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The Crimson Idol by W.A.S.P. [1992] [album editions]

The Crimson Idol (W.A.S.P.)

Track listing

1Titanic Overture
2Invisible Boy
3Arena Of Pleasure
4Chainsaw Charlie
5The Gipsy Meet The Boy
6Doctor Rockter
7I Am One
8The Idol
9Hold On To My Heart
10Misconceptions Of Me

W.A.S.P. albums

1Animal (F**k Like A Beast)[ 1984 ]
2Dying for the World[ 2002 ]
3Helldorado[ 1999 ]
4Inside The Elecric Circus[ 2003 ]
5Kill F**k Die[ 1997 ]
6Still Not Black Enough[ 2001 ]
7The Crimson Idol[ 1992 ]
8The Headless Children[ 1989 ]
9The Neon God - Part 1 The Rise[ 2004 ]
10The Neon God - Part 2 The Demise[ 2004 ]
11Unholy Terror[ 2001 ]
12WASP[ 2006 ]
1Animal (F**k Like A Beast) (W.A.S.P.)
2Dying for the World (W.A.S.P.)
3Helldorado (W.A.S.P.)
4Inside The Elecric Circus (W.A.S.P.)
5Kill F**k Die (W.A.S.P.)
6Still Not Black Enough (W.A.S.P.)
7The Crimson Idol (W.A.S.P.)
8The Headless Children (W.A.S.P.)
9The Neon God - Part 1 The Rise (W.A.S.P.)
10The Neon God - Part 2 The Demise (W.A.S.P.)
11Unholy Terror (W.A.S.P.)
12WASP (W.A.S.P.)

W.A.S.P. songs

61Misconceptions Of Me [from the "The Crimson Idol"]09:44
62Mississippi Queen [from the "Animal (F**k Like A Beast)"]03:22
63My Tortured Eyes [from the "Kill F**k Die"]04:03
64My Wicked Heart [from the "Dying for the World"]06:09
65Never Say Die [from the "The Neon God - Part 2 The Demise"]04:39
66No Way Out From Here [from the "Still Not Black Enough"]03:39
67On Your Knees [from the "WASP"]03:48
68Overture [from the "The Neon God - Part 1 The Rise"]03:32
69Raging storm [from the "The Neon God - Part 1 The Rise"]05:45
70Raven Heart [from the "Unholy Terror"]03:45
71Rebel In The FDG [from the "The Headless Children"]05:07
72Restless Gypsy [from the "Inside The Elecric Circus"]05:02
73Resurrector [from the "The Neon God - Part 2 The Demise"]04:24
74Revengeance [from the "Dying for the World"]05:21
75Rock And Roll To Death [from the "Still Not Black Enough"]03:45
76Rubber Man [from the "Dying for the World"]04:56
77Saturday Night Cockfight [from the "Helldorado"]03:20
78Scared To Death [from the "Still Not Black Enough"]05:03
79School Daze [from the "WASP"]03:36
80Shadow Man [from the "Dying for the World"]02:15
81Shoot from the Hip [from the "Inside The Elecric Circus"]04:42
82Show No Mercy [from the "Animal (F**k Like A Beast)"]03:38
83Sister Sadie (and the black habits) [from the "The Neon God - Part 1 The Rise"]07:42
84Sleeping (In The Fire) [from the "WASP"]03:54
85Somebody To Love [from the "Still Not Black Enough"]02:50
86Someone to love me [from the "The Neon God - Part 1 The Rise"]00:50
87Still Not Black Enough [from the "Still Not Black Enough"]04:02
88Stone Cold Killers [from the "Dying for the World"]05:34
89Sweet Cheetah [from the "Inside The Elecric Circus"]05:18
90Take The Addiction [from the "Kill F**k Die"]03:41
91Tear Down The Walls [from the "The Neon God - Part 2 The Demise"]03:39
92The Demise [from the "The Neon God - Part 2 The Demise"]04:00
93The Flame [from the "WASP"]03:41
94The Gipsy Meet The Boy [from the "The Crimson Idol"]04:16
95The Headless Children [from the "The Headless Children"]05:46
96The Heretic (The Lost Child) [from the "The Headless Children"]07:14
97The Horor [from the "Kill F**k Die"]08:26
98The Idol [from the "The Crimson Idol"]08:40
99The Last Redemption [from the "The Neon God - Part 2 The Demise"]13:39
100The Neutron Bomber [from the "The Headless Children"]04:03
101The Real Me [from the "The Headless Children"]03:19
102The red room of the rising sun [from the "The Neon God - Part 1 The Rise"]04:40
103The rise [from the "The Neon God - Part 1 The Rise"]02:28
104The Rock Rolls On [from the "Inside The Elecric Circus"]03:56
105The running man [from the "The Neon God - Part 1 The Rise"]04:19
106The Torture Never Stops [from the "WASP"]03:56
107Thunderhead [from the "The Headless Children"]06:43
108Titanic Overture [from the "The Crimson Idol"]03:31
109Tormentor [from the "WASP"]04:14
110Trail Of Tears [from the "Dying for the World"]04:25
111U [from the "Kill F**k Die"]04:36
112Unholy Terror [from the "Unholy Terror"]02:01
113Wasted White Boys [from the "Unholy Terror"]06:49
114What Ill never find [from the "The Neon God - Part 1 The Rise"]06:02
115Who Slayed Baby Jane [from the "Unholy Terror"]04:54
116Why am I here [from the "The Neon God - Part 1 The Rise"]00:34
117Why am I nothing [from the "The Neon God - Part 1 The Rise"]00:58
118Wicked Love [from the "Kill F**k Die"]05:10
119Wishing well [from the "The Neon God - Part 1 The Rise"]03:33
120X. T. C. riders [from the "The Neon God - Part 1 The Rise"]04:33



W.A.S.P. is an American heavy metal band formed in 1982. []


  • Heavy metal,
  • Glam metal,
  • Shock rock
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