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Let It All Out by Nina Simone [1966] [album editions]

Let It All Out (Nina Simone)

Track listing

1Mood Indigo
2The Other Woman
3Love Me Or Leave Me
4Don't Explain
5Little Girl Blue
7For Myself
8The Ballad Of Hollis Brown
9This Year's Kisses

Nina Simone albums

1A Single Woman[ 1993 ]
2Baltimore[ 1978 ]
3Black Gold[ 1970 ]
4Forbidden Fruit[ 1961 ]
5Here Comes the Sun[ 1971 ]
6High Priestess of Soul[ 1967 ]
7I Put a Spell on You[ 1965 ]
8Let It All Out[ 1966 ]
9Nina at the Village Gate[ 1962 ]
10Nina Simone and Piano[ 1969 ]
11Nina Simone at Carnegie Hall[ 1963 ]
12Nina Simone at Newport[ 1960 ]
13Nina Simone in Concert[ 1964 ]
14Nina Simone Sings Ellington[ 1962 ]
15Nina Simone Sings the Blues[ 1967 ]
16The Amazing Nina Simone[ 1959 ]
17The Blues[ 1966 ]
18The Thomas Crown Affair (Soundtrack)[ 1999 ]
19To Love Somebody[ 1969 ]
20Wild Is The Wind[ 1966 ]
1A Single Woman (Nina Simone)
2Baltimore (Nina Simone)
3Black Gold (Nina Simone)
4Forbidden Fruit (Nina Simone)
5Here Comes the Sun (Nina Simone)
6High Priestess of Soul (Nina Simone)
7I Put a Spell on You (Nina Simone)
8Let It All Out (Nina Simone)
9Nina at the Village Gate (Nina Simone)
10Nina Simone and Piano (Nina Simone)
11Nina Simone at Carnegie Hall (Nina Simone)
12Nina Simone at Newport (Nina Simone)
13Nina Simone in Concert (Nina Simone)
14Nina Simone Sings Ellington (Nina Simone)
15Nina Simone Sings the Blues (Nina Simone)
16The Amazing Nina Simone (Nina Simone)
17The Blues (Nina Simone)
18The Thomas Crown Affair (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
19To Love Somebody (Nina Simone)
20Wild Is The Wind (Nina Simone)

Nina Simone songs

61How Long Must I Wander? [from the "Here Comes the Sun"]06:31
62I Can't See Nobody [from the "To Love Somebody"]03:16
63I Get Along Without You Very Well (Except Sometimes) [from the "Nina Simone and Piano"]04:48
64I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good) [from the "Nina Simone Sings Ellington"]04:07
65I Hold No Grudge [from the "High Priestess of Soul"]02:22
66I Like The Sunrise [from the "Nina Simone Sings Ellington"]03:01
67I Love My Baby [from the "High Priestess of Soul"]04:06
68I Love To Love [from the "Forbidden Fruit"]03:27
69I Love Your Lovin' Ways [from the "Wild Is The Wind"]02:30
70I Loves You Porgy [from the "Nina Simone in Concert"]02:34
71I Put a Spell On You [from the "I Put a Spell on You"]02:39
72I Shall Be Released [from the "The Blues"]03:56
73I Shall Be Released [from the "To Love Somebody"]04:19
74I Think It's Going to Rain Today [from the "Nina Simone and Piano"]03:22
75I Want A Little Sugar In My Bo [from the "Nina Simone Sings the Blues"]02:32
76I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl [from the "The Blues"]02:34
77If He Changed My Name [from the "Nina at the Village Gate"]03:59
78If I Should Lose You [from the "A Single Woman"]03:58
79If I Should Lose You [from the "Wild Is The Wind"]04:00
80If You Knew [from the "Nina Simone at Carnegie Hall"]03:29
81If You Pray Right [from the "Baltimore"]03:19
82Il N'y A Pas D'amour Heureux [from the "A Single Woman"]06:25
83I'll Look Around [from the "Forbidden Fruit"]05:08
84I'm Going Back Home [from the "High Priestess of Soul"]02:52
85I'm Gonna Leave You [from the "High Priestess of Soul"]02:19
86Images [from the "Let It All Out"]02:52
87In the Dark [from the "The Blues"]02:58
88In the Dark [from the "Nina Simone Sings the Blues"]02:57
89In the Evening by the Moonligh [from the "Nina Simone at Newport"]06:09
90It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) [from the "Nina Simone Sings Ellington"]02:33
91It Might As Well Be Spring [from the "The Amazing Nina Simone"]04:02
92July Tree [from the "I Put a Spell on You"]02:46
93Just In Time [from the "Nina at the Village Gate"]06:36
94Just Like A Woman [from the "Here Comes the Sun"]04:51
95Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues [from the "To Love Somebody"]05:05
96Just Say I Love Him [from the "A Single Woman"]04:28
97Just Say I Love Him [from the "Forbidden Fruit"]06:39
98Keeper of the Flame [from the "High Priestess of Soul"]03:23
99Lilac Wine [from the "Wild Is The Wind"]04:18
100Little Girl Blue [from the "Let It All Out"]02:36
101Little Liza Jane [from the "Nina Simone at Newport"]04:31
102Lonesome Cities [from the "A Single Woman"]03:08
103Love Me Or Leave Me [from the "Let It All Out"]04:09
104Love's Been Good To Me [from the "A Single Woman"]03:58
105Marriage For Old Folks [from the "I Put a Spell on You"]03:36
106Marry Me [from the "A Single Woman"]02:47
107Memphis In June [from the "Forbidden Fruit"]02:39
108Merry Mending [from the "Nina Simone Sings Ellington"]02:35
109Mississippi Goddam [from the "Nina Simone in Concert"]04:55
110Mood Indigo [from the "Let It All Out"]02:29
111Mr.Bojangles [from the "Here Comes the Sun"]05:03
112Music For Lovers [from the "Baltimore"]03:42
113My Father [from the "Baltimore"]04:54
114My Man's Gone Now [from the "The Blues"]04:16
115My Man's Gone Now [from the "Nina Simone Sings the Blues"]04:16
116My Way [from the "Here Comes the Sun"]04:39
117Ne Me Quitte Pas [from the "I Put a Spell on You"]03:40
118New World Coming [from the "Here Comes the Sun"]04:45
119Nina's Blues (instr) [from the "Nina Simone at Newport"]06:10
120No Good Man [from the "Forbidden Fruit"]03:39

Nina Simone

Nina Simone

Eunice Kathleen Waymon, better known by her stage name Nina Simone, was an American singer, songwriter, pianist, arranger, and civil rights activist widely associated with jazz music.

Simone aspired to become a classical pianist while working in a broad range of styles including classical, jazz, blues, folk, R&B, gospel, and pop. []


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