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Amarantine by Enya [2005] [album editions]

Amarantine (Enya)

Track listing

1Less Than a Pearl
3It's in the Rain
4If I Could Be Where You Are
5River Sings
6Long, Long Journey
8Someone Said Goodbye
9Moment Lost
11Amid the Falling Snow
12Water Shows the Hidden Heart

Enya albums

1A Day Without Rain[ 2000 ]
2Amarantine[ 2005 ]
3And Winter Came[ 2008 ]
4Enya/The Celts[ 1987 ]
5May It Be (Single)[ 2001 ]
6Shepherd Moons[ 1991 ]
7The Memory of Trees[ 1995 ]
8Watermark[ 1987 ]
1A Day Without Rain (Enya)
2Amarantine (Enya)
3And Winter Came (Enya)
4Enya/The Celts (Enya)
5May It Be (Single) (Enya)
6Shepherd Moons (Enya)
7The Memory of Trees (Enya)
8Watermark (Enya)

Enya songs

1Afer Ventus [from the "Shepherd Moons"]04:06
2Aldebaran [from the "Enya/The Celts"]03:05
3Amarantine [from the "Amarantine"]03:10
4Amid the Falling Snow [from the "Amarantine"]03:36
5And Winter Came... [from the "And Winter Came"]03:15
6Angeles [from the "Shepherd Moons"]04:01
7Anywhere Is [from the "The Memory of Trees"]03:57
8Athair Ar Nearmh [from the "The Memory of Trees"]03:40
9Bard Dance [from the "Enya/The Celts"]01:23
10Boadicea [from the "Enya/The Celts"]03:30
11Book Of Days [from the "Shepherd Moons"]02:55
12Caribbean Blue [from the "Shepherd Moons"]03:59
13China Roses [from the "The Memory of Trees"]04:48
14Cursum Perficio [from the "Watermark"]04:09
15Dan y Dwr [from the "Enya/The Celts"]01:41
16Day Without Rain (Instrumental) [from the "A Day Without Rain"]02:38
17Deireadh an Tuath [from the "Enya/The Celts"]01:43
18Deora Ar Mo Chroi [from the "A Day Without Rain"]02:47
19Dreams Are More Precious [from the "And Winter Came"]04:25
20Drifting [from the "Amarantine"]04:10
21Ebudae [from the "Shepherd Moons"]01:55
22Epona [from the "Enya/The Celts"]01:35
23Evacuee [from the "Shepherd Moons"]03:50
24Evening Falls [from the "Watermark"]03:48
25Exile [from the "Watermark"]04:22
26Fairytale [from the "Enya/The Celts"]03:02
27Fallen Embers [from the "A Day Without Rain"]02:31
28First of Autumn [from the "A Day Without Rain"]03:08
29Flora's Secret [from the "A Day Without Rain"]04:05
30From Where I Am (Instrumental) [from the "The Memory of Trees"]02:21
31Hope Has a Place [from the "The Memory of Trees"]04:44
32How Can I Keep From Singing? [from the "Shepherd Moons"]04:25
33I Want Tomorrow [from the "Enya/The Celts"]04:01
34If I Could Be Where You Are [from the "Amarantine"]03:59
35Isobella [from the "May It Be (Single)"]04:27
36It's in the Rain [from the "Amarantine"]04:05
37Journey Of The Angels [from the "And Winter Came"]04:47
38Last Time By Moonlight [from the "And Winter Came"]03:57
39Lazy Days [from the "A Day Without Rain"]03:42
40Less Than a Pearl [from the "Amarantine"]03:44
41Long, Long Journey [from the "Amarantine"]03:15
42Lothlorien [from the "Shepherd Moons"]02:07
43Marble Halls [from the "Shepherd Moons"]03:55
44March of the Celts [from the "Enya/The Celts"]03:16
45May It Be [from the "May It Be (Single)"]03:33
46Memory of Trees [from the "The Memory of Trees"]04:17
47Miss Clare Remembers [from the "Watermark"]01:59
48Moment Lost [from the "Amarantine"]03:06
49My! My! Time Flies! [from the "And Winter Came"]03:02
50Na Laetha Geal M'oige [from the "Watermark"]04:04
51No Holly For Miss Quinn [from the "Shepherd Moons"]02:43
52O Come, O Come, Emmanuel [from the "And Winter Came"]03:40
53Oiche Chiuin (Chorale) [from the "And Winter Came"]03:49
54On My Way Home [from the "The Memory of Trees"]05:09
55On Your Shore [from the "Watermark"]04:00
56Once You Had Gold [from the "The Memory of Trees"]03:16
57One by One [from the "A Day Without Rain"]03:52
58One Toy Soldier [from the "And Winter Came"]03:54
59Only Time [from the "A Day Without Rain"]03:38
60Orinoco Flow (Sail Away) [from the "Watermark"]04:26

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Enya is a four-time Grammy Award-winning singer, an Academy Award-nominated songwriter, and Ireland's best-selling solo artist and one of that nation's best known musicians.

She began her musical career in 1980, when she briefly joined her family band Clannad before leaving to perform solo. []


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