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Chase This Light by Jimmy Eat World [2007] [album editions]

Chase This Light (Jimmy Eat World)

Track listing

1Big Casino
2Let It Happen
3Always Be
4Carry You
5Electable (Give It Up)
6Gotta Be Somebody's Blues
7Feeling Lucky
8Here It Goes
9Chase This Light

Jimmy Eat World albums

1Bleed American[ 2008 ]
2Chase This Light[ 2007 ]
1Bleed American (Jimmy Eat World)
2Chase This Light (Jimmy Eat World)

Jimmy Eat World songs

1A Praise Chorus [from the "Bleed American"]04:04
2A Praise Chorus (Live) [from the "Bleed American"]03:53
3Always Be [from the "Chase This Light"]03:06
4Big Casino [from the "Chase This Light"]03:42
5Bleed American [from the "Bleed American"]03:05
6Bleed American (Live) [from the "Bleed American"]03:02
7Carry You [from the "Chase This Light"]04:24
8Cautioners [from the "Bleed American"]05:37
9Cautioners (Early Version) [from the "Bleed American"]03:49
10Chase This Light [from the "Chase This Light"]03:29
11Dizzy [from the "Chase This Light"]04:56
12Electable (Give It Up) [from the "Chase This Light"]02:58
13Feeling Lucky [from the "Chase This Light"]02:35
14Firefight [from the "Chase This Light"]03:53
15Firestarter [from the "Bleed American"]06:24
16Game of Pricks (Radio 1 Session) [from the "Bleed American"]01:55
17Get It Faster [from the "Bleed American"]04:23
18Get it Faster (Sessions @ AOL Version) [from the "Bleed American"]03:44
19Gotta Be Somebody's Blues [from the "Chase This Light"]04:48
20Hear You Me [from the "Bleed American"]04:43
21Hear You Me (Inner Ear Recording) [from the "Bleed American"]04:48
22Here It Goes [from the "Chase This Light"]03:26
23If You Don't, Don't [from the "Bleed American"]04:34
24If You Don't, Don't (XFM Session) [from the "Bleed American"]04:45
25Last Christmas [from the "Bleed American"]04:27
26Let It Happen [from the "Chase This Light"]03:28
27My Sundown [from the "Bleed American"]05:47
28My Sundown (Demo) [from the "Bleed American"]03:09
29My Sundown (Inner Ear Recording) [from the "Bleed American"]05:23
30No Sensitivity (Bonus Track) [from the "Bleed American"]03:41
31Softer (Live) [from the "Bleed American"]04:14
32Spangle [from the "Bleed American"]04:37
33Splash Turn Twist (Bonus Track) [from the "Bleed American"]04:10
34Sweetness [from the "Bleed American"]03:40
35Sweetness (Live) [from the "Bleed American"]04:05
36The Authority Song [from the "Bleed American"]03:40
37The Authority Song (Demo) [from the "Bleed American"]03:10
38The Middle [from the "Bleed American"]02:48
39The Middle (Acoustic) [from the "Bleed American"]03:10
40The Middle (Early Demo) [from the "Bleed American"]02:48
41The Most Beautiful Things (Bonus Track) [from the "Bleed American"]03:51
42Your House [from the "Bleed American"]04:57
43Your House 2007 [from the "Bleed American"]04:00
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