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The Dreamer, The Believer by Common [2011] [album editions]

The Dreamer, The Believer (Common)

Track listing

1The Dreamer (ft. Maya Angelou)
2Ghetto Dreams (ft. Nas)
3Blue Sky
6Lovin' I Lost
7Raw (How You Like It)
11The Believer (ft. John Legend)
12Pops Belief

Common albums

1Be[ 2005 ]
2Can I Borrow a Dollar?[ 1992 ]
3Electric Circus[ 2002 ]
4Finding Forever[ 2007 ]
5Like Water for Chocolate[ 2000 ]
6Resurrection[ 1994 ]
7The Dreamer, The Believer[ 2011 ]
1Be (Common)
2Can I Borrow a Dollar? (Common)
3Electric Circus (Common)
4Finding Forever (Common)
5Like Water for Chocolate (Common)
6Resurrection (Common)
7The Dreamer, The Believer (Common)

Common songs

61Real People [from the "Be"]02:48
62Resurrection [from the "Resurrection"]03:49
63So Far To Go (ft. D'angelo) [from the "Finding Forever"]04:27
64Soul By The Pound [from the "Can I Borrow a Dollar?"]04:20
65Soul Power [from the "Electric Circus"]04:38
66Southside (ft. Kanye West) [from the "Finding Forever"]04:44
67Star 69 (PS With Love) (ft. Bilal and Prince) [from the "Electric Circus"]05:30
68Start The Show [from the "Finding Forever"]03:14
69Sum Shit I Wrote [from the "Resurrection"]04:32
70Sweet [from the "The Dreamer, The Believer"]03:37
71Take It Ez [from the "Can I Borrow a Dollar?"]04:08
72Testify [from the "Be"]02:37
73The 6th Sense [from the "Like Water for Chocolate"]05:19
74The Believer (ft. John Legend) [from the "The Dreamer, The Believer"]03:43
75The Corner (ft. Kanye West & The Last Poets) [from the "Be"]03:45
76The Dreamer (ft. Maya Angelou) [from the "The Dreamer, The Believer"]05:53
77The Food (Live) (ft. Kanye West) [from the "Be"]03:37
78The Game [from the "Finding Forever"]03:32
79The Hustle (ft. Omar and Dart Chillz) [from the "Electric Circus"]04:20
80The Light [from the "Like Water for Chocolate"]04:21
81The People [from the "Finding Forever"]03:24
82The Questions [from the "Like Water for Chocolate"]04:09
83Thelonius [from the "Like Water for Chocolate"]04:41
84They Say (ft. Kanye West & John Legend) [from the "Be"]03:57
85Thisisme [from the "Resurrection"]04:56
86Time Travelin' ( A Tribute To Fela) [from the "Like Water for Chocolate"]06:37
87Time Travelin' Rep Rise [from the "Like Water for Chocolate"]01:33
88Tricks Up My Sleeve [from the "Can I Borrow a Dollar?"]03:22
89Two Scoops Of Raisins [from the "Can I Borrow a Dollar?"]05:28
90Watermelon [from the "Resurrection"]02:40
91Windows [from the "The Dreamer, The Believer"]04:00
92WMOE [from the "Resurrection"]00:36

Common - top artists list [#596]


Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr., better known by his stage name Common (previously Common Sense), is an American hip-hop artist and actor.

Common debuted in 1992 with the album "Can I Borrow a Dollar?" and maintained a significant underground following into the late 1990s, after which he gained notable mainstream success through his work with the Soulquarians.



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