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Sweeter by Gavin Degraw [2011] [album editions]

Sweeter (Gavin Degraw)

Track listing

1Sweeter (DeGraw, Ryan Tedder)
2Not Over You (DeGraw, Tedder)
3Run Every Time (DeGraw, Andrew Frampton)
6You Know Where I'm At
9Where You Are
10Spell It Out (DeGraw, Frampton)

Gavin DeGraw albums

1Chariot[ 2004 ]
2Free[ 2009 ]
3Gavin DeGraw[ 2008 ]
4Make a Move[ 2013 ]
5Sweeter[ 2011 ]
1Chariot (Gavin DeGraw)
2Free (Gavin DeGraw)
3Gavin DeGraw (Gavin DeGraw)
4Make a Move (Gavin DeGraw)
5Sweeter (Gavin DeGraw)

Gavin DeGraw songs

1(Nice To Meet You) Anyway [from the "Chariot"]04:47
2Belief [from the "Chariot"]03:09
3Best I Ever Had [from the "Make a Move"]03:46
4Candy [from the "Sweeter"]04:38
5Change Is Gonna Come [from the "Chariot"]12:27
6Chariot [from the "Chariot"]04:59
7Cheated On Me [from the "Gavin DeGraw"]03:39
8Chemical Party [from the "Chariot"]04:54
9Cop Stop [from the "Gavin DeGraw"]03:24
10Crush [from the "Chariot"]03:20
11Dancing Shoes [from the "Free"]03:46
12Different For Girls [from the "Make a Move"]03:40
13Every Little Bit [from the "Make a Move"]03:36
14Everything Will Change [from the "Make a Move"]03:47
15Finest Hour [from the "Make a Move"]03:32
16Follow Through [from the "Chariot"]04:28
17Free [from the "Free"]03:56
18Glass [from the "Free"]03:53
19Heartbreak [from the "Make a Move"]03:29
20I Don't Want To Be [from the "Chariot"]04:04
21I Have You To Thank [from the "Gavin DeGraw"]03:27
22I'm Gonna Try [from the "Make a Move"]03:45
23In Love With a Girl [from the "Gavin DeGraw"]03:27
24Indian Summer [from the "Free"]04:43
25Just Friends [from the "Chariot"]04:49
26Leading Man [from the "Make a Move"]02:56
27Let It Go [from the "Gavin DeGraw"]03:49
28Lover Be Strong [from the "Free"]04:29
29Make a Move [from the "Make a Move"]03:17
30Meaning [from the "Chariot"]03:41
31Medicate the Kids [from the "Gavin DeGraw"]03:19
32More Than Anyone [from the "Chariot"]03:50
33Mountains To Move [from the "Free"]05:46
34Need [from the "Make a Move"]03:47
35Next To Me (Wait A Minute Sister) [from the "Gavin DeGraw"]03:26
36Not Over You (DeGraw, Tedder) [from the "Sweeter"]03:38
37Over-Rated [from the "Chariot"]06:22
38Radiation [from the "Sweeter"]04:17
39Relative [from the "Gavin DeGraw"]04:12
40Run Every Time (DeGraw, Andrew Frampton) [from the "Sweeter"]03:06
41She Holds A Key [from the "Gavin DeGraw"]03:51
42Soldier [from the "Sweeter"]03:31
43Spell It Out (DeGraw, Frampton) [from the "Sweeter"]03:57
44Stay [from the "Free"]03:34
45Stealing [from the "Sweeter"]04:17
46Sweeter (DeGraw, Ryan Tedder) [from the "Sweeter"]03:43
47Untamed [from the "Gavin DeGraw"]04:00
48Waterfall [from the "Free"]04:41
49We Belong Together [from the "Gavin DeGraw"]05:30
50Where You Are [from the "Sweeter"]04:21
51Who's Gonna Save Us [from the "Make a Move"]03:14
52Why Do The Men Stray [from the "Free"]03:05
53You Know Where I'm At [from the "Sweeter"]03:21
54Young Love [from the "Gavin DeGraw"]04:08

Gavin DeGraw - top artists list [#521]

Gavin DeGraw

Gavin Shane DeGraw is an American singer-songwriter and musician. He is probably most well-known for his songs "Chariot", "I Don't Want to Be", which is featured as the theme song for the TV drama One Tree Hill, and "In Love with a Girl". []


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  • Pop
  • Sweeter (DeGraw, Ryan Tedder) - one of the best Gavin DeGraw songs, top songs list [#1211]

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