Group) (Norah Jones)
10Not Too Late (Norah Jones)
11The Fall (Norah Jones)
12The Greatest Hits (Norah Jones)

Norah Jones songs

17 Years [from the "Chicago House of Blues (16.04.02)"]02:40
2Above Ground [from the "Feels Like Home"]03:43
3All Your Love [from the "New York City (Norah Jones & the Peter Malick Group)"]04:35
4Back To Manhattan [from the "The Fall"]03:54
5Be Here to Love Me [from the "Feels Like Home"]03:28
6Be My Somebody [from the "Not Too Late"]03:36
7Beautiful Friendship [from the "Marian Mcpartlands Piano Jazz"]03:15
8Bessie Smith [from the "Austin City Limits"]03:59
9Bessie Smith [from the "Live at Bonnaroo (23-06-02)"]03:43
10Bessie Smith [from the "Chicago House of Blues (16.04.02)"]04:05
11Bessie Smith [from the "Live In New Orleans"]04:00
12Broken [from the "Not Too Late"]03:21
13Carnival Town [from the "Feels Like Home"]03:12
14Carnival Town [from the "The Greatest Hits"]03:11
15Chasing Pirates [from the "The Fall"]02:38
16Cold Cold Heart [from the "Chicago House of Blues (16.04.02)"]04:40
17Cold Cold Heart [from the "Come Away With Me"]03:38
18Cold Cold Heart [from the "The Greatest Hits"]03:38
19Cold, Cold Heart [from the "Live at Bonnaroo (23-06-02)"]05:48
20Cold, Cold Heart [from the "Live In New Orleans"]05:44
21Cold, Cold Heart (Live) [from the "Come Away With Me"]04:43
22Come Away with Me [from the "Austin City Limits"]03:15
23Come Away With Me [from the "Live at Bonnaroo (23-06-02)"]03:08
24Come Away With Me [from the "Come Away With Me"]03:18
25Come Away With Me [from the "First Sessions"]03:05
26Come Away With Me [from the "Live In New Orleans"]03:32
27Come Away With Me [from the "The Greatest Hits"]03:06
28Come Away With Me (video) [from the "Live In New Orleans"]03:16
29Comes Love [from the "Marian Mcpartlands Piano Jazz"]03:48
30Comes Love [from the "Live at Bonnaroo (23-06-02)"]04:35
31Comes Love [from the "Live In New Orleans"]04:56
32Conversation 1 [from the "Marian Mcpartlands Piano Jazz"]01:21
33Conversation 10 [from the "Marian Mcpartlands Piano Jazz"]02:12
34Conversation 2 [from the "Marian Mcpartlands Piano Jazz"]03:55
35Conversation 3 [from the "Marian Mcpartlands Piano Jazz"]02:04
36Conversation 4 [from the "Marian Mcpartlands Piano Jazz"]03:20
37Conversation 5 [from the "Marian Mcpartlands Piano Jazz"]02:31
38Conversation 6 [from the "Marian Mcpartlands Piano Jazz"]01:36
39Conversation 7 [from the "Marian Mcpartlands Piano Jazz"]02:01
40Conversation 8 [from the "Marian Mcpartlands Piano Jazz"]00:41
41Conversation 9 [from the "Marian Mcpartlands Piano Jazz"]01:56
42Crazy [from the "Chicago House of Blues (16.04.02)"]04:42
43Creepin' In [from the "Feels Like Home"]03:03
44December [from the "The Fall"]03:02
45Deceptively Yours [from the "New York City (Norah Jones & the Peter Malick Group)"]04:18
46Don't Know Why [from the "Marian Mcpartlands Piano Jazz"]03:43
47Don't Know Why [from the "Live at Bonnaroo (23-06-02)"]04:00
48Don't Know Why [from the "Chicago House of Blues (16.04.02)"]03:41
49Don't Know Why [from the "Come Away With Me"]03:06
50Don't Know Why [from the "First Sessions"]03:10
51Don't Know Why [from the "Live In New Orleans"]05:13
52Don't Know Why [from the "The Greatest Hits"]03:06
53Don't Miss You At All [from the "Feels Like Home"]03:08
54Even Though [from the "The Fall"]03:50
55Feelin' the Same Way [from the "Austin City Limits"]03:40
56Feelin' the Same Way [from the "Live at Bonnaroo (23-06-02)"]03:36
57Feelin' The Same Way [from the "Chicago House of Blues (16.04.02)"]03:28
58Feelin' The Same Way [from the "Come Away With Me"]02:57
59Feelin' The Same Way [from the "Live In New Orleans"]03:40
60For All We Know [from the "Marian Mcpartlands Piano Jazz"]04:15

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Norah Jones

Norah Jones is an American singer-songwriter, pianist, keyboardist, guitarist, and actress.


  • Jazz,
  • Blues,
  • Pop,
  • Soul,
  • Folk,
  • Country
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