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Trouble by Whitesnake [1978] [album editions]

Trouble (Whitesnake)

Track listing

1Take Me With You
2Love To Keep You Warm
3Day Tripper
4The Time Is Right For Love
6Belgian Tom's Hat Trick
7Free Flight
8Don't Mess With Me

Whitesnake albums

1Come An' Get It[ 1981 ]
2Forevermore[ 2011 ]
3Live at Hammersmith[ 2000 ]
4Live in the Heart of the City[ 1978 ]
5Love Hunter[ 1979 ]
6Ready An' Willing[ 2007 ]
7Saints & Sinners[ 1982 ]
8Slide it in[ 1984 ]
9Slip of the Tongue[ 1989 ]
10Snakebite[ 1978 ]
11Starkers in Tokyo[ 1997 ]
12Trouble[ 1978 ]
13Whitesnake[ 1990 ]
1Come An' Get It (Whitesnake)
2Forevermore (Whitesnake)
3Live at Hammersmith (Whitesnake)
4Live in the Heart of the City (Whitesnake)
5Love Hunter (Whitesnake)
6Ready An' Willing (Whitesnake)
7Saints & Sinners (Whitesnake)
8Slide it in (Whitesnake)
9Slip of the Tongue (Whitesnake)
10Snakebite (Whitesnake)
11Starkers in Tokyo (Whitesnake)
12Trouble (Whitesnake)
13Whitesnake (Whitesnake)

Whitesnake songs

61Love Ain't No Stranger [from the "Starkers in Tokyo"]03:15
62Love Ain't No Stranger [from the "Slide it in"]04:10
63Love An' Affection [from the "Saints & Sinners"]03:09
64Love And Treat Me Right [from the "Forevermore"]04:13
65Love Hunter [from the "Live in the Heart of the City"]10:52
66Love Hunter [from the "Love Hunter"]05:35
67Love Man [from the "Ready An' Willing"]05:02
68Love To Keep You Warm [from the "Trouble"]03:41
69Love Will Set You Free [from the "Forevermore"]03:51
70Mean Business [from the "Love Hunter"]03:45
71Medicine Man [from the "Love Hunter"]04:00
72Might Just Take your Life [from the "Live at Hammersmith"]05:34
73Mistreated [from the "Live at Hammersmith"]10:54
74My Evil Ways [from the "Forevermore"]04:32
75Now You're Gone [from the "Slip of the Tongue"]04:06
76One Of These Days [from the "Forevermore"]04:52
77Only My Soul [from the "Snakebite"]04:32
78Outlaw [from the "Love Hunter"]04:02
79Queen Of Hearts [from the "Snakebite"]05:13
80Ready An' Willing [from the "Live in the Heart of the City"]04:37
81Ready An' Willing [from the "Ready An' Willing"]03:40
82Rock An' Roll Angels [from the "Saints & Sinners"]04:06
83Rock 'n' Roll Women [from the "Love Hunter"]04:44
84Rough An' Ready [from the "Saints & Sinners"]02:51
85Sailing Ships [from the "Starkers in Tokyo"]04:37
86Sailing Ships [from the "Slip of the Tongue"]05:58
87Saints An' Sinners [from the "Saints & Sinners"]04:19
88She's A Woman [from the "Ready An' Willing"]04:04
89Slide It In [from the "Slide it in"]03:17
90Slip Of The Toungue [from the "Slip of the Tongue"]05:17
91Slow An' Easy [from the "Slide it in"]06:07
92Slow Poke Music [from the "Slip of the Tongue"]03:58
93Soldier Of Fortune [from the "Starkers in Tokyo"]04:22
94Spit It Out [from the "Slide it in"]04:09
95Standing In The Shadow [from the "Slide it in"]03:29
96Steal Away [from the "Snakebite"]04:16
97Steal Your Heart Away [from the "Forevermore"]05:18
98Still Of The Night [from the "Whitesnake"]06:36
99Straight For The Heart [from the "Whitesnake"]03:36
100Sweet Talker [from the "Live in the Heart of the City"]04:15
101Sweet Talker [from the "Ready An' Willing"]03:35
102Take Me With You [from the "Live in the Heart of the City"]06:45
103Take Me With You [from the "Trouble"]04:45
104Tell Me How [from the "Forevermore"]04:40
105The Deeper The Love [from the "Starkers in Tokyo"]04:09
106The Deeper The Love [from the "Slip of the Tongue"]04:18
107The Time Is Right For Love [from the "Trouble"]03:25
108Till The Day I Die [from the "Come An' Get It"]04:25
109Too Many Tears [from the "Starkers in Tokyo"]04:13
110Trouble [from the "Live at Hammersmith"]04:54
111Trouble [from the "Trouble"]04:45
112Victim Of Love [from the "Saints & Sinners"]03:32
113Walking In The Shadow Of Blues [from the "Live in the Heart of the City"]05:01
114Walking In The Shadow Of The B [from the "Love Hunter"]04:23
115We Wish You Well [from the "Love Hunter"]01:33
116Whipping Boy Blues [from the "Forevermore"]05:01
117Whipping Boy Blues (Swamp Mix) [from the "Forevermore"]05:58
118Wine, Women An' Song [from the "Come An' Get It"]03:42
119Wings Of The Storm [from the "Slip of the Tongue"]04:58
120Would I Lie To You [from the "Come An' Get It"]04:26



Whitesnake are an English rock band, founded in 1978 by David Coverdale after his departure from his previous band, Deep Purple.

The band's most popular hit was 1987's Here I Go Again which reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in October of that year. []


  • Hard rock,
  • Heavy metal,
  • Blues-rock
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