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Live at the Brixton Academy by Faith No More [1991] [album editions]

Live at the Brixton Academy (Faith No More)

Track listing

1Falling To Pieces
2The Real Thing
4War Pigs
5From Out of Nowhere
6We Care a Lot
7Zombie Eaters
8Edge of the World
9The Grade
10The Cowboy Song

Faith No More albums

1Album of the Year[ 1997 ]
2Angel Dust[ 1992 ]
3Introduce Yourself[ 1987 ]
4King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime[ 1995 ]
5Live at the Brixton Academy[ 1991 ]
6Songs to Make Love To[ 1993 ]
7The Real Thing[ 1989 ]
8We Care a Lot[ 1985 ]
1Album of the Year (Faith No More)
2Angel Dust (Faith No More)
3Introduce Yourself (Faith No More)
4King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime (Faith No More)
5Live at the Brixton Academy (Faith No More)
6Songs to Make Love To (Faith No More)
7The Real Thing (Faith No More)
8We Care a Lot (Faith No More)

Faith No More songs

1A Small Victory [from the "Angel Dust"]04:57
2Anne's Song [from the "Introduce Yourself"]04:46
3Arabian Disco [from the "We Care a Lot"]03:16
4As The Worm Turns [from the "Angel Dust"]03:11
5As the Worm Turns [from the "We Care a Lot"]03:11
6Ashes To Ashes [from the "Album of the Year"]03:35
7Be Aggressive [from the "Angel Dust"]03:42
8Blood [from the "Introduce Yourself"]03:42
9Caffeine [from the "Angel Dust"]04:28
10Caralho voador [from the "King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime"]03:59
11Chinese Arithmetic [from the "Introduce Yourself"]04:37
12Collision [from the "Album of the Year"]03:22
13Crack Hitler [from the "Angel Dust"]04:39
14Cuckoo for caca [from the "King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime"]03:41
15Das Schutzenfest [from the "Songs to Make Love To"] 
16Death March [from the "Introduce Yourself"]03:02
17Digging the grave [from the "King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime"]03:03
18Easy [from the "Songs to Make Love To"]03:05
19Easy (Re-release only) [from the "Angel Dust"]03:04
20Edge of the World [from the "The Real Thing"]04:08
21Edge of the World [from the "Live at the Brixton Academy"]05:46
22Epic [from the "The Real Thing"]04:50
23Epic [from the "Live at the Brixton Academy"]04:55
24Everything's Ruined [from the "Angel Dust"]04:33
25Evidence [from the "King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime"]04:52
26Falling To Pieces [from the "The Real Thing"]05:12
27Falling To Pieces [from the "Live at the Brixton Academy"]04:45
28Faster Disco [from the "Introduce Yourself"]04:16
29From Out of Nowhere [from the "The Real Thing"]03:22
30From Out of Nowhere [from the "Live at the Brixton Academy"]03:24
31Get out [from the "King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime"]02:16
32Got That Feeling [from the "Album of the Year"]02:20
33Greed [from the "We Care a Lot"]03:50
34Helpless [from the "Album of the Year"]05:24
35Home Sick Home [from the "Album of the Year"]01:57
36Introduce Yourself [from the "Introduce Yourself"]01:32
37Jim [from the "We Care a Lot"]01:16
38Jizzlobber [from the "Angel Dust"]06:38
39Just a man [from the "King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime"]05:35
40Kindergarten [from the "Angel Dust"]04:31
41King for a day [from the "King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime"]06:33
42Land of Sunshine [from the "Angel Dust"]03:44
43Last Cup of Sorrow [from the "Album of the Year"]04:10
44Let's Lynch The Landlord [from the "Songs to Make Love To"] 
45Malpractice [from the "Angel Dust"]04:02
46Mark Bowen [from the "We Care a Lot"]03:33
47Midlife Crisis [from the "Angel Dust"]04:23
48Midnight Cowboy [from the "Angel Dust"]04:12
49Midnight Cowboy (Album Version) [from the "Songs to Make Love To"] 
50Mouth To Mouth [from the "Album of the Year"]03:46
51Naked In Front of the Computer [from the "Album of the Year"]02:07
52New Beginnings [from the "We Care a Lot"]03:46
53Paths of Glory [from the "Album of the Year"]04:15
54Pills For Breakfast [from the "We Care a Lot"]02:59
55Pristina [from the "Album of the Year"]03:50
56Ricochet [from the "King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime"]04:27
57R'n'R [from the "Introduce Yourself"]03:11
58RV [from the "Angel Dust"]03:43
59She Loves Me Not [from the "Album of the Year"]03:31
60Smaller and Smaller [from the "Angel Dust"]05:11

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Faith No More

Faith No More is a metal/rock group that formed in San Francisco, California in 1982.

Their music combined elements of heavy metal, pop, rap and funk. They have also been known to implement jazz elements in some of their songs. []


  • Alternative metal,
  • Rock
  • Epic by Faith No More

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