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Choreography by Vanessa Mae [2004] [album editions]

Choreography (Vanessa Mae)

Track listing

1Sabre Dance
2Roxanes Veil
3Bolero For Violin And Orchestra
4Tango De Los Exilados
5The Havana Slide
6Emerald Tiger
7Tribal Gathering
8Raga's Dance
9Moroccan Roll
10Handel's Minuet

Vanessa Mae albums

1Choreography[ 2004 ]
2Storm[ 1998 ]
3The Classic Album 1[ 1996 ]
4The Ultimate[ 2003 ]
1Choreography (Vanessa Mae)
2Storm (Vanessa Mae)
3The Classic Album 1 (Vanessa Mae)
4The Ultimate (Vanessa Mae)

Vanessa Mae songs

1(I) Can, Can (You?) [from the "Storm"]03:40
2(I) Can, Can (You?) [from the "The Ultimate"]05:16
31st Movement - Introduction - Grave (Max Vruch) [from the "The Classic Album 1"]03:17
42nd Movement - Allegro (On' Hey Thje Dusty Miller') [from the "The Classic Album 1"]05:26
53rd Movement - Adagio [from the "The Classic Album 1"]00:59
64th Movement - Finale - Allegro Gurriero (On Scots Wha H) [from the "The Classic Album 1"]07:05
7A Poet's Quest (For A Distant Paradise) [from the "Storm"]04:31
8Adagio Cantabile (On' Auld Rob Morris') [from the "The Classic Album 1"]04:00
9Allegro (Spring-The Original Four Seasons on 8 No 1) [from the "The Ultimate"]05:05
10Andante Sostenuto (On 'I'm a doun For Lack O' Johnnie') [from the "The Classic Album 1"]05:27
11Aurora [from the "Storm"]04:56
12Bach Street Prelude [from the "Storm"]04:25
13Bach Street Prelude [from the "The Ultimate"]03:38
14Bolero For Violin And Orchestra [from the "Choreography"]05:06
15Classical Gas [from the "The Ultimate"]03:11
16Cotton Eye Joe (Live) [from the "The Ultimate"] 
17Embrasse Moi (You Fly Me Up) [from the "Storm"]05:03
18Emerald Tiger [from the "Choreography"]03:50
19Handel's Minuet [from the "Choreography"]03:50
20Happy Valley [from the "Storm"]06:32
21Hocus Pocus [from the "Storm"]03:14
22I Feel Love [from the "Storm"]06:57
23I Feel Love [from the "The Ultimate"]03:45
24I Preludio (J.S.Bach) [from the "The Classic Album 1"]03:45
25II Loure (J.S.Bach) [from the "The Classic Album 1"]03:09
26III Gavotte En Rondeau (J.S.Bach) [from the "The Classic Album 1"]03:01
27I'm A Doun [from the "Storm"]04:28
28I'm A Doun For Lack O' Johnnie (A Little Scottish Fantas) [from the "The Classic Album 1"]04:28
29IV Menuet I (J.S.Bach) [from the "The Classic Album 1"]01:14
30Leyenda [from the "Storm"]06:32
31Leyenda [from the "The Ultimate"]02:36
32Moroccan Roll [from the "Choreography"]03:08
33Night Flight [from the "The Ultimate"]06:35
34Picante [from the "The Ultimate"]07:00
35Raga's Dance [from the "Choreography"]05:26
36Red Hot (Symphonic Mix) [from the "The Ultimate"]07:48
37Retro [from the "Storm"]03:57
38Romance No. 2 In F For Violin And Orchestra Op. 50 [from the "The Classic Album 1"]08:27
39Roxanes Veil [from the "Choreography"]04:43
40Sabre Dance [from the "Choreography"]05:59
41Scherzo in C Minor for Violin & Piano [from the "The Ultimate"]08:17
42Scherzo In C Minor For Violin and Piano (Johannes Brams) [from the "The Classic Album 1"]05:24
43Storm [from the "Storm"]03:43
44Summer Haze [from the "Storm"]03:09
45Tango De Los Exilados [from the "Choreography"]03:55
46The Blessed Spirits [from the "Storm"]08:16
47The Havana Slide [from the "Choreography"]03:46
48Toccata & Fugue in D Minor [from the "The Ultimate"]03:11
49Tribal Gathering [from the "Choreography"]03:37
50V Menuet II (J.S.Bach) [from the "The Classic Album 1"]01:22
51VI Bourree (J.S.Bach) [from the "The Classic Album 1"]01:13
52VII Gigue (J.S.Bach) [from the "The Classic Album 1"]01:32
53Widescreen [from the "The Ultimate"]05:37
54Yantra [from the "The Ultimate"]03:51

Vanessa Mae

Vanessa Mae

Vanessa-Mae Vanakorn Nicholson, known onstage as Vanessa-Mae is an internationally known British classical and pop musician, especially noted for her violin skills.

Her music style is self-described as "violin techno-acoustic fusion", as several of her albums prominently feature the techno style. []


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