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Green by R.E.M. [1988] [album editions]

Green (R.E.M.)

Track listing

1Pop Song 89
2Get Up
3You Are The Everything
5World Leader Pretend
6The Wrong Child
7Orange Crush
8Turn You Inside-Out
10I Remember California

R.E.M. albums

1Accelerate[ 2008 ]
2Around the Sun[ 2004 ]
3Automatic for the People[ 1992 ]
4Collapse into Now[ 2011 ]
5Coneheads (Soundtrack)[ 1993 ]
6Document[ 1987 ]
7Fables of the Reconstruction[ 1985 ]
8Green[ 1988 ]
9Lifes Rich Pageant[ 1986 ]
10Monster[ 1994 ]
11Murmur[ 1983 ]
12New Adventures in Hi-Fi[ 1996 ]
13Out of Time[ 1991 ]
14Reckoning[ 1984 ]
15Reveal[ 2001 ]
16Up[ 1998 ]
1Accelerate (R.E.M.)
2Around the Sun (R.E.M.)
3Automatic for the People (R.E.M.)
4Collapse into Now (R.E.M.)
5Coneheads (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
6Document (R.E.M.)
7Fables of the Reconstruction (R.E.M.)
8Green (R.E.M.)
9Lifes Rich Pageant (R.E.M.)
10Monster (R.E.M.)
11Murmur (R.E.M.)
12New Adventures in Hi-Fi (R.E.M.)
13Out of Time (R.E.M.)
14Reckoning (R.E.M.)
15Reveal (R.E.M.)
16Up (R.E.M.)

R.E.M. songs

121Oddfellows Local 151 [from the "Document"]05:22
122Oh My Heart [from the "Collapse into Now"]03:21
123Old Man Kensey [from the "Fables of the Reconstruction"]04:10
124Orange Crush [from the "Green"]03:51
125Parakeet [from the "Up"]04:12
126Perfect Circle [from the "Murmur"]03:31
127Pilgrimage [from the "Murmur"]04:29
128Pop Song 89 [from the "Green"]03:05
129Pretty Persuasion [from the "Reckoning"]03:53
130Pretty Persuasion (Live in Studio) [from the "Reckoning"]04:02
131Radio Free Europe [from the "Murmur"]04:05
132Radio Song [from the "Out of Time"] 
133Rotary Ten [from the "Lifes Rich Pageant"]01:58
134Sad Professor [from the "Up"]04:03
135Saturn Return [from the "Reveal"] 
136Second Guessing [from the "Reckoning"]02:51
137Shaking Through [from the "Murmur"]04:30
138She Just Wants To Be [from the "Reveal"] 
139Shiny Happy People [from the "Out of Time"]03:42
140Sing For The Submarine [from the "Accelerate"]04:50
141Sitting Still [from the "Murmur"]03:18
142So Fast, So Numb [from the "New Adventures in Hi-Fi"]04:12
143So. Central Rain [from the "Reckoning"]03:16
144Stand [from the "Green"]03:12
145Star 69 [from the "Monster"] 
146Star Me Kitten [from the "Automatic for the People"] 
147Strange [from the "Document"]02:33
148Strange Currencies [from the "Monster"] 
149Summer Turns To High [from the "Reveal"] 
150Superman [from the "Lifes Rich Pageant"]02:52
151Supernatural Superserious [from the "Accelerate"]03:23
152Suspicion [from the "Up"]05:37
153Swan Swan H [from the "Lifes Rich Pageant"]02:43
154Swan Swan H (Acoustic Version) [from the "Lifes Rich Pageant"]02:41
155Sweetness Follows [from the "Automatic for the People"] 
156Talk About The Passion [from the "Murmur"]03:21
157Texarkana [from the "Out of Time"]03:36
158That Someone Is You [from the "Collapse into Now"]01:44
159The Apologist [from the "Up"]04:29
160The Ascent Of Man [from the "Around the Sun"]04:04
161The Boy in the Well [from the "Around the Sun"] 
162The Flowers Of Guatemala [from the "Lifes Rich Pageant"]03:56
163The Lifting [from the "Reveal"] 
164The One I Love [from the "Document"]03:17
165The One I Love (Live) [from the "Document"]04:06
166The Outsiders [from the "Around the Sun"]04:12
167The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite [from the "Automatic for the People"] 
168The Wake-Up Bomb [from the "New Adventures in Hi-Fi"]05:08
169The Wrong Child [from the "Green"]03:36
170These Days [from the "Lifes Rich Pageant"]03:24
171Tighten Up [from the "Reckoning"]04:09
172Time After Time (Annelise) [from the "Reckoning"]03:32
173Time After Time Etc (Live) [from the "Document"]08:22
174Tired Of Singing Trouble [from the "Lifes Rich Pageant"]00:59
175Tongue [from the "Monster"] 
176Toys In The Attic [from the "Lifes Rich Pageant"]02:26
177Try Not To Breathe [from the "Automatic for the People"] 
178Turn You Inside-Out [from the "Green"]04:17
179UBerlin [from the "Collapse into Now"]04:14
180Underneath The Bunker [from the "Lifes Rich Pageant"]01:27

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R.E.M. is an American rock band formed in Athens, Georgia, in 1980 by singer Michael Stipe, guitarist Peter Buck, bassist Mike Mills and drummer Bill Berry. []


  • Alternative rock,
  • College rock,
  • Jangle pop
  • Orange Crush by R.E.M.

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