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Uprising by Universal Poplab [2006] [album editions]

Uprising (Universal Poplab)

Track listing

1Soma Generation
2I Could Say I'm Sorry
4Heart Apart
5White Night
6Black Love Song
7Vampire In You
860 Is The New 40
9Go Back To Sleep
10The Message
11Sad Song
12New Beginnings

Universal Poplab albums

1Casanova Fall[ 0 ]
2Fire[ 2007 ]
3Heart Apart[ 2006 ]
4I Could Say I'm Sorry[ 2006 ]
5Universal Poplab[ 2004 ]
6Uprising[ 2006 ]
1Casanova Fall (Universal Poplab)
2Fire (Universal Poplab)
3Heart Apart (Universal Poplab)
4I Could Say I'm Sorry (Universal Poplab)
5Universal Poplab (Universal Poplab)
6Uprising (Universal Poplab)

Universal Poplab songs

160 Is The New 40 [from the "Uprising"]05:00
2Any More Than This [from the "Universal Poplab"]04:10
3Bedhead [from the "Universal Poplab"]04:33
4Black Love Song [from the "Uprising"]04:46
5Brilliant Creatures [from the "Casanova Fall"] 
6Casanova Fall [from the "Universal Poplab"]03:24
7Casanova Fall (Dirtyremix by Sophie Rimheden) [from the "Casanova Fall"] 
8Casanova Fall (Playmaker's club edit) [from the "Casanova Fall"]00:16
9Casanova Fall (Radio edit) [from the "Casanova Fall"]03:13
10Days Astray [from the "Universal Poplab"]05:02
11Dice Roller [from the "Universal Poplab"]04:04
12Dice Roller (Live) [from the "Fire"]04:32
13Extasy [from the "Universal Poplab"]03:26
14Fire [from the "Uprising"]02:40
15Fire (Andreas and The Chemicals Retake) [from the "Fire"]04:17
16Fire (Single Version) [from the "Fire"]02:40
17Go Back To Sleep [from the "Uprising"]03:43
18Heart Apart [from the "Uprising"]03:39
19Heart Apart (Paul Lachenardiere Swing Remix) [from the "Heart Apart"]05:26
20Heart Apart (Single Version) [from the "Heart Apart"]03:39
21Heart Apart (Timo Raisanen Acoustic Remix) [from the "Heart Apart"]03:31
22I Believe [from the "Universal Poplab"]04:01
23I Cant Help Myself [from the "Universal Poplab"]05:57
24I Could Say I'm Sorry [from the "Uprising"]03:38
25I Could Say Iґm Sorry (Instrumental) [from the "I Could Say I'm Sorry"]03:38
26I Could Say Iґm Sorry (Jens Loden Remix [from the "I Could Say I'm Sorry"]04:05
27I Could Say Iґm Sorry (Single Version) [from the "I Could Say I'm Sorry"]03:38
28I Could Say Iґm Sorry (Thermostatic Remix) [from the "I Could Say I'm Sorry"]03:46
29Lovers Lane [from the "Universal Poplab"]03:37
30New Baby Boom (feat. Nina Natri) [from the "Universal Poplab"]04:04
31New Beginnings [from the "Uprising"]04:56
32Sad Song [from the "Uprising"]04:00
33Soma Generation [from the "Uprising"]03:38
34The Message [from the "Uprising"]03:58
35Vampire In You [from the "Uprising"]03:34
36Vampire In You (Single Version) [from the "I Could Say I'm Sorry"]03:33
37We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful [from the "Universal Poplab"]04:18
38White Night [from the "Uprising"]03:29
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