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The Seventh Sign by Yngwie Malmsteen [2000] [album editions]

The Seventh Sign (Yngwie Malmsteen)

Track listing

1Never Die
2I Dont Know
3Meant To Be
4Forever One
7Seventh Sign
8Bad Blood
9Prisoner Of Your Love
10Pyramid Of Cheops
11Crash & Burn
13Angel In Heat

Yngwie Malmsteen albums

1Alchemy[ 2000 ]
2Attack!![ 2004 ]
3Fire & Ice[ 1995 ]
4Magnum Opus[ 1995 ]
5Marching Out[ 1990 ]
6Odyssey[ 1988 ]
7Relentless[ 2010 ]
8Rising Force[ 1984 ]
9The Seventh Sign[ 2000 ]
10Trilogy[ 1990 ]
11Unleash the Fury[ 2005 ]
1Alchemy (Yngwie Malmsteen)
2Attack!! (Yngwie Malmsteen)
3Fire & Ice (Yngwie Malmsteen)
4Magnum Opus (Yngwie Malmsteen)
5Marching Out (Yngwie Malmsteen)
6Odyssey (Yngwie Malmsteen)
7Relentless (Yngwie Malmsteen)
8Rising Force (Yngwie Malmsteen)
9The Seventh Sign (Yngwie Malmsteen)
10Trilogy (Yngwie Malmsteen)
11Unleash the Fury (Yngwie Malmsteen)

Yngwie Malmsteen songs

61Golden Dawn [from the "Fire & Ice"] 
62Guardian Angel - Instrumental [from the "Unleash the Fury"]03:20
63Hairtrigger [from the "The Seventh Sign"]02:43
64Heaven Tonight [from the "Odyssey"]04:06
65Hold On [from the "Odyssey"]05:11
66How Many Miles To Babylon [from the "Fire & Ice"] 
67I Am A Viking [from the "Marching Out"]06:00
68I Dont Know [from the "The Seventh Sign"]03:25
69Icarus Dream Suite Op.4 [from the "Rising Force"]08:33
70I'd Die Without You [from the "Magnum Opus"]05:49
71Ill See The Light, Tonight [from the "Marching Out"]04:27
72I'm My Own Enemy [from the "Fire & Ice"] 
73In The Name Of God [from the "Attack!!"]03:38
74Into Valhalla [from the "Relentless"]04:25
75Iron Clad [from the "Attack!!"]04:57
76Knight Of The Vasa Order [from the "Relentless"]06:07
77Krakatau [from the "Odyssey"]06:06
78Legion of the Damned [from the "Alchemy"]05:50
79Leonardo [from the "Alchemy"]07:36
80Let The Good Times Roll [from the "Unleash the Fury"]04:03
81Leviathan [from the "Fire & Ice"] 
82Liar [from the "Trilogy"]04:10
83Little Savage [from the "Rising Force"]05:22
84Locked & Loaded [from the "Unleash the Fury"]03:46
85Look At You Now [from the "Relentless"]05:46
86Mad Dog [from the "Attack!!"]03:23
87Magic And Mayhem - Instrumental [from the "Unleash the Fury"]04:39
88Magic Mirror [from the "Trilogy"]03:52
89Majestic Blue (Instrumental) [from the "Attack!!"]06:01
90Marching Out [from the "Marching Out"]03:10
91Meant To Be [from the "The Seventh Sign"]03:52
92Memories [from the "Odyssey"]01:13
93Never Die [from the "The Seventh Sign"]03:29
94No Love Lost [from the "Magnum Opus"]03:07
95No Mercy [from the "Fire & Ice"] 
96Now is the Time [from the "Odyssey"]04:35
97Now Your Ships Are Burned [from the "Rising Force"]04:11
98On The Run Again [from the "Marching Out"]03:25
99Overture [from the "Relentless"]00:57
100Overture 1383 [from the "Marching Out"]02:58
101Overture 1622 [from the "Magnum Opus"]02:41
102Paraphrase - Instrumental [from the "Unleash the Fury"]01:15
103Perpatual [from the "Fire & Ice"] 
104Playing with Fire [from the "Alchemy"]06:15
105Prelude [from the "Marching Out"]01:00
106Prisoner Of Your Love [from the "The Seventh Sign"]04:27
107Pyramid Of Cheops [from the "The Seventh Sign"]05:10
108Queen In Love [from the "Trilogy"]04:07
109Razor Eater [from the "Attack!!"]03:26
110Relentless [from the "Relentless"]04:58
111Revelation(Drinking With The Devil) [from the "Unleash the Fury"]05:38
112Revolution [from the "Unleash the Fury"]04:17
113Riot in the Dungeons [from the "Odyssey"]04:23
114Rise Up [from the "Attack!!"]04:33
115Rising Force [from the "Odyssey"]04:24
116Russian Roulette [from the "Unleash the Fury"]04:10
117Seventh Sign [from the "The Seventh Sign"]06:31
118Ship Of Fools [from the "Attack!!"]04:15
119Shot Across The Bow [from the "Relentless"]04:39
120Soldier Without Faith [from the "Marching Out"]06:10

Yngwie Malmsteen

Yngwie Malmsteen

Yngwie Malmsteen is one of rock's premiere virtuoso guitarists.

Along with Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Eddie Van Halen, and a handful of others, Yngwie has dominated the world of solo guitar for two decades.

When he was barely 20, Yngwie exploded onto the music scene with his jaw-dropping technique of lightning fast harmonic minor scalar riffing. []


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  • Heavy metal
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