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Trash by Alice Cooper [1989] [album editions]

Trash (Alice Cooper)

Track listing

2Spark In The Dark
3House Of Fire
4Why Trust You
5Only My Heart Talkin'
6Bed Of Nails
7This Maniac's In Love With You
9Hell Is Living Without You
10I'm Your Gun

Alice Cooper albums

1Along Came a Spider[ 2008 ]
2Billion Dollar Babies[ 2001 ]
3Brutal Planet[ 2000 ]
4Constrictor[ 1995 ]
5Dirty Diamonds[ 2005 ]
6Dragontown[ 2001 ]
7From The Inside[ 1999 ]
8Hey Stoopid[ 1991 ]
9Raise Your Fist and Yell[ 1990 ]
10School's Out[ 1972 ]
11Special Forces[ 1981 ]
12The Eyes of Alice Cooper[ 2003 ]
13The Last Temptation[ 1994 ]
14Trash[ 1989 ]
15Welcome 2 My Nightmare[ 2011 ]
1Along Came a Spider (Alice Cooper)
2Billion Dollar Babies (Alice Cooper)
3Brutal Planet (Alice Cooper)
4Constrictor (Alice Cooper)
5Dirty Diamonds (Alice Cooper)
6Dragontown (Alice Cooper)
7From The Inside (Alice Cooper)
8Hey Stoopid (Alice Cooper)
9Raise Your Fist and Yell (Alice Cooper)
10School's Out (Alice Cooper)
11Special Forces (Alice Cooper)
12The Eyes of Alice Cooper (Alice Cooper)
13The Last Temptation (Alice Cooper)
14Trash (Alice Cooper)
15Welcome 2 My Nightmare (Alice Cooper)

Alice Cooper songs

61I'm Hungry [from the "Along Came a Spider"]03:58
62I'm So Angry [from the "The Eyes of Alice Cooper"]03:36
63I'm Your Gun [from the "Trash"]03:48
64Inmates (We're All Crazy) [from the "From The Inside"]05:03
65It's Me [from the "The Last Temptation"]04:39
66It's Much Too Late [from the "Dragontown"]04:38
67It's The Little Things [from the "Brutal Planet"]04:11
68Jackknife Johnny [from the "From The Inside"]03:45
69Killed By Love [from the "Along Came a Spider"]03:34
70Last Man On Earth [from the "Welcome 2 My Nightmare"]03:47
71Life And Death Of The Party [from the "Constrictor"]03:40
72Little By Little [from the "Hey Stoopid"]04:35
73Lock Me Up [from the "Raise Your Fist and Yell"]03:24
74Lost In America [from the "The Last Temptation"]03:53
75Love Should Never Feel Like This [from the "The Eyes of Alice Cooper"]03:33
76Love's A Loaded Gun [from the "Hey Stoopid"]04:11
77Lullaby [from the "The Last Temptation"]04:28
78Luney Tune [from the "School's Out"]03:43
79Man Of The Year [from the "The Eyes of Alice Cooper"]02:52
80Mary Ann [from the "Billion Dollar Babies"]02:21
81Might As Well Be On Mars [from the "Hey Stoopid"]07:09
82Millie & Billie [from the "From The Inside"]04:15
83My Stars [from the "School's Out"]05:49
84No More Mr. Nice Guy [from the "Billion Dollar Babies"]03:06
85Not That Kind Of Love [from the "Raise Your Fist and Yell"]03:14
86Nothing's Free [from the "The Last Temptation"]05:01
87Novocaine [from the "The Eyes of Alice Cooper"]03:08
88Nurse Rozetta [from the "From The Inside"]04:15
89Only My Heart Talkin' [from the "Trash"]04:47
90Perfect [from the "Dirty Diamonds"]03:31
91Pessi-Mystic [from the "Brutal Planet"]04:56
92Pick Up The Bones [from the "Brutal Planet"]05:14
93Poison [from the "Trash"]04:29
94Prettiest Cop on the Block [from the "Special Forces"]03:13
95Pretty Ballerina [from the "Dirty Diamonds"]03:02
96Prince Of Darkness [from the "Raise Your Fist and Yell"]05:10
97Prologue / I Know Where You Live [from the "Along Came a Spider"]04:21
98Public Animal #9 [from the "School's Out"]03:54
99Raped And Freezin' [from the "Billion Dollar Babies"]03:19
100Roses On The White Lace [from the "Raise Your Fist and Yell"]04:28
101Run Down The Devil [from the "Dirty Diamonds"]03:29
102Salvation [from the "Along Came a Spider"]04:36
103Sanctuary [from the "Brutal Planet"]04:00
104School's Out [from the "School's Out"]03:30
105Serious [from the "From The Inside"]02:44
106Seven & Seven Is [from the "Special Forces"]02:41
107Sex, Death And Money [from the "Dragontown"]03:37
108Sick Things [from the "Billion Dollar Babies"]04:18
109Sideshow [from the "The Last Temptation"]06:39
110Simple Disobedience [from the "Constrictor"]03:29
111Sister Sara [from the "Dragontown"]04:33
112Six Hours [from the "Dirty Diamonds"]03:24
113Skeletons In The Closet [from the "Special Forces"]03:42
114Snakebite [from the "Hey Stoopid"]04:33
115Something To Remember Me By [from the "Welcome 2 My Nightmare"]03:16
116Somewhere In The Jungle [from the "Dragontown"]05:20
117Spark In The Dark [from the "Trash"]03:52
118Spirits Rebellious [from the "The Eyes of Alice Cooper"]03:35
119Steal That Car [from the "Dirty Diamonds"]03:16
120Step On You [from the "Raise Your Fist and Yell"]03:39

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Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper is a hard rock singer and musician.

"Alice Cooper" was originally the name of Furnier's band; he legally changed his own name to Alice Cooper for a successful solo career.

He is often referred to as the founder of shock rock due to his gory, theatrical performances. []


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