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Open Your Eyes by Yes [1997] [album editions]

Open Your Eyes (Yes)

Track listing

1New State of Mind
2Open Your Eyes
3Universal Garden
4No Way We Can Lose
5Fortune Seller
6Man In The Moon
8From The Balcony
9Love Shine
10Somehow, Someday
11The Solution

Yes albums

190125[ 2004 ]
2Big Generator[ 1990 ]
3Buffalo 66 (Soundtrack)[ 1998 ]
4Close to the Edge[ 2003 ]
5Fragile[ 2003 ]
6Open Your Eyes[ 1997 ]
7Talk[ 1994 ]
8Union[ 1991 ]
190125 (Yes)
2Big Generator (Yes)
3Buffalo 66 (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
4Close to the Edge (Yes)
5Fragile (Yes)
6Open Your Eyes (Yes)
7Talk (Yes)
8Union (Yes)

Yes songs

1Almost Like Love [from the "Big Generator"]03:19
2America [from the "Fragile"] 
3And You And I: I. Cord Of Life/II Eclipse/III. The Preacher The Teacher/IV. Apocalypse [from the "Close to the Edge"]10:11
4Angkor Wat [from the "Union"] 
5Big Generator [from the "Big Generator"]05:00
6Cans and Brahms [from the "Fragile"]07:56
7Cans and Brahms (2) [from the "Fragile"] 
8Changes [from the "90125"]06:18
9Cinema [from the "90125"]02:06
10City Of Love [from the "90125"]04:49
11Close To The Edge: I. The Solid Time Of Change/II. Total Mass Retain/III. I Get Up I Get Down/IV. Seasons Of Man [from the "Close to the Edge"]18:44
12Dangerous (Look In The Light Of What You're...) [from the "Union"] 
13Endless Dream: Endless Dream [from the "Talk"]01:51
14Endless Dream: Silent Spring [Instrumental] [from the "Talk"] 
15Endless Dream: Talk [from the "Talk"] 
16Evensong [from the "Union"] 
17Five Per Cent For Nothing [from the "Fragile"] 
18Fortune Seller [from the "Open Your Eyes"]04:46
19From The Balcony [from the "Open Your Eyes"] 
20Heart of the Sunrise [from the "Fragile"]11:24
21Heart of the Sunrise - Yes [from the "Buffalo 66 (Soundtrack)"] 
22Hearts [from the "90125"]07:34
23Hold On [from the "90125"]05:13
24Holding On [from the "Union"] 
25I Am Waiting [from the "Talk"]05:00
26I Would Have Waited Forever [from the "Union"]05:09
27I'm Running [from the "Big Generator"] 
28It Can Happen [from the "90125"]05:24
29Leave It [from the "90125"]04:12
30Lift Me Up [from the "Union"]04:00
31Long Distance Runaround [from the "Fragile"] 
32Love Shine [from the "Open Your Eyes"]04:38
33Love Will Find a Way [from the "Big Generator"] 
34Man In The Moon [from the "Open Your Eyes"] 
35Masquerade [from the "Union"]04:41
36Miracle of Life [from the "Union"]03:12
37Mood For a Day [from the "Fragile"] 
38New State of Mind [from the "Open Your Eyes"]05:13
39No Way We Can Lose [from the "Open Your Eyes"]02:42
40Open Your Eyes [from the "Open Your Eyes"]04:56
41Our Song [from the "90125"]04:17
42Owner of a Lonely Heart [from the "90125"]04:24
43Owner of a Lonely Heart (Remake) [from the "90125"]03:31
44Real Love [from the "Talk"]06:09
45Rhythm of Love [from the "Big Generator"] 
46Rhythm of Love (2) [from the "Big Generator"]04:33
47Roundabout [from the "Fragile"]01:42
48Roundabout (Early Rough Mix) [from the "Fragile"] 
49Saving My Heart [from the "Union"]05:24
50Shock To the System [from the "Union"]06:30
51Shoot High Aim Low [from the "Big Generator"]06:26
52Shoot High, Aim Low [from the "Big Generator"] 
53Siberian Khatru [from the "Close to the Edge"]08:54
54Somehow, Someday [from the "Open Your Eyes"] 
55South Side of the Sky [from the "Fragile"]03:02
56State of Play [from the "Talk"]11:56
57Sweetness - Yes [from the "Buffalo 66 (Soundtrack)"] 
58Take The Water To The Mountain [from the "Union"] 
59The Calling [from the "Talk"]07:25
60The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus) [from the "Fragile"] 



Yes are an English rock band formed in 1968. []


  • Progressive rock,
  • Symphonic rock,
  • Art rock,
  • Pop rock
  • New State of Mind by Yes

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