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Devotion by Yanni [1997] [album editions]

Devotion (Yanni)

Track listing

1The End Of August
2Marching Season

Yanni albums

1Chameleon Days[ 1988 ]
2Dare To Dream[ 2007 ]
3Devotion[ 1997 ]
4In Celebration of Life[ 1991 ]
5In My Time[ 1993 ]
6In the Mirror[ 1997 ]
7Keys to Imagination[ 1996 ]
8Live at the Acropolis[ 1995 ]
9Out of Silence[ 1989 ]
10Romantic Moments[ 1992 ]
11Steal the Sky[ 1999 ]
12Tribute[ 1997 ]
13Truth of Touch[ 2011 ]
1Chameleon Days (Yanni)
2Dare To Dream (Yanni)
3Devotion (Yanni)
4In Celebration of Life (Yanni)
5In My Time (Yanni)
6In the Mirror (Yanni)
7Keys to Imagination (Yanni)
8Live at the Acropolis (Yanni)
9Out of Silence (Yanni)
10Romantic Moments (Yanni)
11Steal the Sky (Yanni)
12Tribute (Yanni)
13Truth of Touch (Yanni)

Yanni songs

61Niki Nana [from the "Tribute"] 
62Nine [from the "Truth of Touch"]05:32
63Nostalgia [from the "Live at the Acropolis"]05:46
64Nostalgia [from the "Keys to Imagination"]04:35
65Nowhere man [from the "Steal the Sky"] 
66NULLWithin Attraction [from the "In the Mirror"] 
67O Luce Che Brilla Nell'oscuritŠ° [from the "Truth of Touch"]04:03
68Once Upon a Time [from the "Dare To Dream"]03:52
69Once Upon A Time [from the "In the Mirror"] 
70One Man's Dream [from the "In My Time"]02:44
71One Man's Dream [from the "Live at the Acropolis"]03:35
72One Man's Dream [from the "In the Mirror"] 
73Only A Memory [from the "In My Time"]04:17
74Path Of Water [from the "Romantic Moments"]03:57
75Paths On Water [from the "Out of Silence"]03:53
76Point Of Origin [from the "Out of Silence"]05:57
77Port Of Mystery [from the "Keys to Imagination"]04:54
78Prelude [from the "Tribute"]02:26
79Quiet Man [from the "In the Mirror"]04:35
80Reflections Of Passion [from the "Chameleon Days"]04:31
81Reflections Of Passion [from the "Live at the Acropolis"]05:03
82Reflectons of Passion [from the "Romantic Moments"]04:38
83Renegade [from the "Tribute"]07:16
84Sand Dance [from the "Out of Silence"]05:15
85Sand Dance [from the "In Celebration of Life"]05:09
86Sand Dance [from the "Romantic Moments"]05:09
87Santorini [from the "In Celebration of Life"]04:35
88Santorini [from the "Romantic Moments"]04:35
89Santorini [from the "Live at the Acropolis"]06:58
90Santorini [from the "Keys to Imagination"]04:40
91Seasons [from the "Truth of Touch"]03:56
92Secret Vows [from the "Out of Silence"]03:59
93Secret Vows [from the "Romantic Moments"]03:59
94So Long My Friend [from the "Dare To Dream"]03:49
95So Long My Friend [from the "In the Mirror"] 
96Someday [from the "In Celebration of Life"]04:35
97Song For Antarctica [from the "In Celebration of Life"]04:23
98Song For Antartica [from the "Romantic Moments"]04:23
99Southern Exposure [from the "Tribute"] 
100Standing In Motion [from the "Out of Silence"]05:22
101Standing In Motion [from the "In Celebration of Life"]05:22
102Steal The Sky [from the "Steal the Sky"]03:00
103Stealing The Jet [from the "Steal the Sky"]06:29
104Street Level [from the "Out of Silence"]04:18
105Swept Away [from the "Chameleon Days"]04:46
106Swept Away [from the "Romantic Moments"]05:09
107Swept Away [from the "Live at the Acropolis"]09:21
108The End Of August [from the "In My Time"]04:52
109The End Of August [from the "Devotion"]03:46
110The End Of August [from the "In the Mirror"] 
111The Mermaid [from the "Out of Silence"]03:47
112The Mermaid [from the "Romantic Moments"]03:49
113The North Shore Of Matsushima [from the "Keys to Imagination"]05:10
114The Rain Must Fall [from the "Chameleon Days"]04:41
115The Rain Must Fall [from the "Live at the Acropolis"]07:24
116To Take To Hold [from the "In My Time"]03:57
117To The One Who Knows [from the "Dare To Dream"]05:37
118Tribute [from the "Tribute"]06:42
119True Nature [from the "Romantic Moments"]04:31
120Truth of Touch [from the "Truth of Touch"]04:13



Yanni is a self-taught pianist, keyboardist, and composer.

Yanni is considered to be one of the top fundraisers of all time for public television.

His compositions have been included in all Olympic Games television broadcasts since 1988, and his music has been used extensively in television and televised sporting events. []


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