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Matters of the Heart by Tracy Chapman [1992] [album editions]

Matters of the Heart (Tracy Chapman)

Track listing

1Bang Bang Bang
3I Used To Be A Sailor
4The Love That You Had
5Woman's Work
6If These Are The Things
7Short Supply
8Dreaming On A World
9Open Arms
10Matters Of The Heart

Tracy Chapman albums

1Crossroads[ 1989 ]
2Matters of the Heart[ 1992 ]
3New Beginning[ 1995 ]
4Our Bright Future[ 2008 ]
5Telling Stories[ 2000 ]
6Tracy Chapman[ 1988 ]
7Where You Live[ 2005 ]
1Crossroads (Tracy Chapman)
2Matters of the Heart (Tracy Chapman)
3New Beginning (Tracy Chapman)
4Our Bright Future (Tracy Chapman)
5Telling Stories (Tracy Chapman)
6Tracy Chapman (Tracy Chapman)
7Where You Live (Tracy Chapman)

Tracy Chapman songs

13000 Miles [from the "Where You Live"]05:58
2A Hundred Years [from the "Crossroads"]04:19
3A Theory [from the "Our Bright Future"]03:17
4Across the Lines [from the "Tracy Chapman"]03:21
5All That You Have is Your Soul [from the "Crossroads"]05:13
6America [from the "Where You Live"]03:43
7At This Point In My Life [from the "New Beginning"]05:06
8Baby Can I Hold You [from the "Tracy Chapman"]03:10
9Bang Bang Bang [from the "Matters of the Heart"]04:20
10Be and Be Not Afraid [from the "Where You Live"]04:44
11Be Careful of My Heart [from the "Crossroads"]04:38
12Before Easter [from the "Where You Live"]03:03
13Behind the Wall [from the "Tracy Chapman"]01:46
14Born to Fight [from the "Crossroads"]02:46
15Bridges [from the "Crossroads"]05:23
16Change [from the "Where You Live"]05:06
17Cold Feet [from the "New Beginning"]05:39
18Conditional [from the "Our Bright Future"]04:05
19Crossroads [from the "Crossroads"]04:10
20Devotion [from the "Telling Stories"]02:48
21Don't Dwell [from the "Where You Live"]03:22
22Dreaming On A World [from the "Matters of the Heart"]05:02
23Fast Car [from the "Tracy Chapman"]04:55
24First Try [from the "Telling Stories"]03:27
25For A Dream [from the "Our Bright Future"]03:18
26For My Lover [from the "Tracy Chapman"]03:10
27For You [from the "Tracy Chapman"]03:07
28Freedom Now [from the "Crossroads"]04:01
29Give Me One Reason [from the "New Beginning"]04:28
30Going Back [from the "Where You Live"]05:22
31Heaven's Here On Earth [from the "New Beginning"]05:21
32I Did it All [from the "Our Bright Future"]03:09
33I Used To Be A Sailor [from the "Matters of the Heart"]03:55
34If Not Now [from the "Tracy Chapman"]02:58
35If These Are The Things [from the "Matters of the Heart"]04:38
36I'm Ready / Save A Place For Me [from the "New Beginning"]07:05
37It's Ok [from the "Telling Stories"]03:59
38Less Than Strangers [from the "Telling Stories"]03:18
39Love's Proof [from the "Where You Live"]03:44
40Material World [from the "Crossroads"]03:01
41Matters Of The Heart [from the "Matters of the Heart"]06:57
42Mountain O' Things [from the "Tracy Chapman"]04:39
43Never Yours [from the "Where You Live"]03:37
44New Beginning [from the "New Beginning"]05:31
45Nothing Yet [from the "Telling Stories"]03:20
46Open Arms [from the "Matters of the Heart"]04:32
47Our Bright Future [from the "Our Bright Future"]04:12
48Paper and Ink [from the "Telling Stories"]04:51
49Remember The Tinman [from the "New Beginning"]05:42
50Save Us All [from the "Our Bright Future"]03:46
51She's Got Her Ticket [from the "Tracy Chapman"]03:53
52Short Supply [from the "Matters of the Heart"]04:21
53Sing for You [from the "Our Bright Future"]04:25
54Smoke And Ashes [from the "New Beginning"]06:38
55So [from the "Matters of the Heart"]03:24
56Something to See [from the "Our Bright Future"]04:13
57Speak the Word [from the "Telling Stories"]04:12
58Spring [from the "Our Bright Future"]03:06
59Subcity [from the "Crossroads"]05:11
60Taken [from the "Where You Live"]03:42

Tracy Chapman

Tracy Chapman

Tracy Chapman is an American singer-songwriter.

She is a multi-platinum and four-time Grammy Award-winning artist. []


  • Folk,
  • Blues-rock,
  • Pop,
  • Soul
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