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Take Off And Landing by Yoshinori Sunahara [1999] [album editions]

Take Off And Landing (Yoshinori Sunahara)

Track listing

1Information of TUA
2Cross Wind Take Off
3Magic Sunset St.
4SONY Romantic Electro Wave
5Sun Song '80
62300 Hawaii
7Count Down
8Journey Beyond The Stars
9Life & Space
10No Sun
11The Good Timing Of The World Of Love Song
13My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose
14Welcome To Japan

Yoshinori Sunahara albums

1Take Off And Landing[ 1999 ]
1Take Off And Landing (Yoshinori Sunahara)

Yoshinori Sunahara songs

12300 Hawaii [from the "Take Off And Landing"] 
2Count Down [from the "Take Off And Landing"]01:21
3Cross Wind Take Off [from the "Take Off And Landing"]03:41
4Information of TUA [from the "Take Off And Landing"]02:49
5Journey Beyond The Stars [from the "Take Off And Landing"] 
6Life & Space [from the "Take Off And Landing"] 
7Magic Sunset St. [from the "Take Off And Landing"] 
8My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose [from the "Take Off And Landing"]03:22
9No Sun [from the "Take Off And Landing"]08:02
10SONY Romantic Electro Wave [from the "Take Off And Landing"]04:35
11Summer [from the "Take Off And Landing"]05:05
12Sun Song '80 [from the "Take Off And Landing"] 
13The Good Timing Of The World Of Love Song [from the "Take Off And Landing"]02:40
14Welcome To Japan [from the "Take Off And Landing"]04:46
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