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Midnight Angel by Barbara Mandrell [1976] [album editions]

Midnight Angel (Barbara Mandrell)

Track listing

1From Saturday Night To Sunday Quiet
3Better Off By Myself
4Fool's Gold
5It's a Beautiful Morning With You
6Pillow Pleasure
7Midnight Angel
8I Count You
9I Never Said I Love You
10Slippin' Around Again
11Married, But Not To Each Other

Barbara Mandrell albums

1Christmas at Our House[ 1984 ]
2Clean Cut[ 1984 ]
3He Set My Life to Music[ 1982 ]
4In Black and White[ 1982 ]
5Looking Back[ 1981 ]
6Love Is Fair[ 1980 ]
7Lovers Friends and Strangers[ 1977 ]
8Love's Ups and Downs[ 1977 ]
9Meant For Each Other (With Lee Greenwood)[ 1984 ]
10Midnight Angel[ 1976 ]
11Moods[ 1978 ]
12Spun Gold[ 1983 ]
13The Best Of Barbara Mandrell[ 1977 ]
14The Midnight Oil[ 1973 ]
15This Is Barbara Mandrell[ 1976 ]
16This Time I Almost Made It[ 1974 ]
17Treat Him Right[ 1971 ]
1Christmas at Our House (Barbara Mandrell)
2Clean Cut (Barbara Mandrell)
3He Set My Life to Music (Barbara Mandrell)
4In Black and White (Barbara Mandrell)
5Looking Back (Barbara Mandrell)
6Love Is Fair (Barbara Mandrell)
7Lovers Friends and Strangers (Barbara Mandrell)
8Love's Ups and Downs (Barbara Mandrell)
9Meant For Each Other (With Lee Greenwood) (Barbara Mandrell)
10Midnight Angel (Barbara Mandrell)
11Moods (Barbara Mandrell)
12Spun Gold (Barbara Mandrell)
13The Best Of Barbara Mandrell (Barbara Mandrell)
14The Midnight Oil (Barbara Mandrell)
15This Is Barbara Mandrell (Barbara Mandrell)
16This Time I Almost Made It (Barbara Mandrell)
17Treat Him Right (Barbara Mandrell)

Barbara Mandrell songs

61If It's Not One Thing It's Another [from the "Clean Cut"]03:45
62I'll Be Home For Christmas [from the "Christmas at Our House"]03:13
63I'll Never Stop Loving You [from the "Meant For Each Other (With Lee Greenwood)"]02:59
64I'm Afraid He'll Find You (Somewhere In My Heart) [from the "Love Is Fair"]02:56
65I'm Yours, Lord [from the "He Set My Life to Music"]02:23
66In The Name Of Love [from the "The Midnight Oil"]02:09
67In Times Like These [from the "Spun Gold"]02:54
68It Must Have Been The Mistleto [from the "Christmas at Our House"]03:13
69It Should Have Been Love By Now [from the "Meant For Each Other (With Lee Greenwood)"]03:06
70It's a Beautiful Morning With You [from the "Midnight Angel"]02:24
71It's a Crying Shame [from the "Moods"]03:03
72I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now) [from the "Treat Him Right"]02:10
73Just In Case [from the "This Is Barbara Mandrell"]02:43
74Just Like Old Times [from the "Clean Cut"]02:56
75Just One More Of Your Goodbyes [from the "Moods"]03:13
76Keep On Singing [from the "This Time I Almost Made It"]02:46
77Kiss The Hurt Away [from the "This Time I Almost Made It"]02:28
78Kiss The Hurt Away [from the "The Best Of Barbara Mandrell"]02:29
79Let My Man Go, Jesus [from the "Lovers Friends and Strangers"]02:52
80Let The Rain Out [from the "Love's Ups and Downs"]02:16
81Long Time No Love [from the "Love Is Fair"]02:41
82Look What Love Has Done [from the "Clean Cut"]03:18
83Love Is Fair [from the "Love Is Fair"]02:59
84Love Is Thin Ice [from the "This Is Barbara Mandrell"]02:46
85Love The Second Time Around [from the "This Is Barbara Mandrell"]02:53
86Loveless [from the "Spun Gold"]03:06
87Lovers, Friends And Strangers [from the "Lovers Friends and Strangers"]02:43
88Married, But Not To Each Other [from the "Midnight Angel"]02:55
89Married, But Not To Each Other [from the "Lovers Friends and Strangers"]02:55
90Mental Revenge [from the "This Is Barbara Mandrell"]02:55
91Midnight Angel [from the "Midnight Angel"]02:48
92My Bonnie Lies Over And Over [from the "Love Is Fair"]02:43
93No Walls, No Ceilings, No Floors [from the "Moods"]02:48
94Not Tonight I've Got A Heartache [from the "Love Is Fair"]03:15
95Now You See Us, Now You Don't [from the "Meant For Each Other (With Lee Greenwood)"]03:39
96One Night A Year [from the "Christmas at Our House"]03:57
97One Of A Kind Pair Of Fools [from the "Spun Gold"]02:41
98One On One, Eye To Eye, Heart To Heart [from the "Meant For Each Other (With Lee Greenwood)"]03:32
99Only A Lonely Heart Knows [from the "Clean Cut"]03:44
100Only Now And Then [from the "Spun Gold"]03:19
101Operator, Long Distance Please [from the "In Black and White"]03:35
102Out Of The Mouths Of Babes [from the "He Set My Life to Music"]02:19
103Overnight Sensation [from the "Spun Gold"]03:13
104Partners [from the "Midnight Angel"]02:59
105Pillow Pleasure [from the "Midnight Angel"]02:16
106Pity Party [from the "Moods"]02:28
107Playin' Around With Love [from the "Treat Him Right"]02:29
108Right Back Feeling Like A Woman [from the "This Time I Almost Made It"]02:47
109Rolling Stone [from the "In Black and White"]03:37
110Santa, Bring My Baby Home [from the "Christmas at Our House"]03:08
111Satisfied [from the "The Midnight Oil"]02:24
112Satisfied [from the "Looking Back"]02:24
113Scarlet Water [from the "The Best Of Barbara Mandrell"]03:08
114She Don't Have To Stop And Rock The Baby [from the "This Is Barbara Mandrell"]02:19
115She's Loved Me Out Of You [from the "Lovers Friends and Strangers"]02:55
116Show Me [from the "The Midnight Oil"]02:23
117Show Me [from the "The Best Of Barbara Mandrell"]02:22
118Show Me [from the "Looking Back"]02:21
119Sincerely I'm Yours [from the "Clean Cut"]02:45
120Sleeping Single in a Double Bed [from the "Moods"]02:18

Barbara Mandrell

Barbara Mandrell

Barbara Ann Mandrell is an American country music singer and actress. []


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  • Married, But Not To Each Other by Barbara Mandrell

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