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Face To Face by Westlife [2005] [album editions]

Face To Face (Westlife)

Track listing

1You Raise Me Up
2When You Tell Me That You Love
4That's Where You Find Love
5She's Back
7Colour My World
8In This Life
9Heart Without A Home
10Hit You With The Real Thing
11Change Your Mind
12Maybe Tomorrow

WestLife albums

1Face To Face[ 2005 ]
2Greatest Hits[ 2011 ]
1Face To Face (WestLife)
2Greatest Hits (WestLife)

WestLife songs

1Against All Odds (feat. Mariah Carey) [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:19
2Amazing [from the "Face To Face"]02:51
3Amazing (Single Mix) [from the "Greatest Hits"]02:48
4Beautiful World [from the "Greatest Hits"]04:01
5Bop Bop Baby (Single Remix) [from the "Greatest Hits"]04:26
6Change Your Mind [from the "Face To Face"]03:42
7Colour My World [from the "Face To Face"]03:57
8Desperado [from the "Face To Face"]03:38
9Flying Without Wings [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:34
10Flying Without Wings (Recorded Live At BBC Proms In the Park 2011) [from the "Greatest Hits"]04:27
11Fool Again (2000 Remix) [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:52
12Heart Without A Home [from the "Face To Face"]04:49
13Hey Whatever [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:25
14Hit You With The Real Thing [from the "Face To Face"]03:02
15Home [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:23
16Home (Live from The O2) [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:40
17I Have A Dream (Remix) [from the "Greatest Hits"]04:12
18If I Let You Go [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:40
19In This Life [from the "Face To Face"]04:10
20Last Mile Of the Way [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:48
21Lighthouse [from the "Greatest Hits"]04:22
22Mandy [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:16
23Mandy (Live from The O2) [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:49
24Maybe Tomorrow [from the "Face To Face"] 
25My Love [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:50
26Obvious (Single Remix) [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:28
27Queen Of My Heart (Radio Edit) [from the "Greatest Hits"]04:17
28Safe (Single Mix) [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:50
29Seasons In the Sun [from the "Greatest Hits"]04:05
30She's Back [from the "Face To Face"]03:12
31Swear It Again (Radio Edit) [from the "Greatest Hits"]04:06
32That's Where You Find Love [from the "Face To Face"]03:46
33The Rose [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:37
34Unbreakable (Single Remix) [from the "Greatest Hits"]04:31
35Uptown Girl (Live from The O2) [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:58
36Uptown Girl (Radio Edit) [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:04
37Us Against the World [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:57
38What About Now (2011 Remix) [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:58
39What About Now (Live from The O2) [from the "Greatest Hits"]04:14
40What Makes A Man (Single Remix) [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:49
41When You Tell Me That You Love [from the "Face To Face"]03:58
42When You Tell Me That You Love Me (Single Mix) (ft. Diana Ross) [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:54
43When You're Looking Like That (Single Remix) [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:51
44Wide Open [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:40
45World Of Our Own (Single Remix) [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:27
46You Raise Me Up [from the "Face To Face"]04:02
47You Raise Me Up [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:59
48You Raise Me Up (Recorded Live At BBC Proms In the Park 2011) (ft. Fionnuala Sherry) [from the "Greatest Hits"]04:50



Westlife were an Irish boy band formed in 1998 and disbanded in 2012.


  • Pop,
  • Teen pop
  • You Raise Me Up by WestLife

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