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New York City (Norah Jones & the Peter Malick Group) by Norah Jones [2003] [album editions]

New York City (Norah Jones & the Peter Malick Group) (Norah Jones)

Track listing

1New York City
2Strange Transmissions
3Deceptively Yours
4All Your Love
5Heart Of Mine
6Things You Don't Have To Do
7New York City (Radio Edit)

Norah Jones albums

1Austin City Limits[ 2002 ]
2Chicago House of Blues (16.04.02)[ 2002 ]
3Come Away With Me[ 2003 ]
4Feels Like Home[ 2004 ]
5First Sessions[ 2001 ]
6Live at Bonnaroo (23-06-02)[ 2002 ]
7Live In New Orleans[ 2002 ]
8Marian Mcpartlands Piano Jazz[ 2003 ]
9New York City (Norah Jones & the Peter Malick Group)[ 2003 ]
10Not Too Late[ 2007 ]
11The Fall[ 2009 ]
12The Greatest Hits[ 2008 ]
1Austin City Limits (Norah Jones)
2Chicago House of Blues (16.04.02) (Norah Jones)
3Come Away With Me (Norah Jones)
4Feels Like Home (Norah Jones)
5First Sessions (Norah Jones)
6Live at Bonnaroo (23-06-02) (Norah Jones)
7Live In New Orleans (Norah Jones)
8Marian Mcpartlands Piano Jazz (Norah Jones)
9New York City (Norah Jones & the Peter Malick Group) (Norah Jones)
10Not Too Late (Norah Jones)
11The Fall (Norah Jones)
12The Greatest Hits (Norah Jones)

Norah Jones songs

61Heart Of Mine [from the "New York City (Norah Jones & the Peter Malick Group)"]05:08
62Help Me Make It Through the Night [from the "Austin City Limits"]04:15
63Humble Me [from the "Feels Like Home"]04:36
64I Can't Get Started [from the "Marian Mcpartlands Piano Jazz"]04:49
65I Got to See You Again [from the "Live at Bonnaroo (23-06-02)"]04:53
66I Wouldn't Need You [from the "The Fall"]03:28
67I'll Be Your Baby Tonight [from the "Come Away With Me"]03:18
68I'll Be Your Baby Tonight [from the "The Greatest Hits"]03:17
69In The Dark [from the "Marian Mcpartlands Piano Jazz"]04:30
70In the Dark [from the "Live at Bonnaroo (23-06-02)"]04:56
71In the Morning [from the "Live at Bonnaroo (23-06-02)"]05:34
72In The Morning [from the "Feels Like Home"]04:07
73In the Morning [from the "The Greatest Hits"]04:06
74It's Gonna Be [from the "The Fall"]03:09
75I've Got to See You Again [from the "Austin City Limits"]04:33
76I've Got To See You Again [from the "Chicago House of Blues (16.04.02)"]04:08
77I've Got To See You Again [from the "Come Away With Me"]04:13
78I've Got To See You Again [from the "Live In New Orleans"]04:54
79I've Got To See You Again [from the "The Greatest Hits"]04:15
80Light As A Feather [from the "The Fall"]03:46
81Little Room [from the "Not Too Late"]02:44
82Lone Star [from the "Austin City Limits"]03:18
83Lonestar [from the "Live at Bonnaroo (23-06-02)"]03:15
84Lonestar [from the "Come Away With Me"]03:06
85Lonestar [from the "First Sessions"]03:06
86Lonestar [from the "Live In New Orleans"]03:29
87Lonestar [from the "The Greatest Hits"]03:06
88Love me tender (Princess Diaries 2 OST) [from the "The Greatest Hits"]02:56
89Man Of The Hour [from the "The Fall"]02:53
90More Than This [from the "The Greatest Hits"]04:10
91My Dear Country [from the "Not Too Late"]03:25
92New York City [from the "New York City (Norah Jones & the Peter Malick Group)"]05:07
93New York City [from the "The Greatest Hits"]05:07
94New York City (Radio Edit) [from the "New York City (Norah Jones & the Peter Malick Group)"]03:50
95Nightengale [from the "Live at Bonnaroo (23-06-02)"]04:35
96Nightingale [from the "Austin City Limits"]04:19
97Nightingale [from the "Come Away With Me"]04:12
98Nightingale [from the "Live In New Orleans"]04:20
99Not My Friend [from the "Not Too Late"]02:54
100Not Too Late [from the "Not Too Late"]03:31
101One Flight Down [from the "Live at Bonnaroo (23-06-02)"]03:18
102One Flight Down [from the "Come Away With Me"]03:05
103One Flight Down [from the "Live In New Orleans"]02:55
104Painter Song [from the "Chicago House of Blues (16.04.02)"]02:45
105Painter Song [from the "Come Away With Me"]02:42
106Painter Song [from the "Live In New Orleans"]02:49
107Peace [from the "Marian Mcpartlands Piano Jazz"]03:59
108Peace [from the "Come Away With Me"]03:52
109Peace [from the "First Sessions"]03:52
110Rosies Lullaby [from the "Not Too Late"]03:56
111Ruler Of My Heart [from the "Come Away With Me"]03:01
112September In The Rain [from the "Marian Mcpartlands Piano Jazz"]03:13
113Seven Years [from the "Come Away With Me"]02:25
114Seven Years [from the "Live In New Orleans"]03:04
115Shoot The Moon [from the "Come Away With Me"]03:57
116Sinkin Soon [from the "Not Too Late"]04:38
117Sleepless Nights [from the "The Greatest Hits"]04:15
118Something Is Calling You [from the "Live at Bonnaroo (23-06-02)"]03:47
119Something is Calling You [from the "First Sessions"]03:25
120Something Is Calling You [from the "Live In New Orleans"]03:35

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Norah Jones

Norah Jones is an American singer-songwriter, pianist, keyboardist, guitarist, and actress.

Her career began with her 2002 debut album Come Away with Me, an adult contemporary vocal jazz album with a soul/folk/country tinge, that received five Grammy Awards.


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