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The Best of Joy Division by Joy Division [2008] [album editions]

The Best of Joy Division (Joy Division)

Track listing

4New Dawn Fades
7Dead Souls
8She's Lost Control
9Love Will Tear Us Apart 1
10These Days
11Twenty Four Hours 1
12Heart and Soul
15Exercise One
17She's Lost Control (John Peel Show)
18Transmission (John Peel Show)
19Love Will Tear Us Apart 2
20Twenty Four Hours 2
22Sound of Music
23Transmission (Recorded live)
24She's Lost Control (Recorded live)
25Interview (by Richard Skinner with Ian Curtis and Stephen Morris)

Joy Division albums

1Closer[ 1990 ]
2Donnie Darko (Soundtrack)[ 2002 ]
3Still[ 1991 ]
4Substance[ 1990 ]
5The Best of Joy Division[ 2008 ]
6Unknown Pleasures[ 1990 ]
1Closer (Joy Division)
2Donnie Darko (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
3Still (Joy Division)
4Substance (Joy Division)
5The Best of Joy Division (Joy Division)
6Unknown Pleasures (Joy Division)

Joy Division songs

1A Means To An End [from the "Closer"]04:07
2Atmosphere [from the "Substance"]04:09
3Atmosphere [from the "The Best of Joy Division"]04:10
4Atrocity Exhibition [from the "Closer"]06:06
5Autosuggestion [from the "Substance"]06:08
6Candidate [from the "Unknown Pleasures"]03:05
7Ceremony [from the "Still"]04:01
8Colony [from the "Closer"]03:55
9Colony [from the "The Best of Joy Division"]04:03
10Day Of The Lords [from the "Unknown Pleasures"]04:49
11Dead Souls [from the "Still"]03:05
12Dead Souls [from the "Substance"]04:55
13Dead Souls [from the "The Best of Joy Division"]04:55
14Decades [from the "Closer"]06:10
15Decades [from the "Still"]03:40
16Digital [from the "Still"]02:47
17Digital [from the "Substance"]02:50
18Digital [from the "The Best of Joy Division"]02:52
19Disorder [from the "Unknown Pleasures"]03:32
20Disorder [from the "Still"]04:17
21Disorder [from the "The Best of Joy Division"]03:29
22Exercise One [from the "Still"]03:50
23Exercise One [from the "The Best of Joy Division"]02:31
24Failures [from the "Substance"]03:44
25From Safety to Where [from the "Substance"]02:26
26Glass [from the "Still"]03:53
27Glass [from the "Substance"]03:52
28Heart And Soul [from the "Closer"]05:51
29Heart and Soul [from the "The Best of Joy Division"]05:50
30I Remember Nothing [from the "Unknown Pleasures"]05:53
31Ice Age [from the "Still"]04:55
32Incubation [from the "Substance"]02:52
33Incubation [from the "The Best of Joy Division"]02:53
34Insight [from the "Unknown Pleasures"]04:29
35Insight [from the "The Best of Joy Division"]03:51
36Interview (by Richard Skinner with Ian Curtis and Stephen Morris) [from the "The Best of Joy Division"]03:32
37Interzone [from the "Unknown Pleasures"]02:16
38Isolation [from the "Closer"]02:53
39Isolation [from the "Still"]03:55
40Isolation [from the "The Best of Joy Division"]02:53
41Komakino [from the "Substance"] 
42Leaders Of Men [from the "Substance"] 
43Love Will Tear Us Apart [from the "Substance"] 
44Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division [from the "Donnie Darko (Soundtrack)"]03:25
45Love Will Tear Us Apart 1 [from the "The Best of Joy Division"]03:27
46Love Will Tear Us Apart 2 [from the "The Best of Joy Division"]03:22
47Means to an End [from the "Still"]03:54
48New Dawn Fades [from the "Unknown Pleasures"]04:48
49New Dawn Fades [from the "Still"]02:49
50New Dawn Fades [from the "The Best of Joy Division"]04:47
51Novelty [from the "Substance"] 
52NULLNo Love Lost [from the "Substance"] 
53Passover [from the "Closer"]04:46
54Passover [from the "Still"]07:38
55Shadow Play [from the "Still"]05:10
56Shadowplay [from the "Unknown Pleasures"]03:55
57Shadowplay [from the "The Best of Joy Division"]03:52
58She's Lost Control [from the "Unknown Pleasures"]03:57
59She's Lost Control [from the "Substance"] 
60She's Lost Control [from the "The Best of Joy Division"]04:56

Joy Division

Joy Division

Joy Division were an English rock band formed in 1976 in Salford, Greater Manchester.


  • Post-punk
  • Love Will Tear Us Apart 1 by Joy Division

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