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Hear In The Now Frontier by Queensryche [2003] [album editions]

Hear In The Now Frontier (Queensryche)

Track listing

1Sign Of The Times
2Cuckoo's Nest
3Get A Life
4The Voice Inside
5Some People Fly
9Miles Away
11All I Want
12Hit The Black
13Anytime / Anywhere

Queensryche albums

1American Soldier[ 2009 ]
2Empire[ 2003 ]
3Hear In The Now Frontier[ 2003 ]
4Operation: Livecrime[ 2001 ]
5Operation: Mindcrime[ 2003 ]
6Promised Land[ 2003 ]
7Q2K[ 1999 ]
8Queen Of The Reich, Germany 24-10-1984[ 1990 ]
9Queensrяche[ 1983 ]
10Rage For Order[ 2003 ]
11The Warning[ 1984 ]
1American Soldier (Queensryche)
2Empire (Queensryche)
3Hear In The Now Frontier (Queensryche)
4Operation: Livecrime (Queensryche)
5Operation: Mindcrime (Queensryche)
6Promised Land (Queensryche)
7Q2K (Queensryche)
8Queen Of The Reich, Germany 24-10-1984 (Queensryche)
9Queensrяche (Queensryche)
10Rage For Order (Queensryche)
11The Warning (Queensryche)

Queensryche songs

61My Empty Room [from the "Operation: Livecrime"]01:37
62My Empty Room [from the "Operation: Mindcrime"]01:30
63My Global Mind [from the "Promised Land"]04:21
64N M 156 [from the "The Warning"]04:42
65N.M. 156 [from the "Queen Of The Reich, Germany 24-10-1984"]04:11
66Neue Regel [from the "Rage For Order"]04:55
67Nightrider [from the "Queen Of The Reich, Germany 24-10-1984"]04:14
68Nightrider [from the "Queensrяche"]03:47
69No Sanctuary [from the "The Warning"]06:05
70One and Only [from the "Empire"]05:54
71One Life [from the "Q2K"]04:49
72One More Time [from the "Promised Land"]04:18
73Operation Mindcrime [from the "Operation: Livecrime"]04:26
74Operation: Mindcrime [from the "Operation: Mindcrime"]04:45
75Out Of Mind [from the "Promised Land"]04:35
76Promised Land [from the "Promised Land"]07:58
77Prophecy [from the "Queensrяche"]03:59
78Prophesy [from the "Queen Of The Reich, Germany 24-10-1984"]03:58
79Queen Of The Reich [from the "Queensrяche"]04:23
80Reach [from the "Hear In The Now Frontier"]03:33
81Remember Me [from the "American Soldier"]05:00
82Resistance [from the "Empire"]04:50
83Revolution Calling [from the "Operation: Livecrime"]04:58
84Revolution Calling [from the "Operation: Mindcrime"]04:39
85Roads to Madness [from the "The Warning"]09:39
86Roads To Madness [from the "Operation: Livecrime"] 
87Sacred Ground [from the "Q2K"]04:12
88Saved [from the "Hear In The Now Frontier"]04:09
89Screaming In Digital [from the "Rage For Order"]03:36
90Sign Of The Times [from the "Hear In The Now Frontier"]03:36
91Silent Lucidity [from the "Empire"]05:47
92Sliver [from the "American Soldier"]03:08
93Some People Fly [from the "Hear In The Now Frontier"]05:18
94Someone Else? [from the "Promised Land"]04:44
95Speak [from the "Operation: Livecrime"]03:44
96Speak [from the "Operation: Mindcrime"]03:42
97SpOOL [from the "Hear In The Now Frontier"]04:56
98Spreading The Disease [from the "Operation: Livecrime"]05:05
99Spreading The Disease [from the "Operation: Mindcrime"]04:07
100Suite Sister Mary [from the "Operation: Livecrime"]11:37
101Suite Sister Mary [from the "Operation: Mindcrime"]10:41
102Surgical Strike [from the "Rage For Order"]03:22
103Take Hold Of The Flame [from the "Queen Of The Reich, Germany 24-10-1984"]05:19
104Take Hold Of The Flame [from the "The Warning"]04:57
105The Killer [from the "American Soldier"]05:26
106The Killing Words [from the "Rage For Order"]03:56
107The Lady Whore Black [from the "Queen Of The Reich, Germany 24-10-1984"]06:53
108The Lady Wore Black [from the "Queensrяche"]06:14
109The Lady Wore Black [from the "Operation: Livecrime"] 
110The Mission [from the "Operation: Livecrime"]05:47
111The Mission [from the "Operation: Mindcrime"]05:46
112The Needle Lies [from the "Operation: Livecrime"]03:19
113The Needle Lies [from the "Operation: Mindcrime"]03:08
114The Right Side Of My Mind [from the "Q2K"]05:51
115The Thin Line [from the "Empire"]05:42
116The Voice [from the "American Soldier"]05:29
117The Voice Inside [from the "Hear In The Now Frontier"]03:52
118The Whisper [from the "Rage For Order"]03:36
119Unafraid [from the "American Soldier"]04:47
120Waiting For 22 [from the "Operation: Livecrime"]01:27

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Queensryche is an American heavy metal / progressive metal band formed in 1981 in Bellevue, Washington.


  • Heavy metal,
  • Progressive metal
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