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Super Set by Yahel [2005] [album editions]

Super Set (Yahel)

Track listing

1Inta Omri
2Cloud 9
3Deeply Disturbed (Yahel Remix)
5That Night
6The Noise
7Liquid Love (Dan Label Feat. Perlock Remix)
8Electro Panic (Psy Craft Remix)
10For The People (Dan Label vs. Mahamudra Remix)
11Bomb Creator

Yahel Sherman albums

1For the People[ 2000 ]
2Hallucinate[ 2003 ]
3Private Collection[ 2002 ]
4Super Set[ 2005 ]
5Waves of Sound[ 2000 ]
1For the People (Yahel Sherman)
2Hallucinate (Yahel Sherman)
3Private Collection (Yahel Sherman)
4Super Set (Yahel Sherman)
5Waves of Sound (Yahel Sherman)

Yahel Sherman songs

1Angel Jonathan [from the "For the People"]07:12
2Atmosphere [from the "Hallucinate"]07:50
3Bizarre Contact [from the "For the People"]07:39
4Bomb Creator [from the "Private Collection"]03:41
5Bomb Creator [from the "Super Set"]03:33
6Butterfly [from the "Hallucinate"]07:11
7Close Your Eyes [from the "Hallucinate"]07:34
8Cloud 9 [from the "Super Set"]06:32
9Coma [from the "Hallucinate"]07:15
10Come Inside [from the "Private Collection"]07:59
11Cosmic Waves [from the "For the People"]07:38
12Crystal Blue [from the "Private Collection"]06:58
13D.N.A. [from the "Waves of Sound"]08:19
14Deep Feelings [from the "Waves of Sound"]07:46
15Deeply Disturbed (Yahel Remix) [from the "Super Set"]05:50
16Electro Panic [from the "Private Collection"]08:15
17Electro Panic (Psy Craft Remix) [from the "Super Set"]06:06
18Flash [from the "For the People"]08:06
19For The People [from the "For the People"]07:51
20For The People (Dan Label vs. Mahamudra Remix) [from the "Super Set"]04:24
21For the People (Radio Edit) [from the "Waves of Sound"] 
22Hallucinate [from the "Hallucinate"]06:20
23Heart Ache [from the "Private Collection"]07:28
24Inta Omri [from the "Super Set"]06:15
25Intelligent Life [from the "Waves of Sound"]06:56
26ITN [from the "For the People"]09:26
27La Esperansa [from the "For the People"]08:11
28Last Man in the Universe [from the "Waves of Sound"]08:05
29Liquid Love (Dan Label Feat. Perlock Remix) [from the "Super Set"]07:05
30Mallent [from the "Hallucinate"]07:12
31Mushka [from the "Super Set"]05:57
32Paranoia [from the "Super Set"]04:21
33Rave 2000 [from the "For the People"]06:48
34Regesh [from the "Hallucinate"]07:00
35Run [from the "Hallucinate"]07:58
36Scratch [from the "Private Collection"]07:41
37Snap [from the "For the People"]09:09
38Step By Step [from the "Private Collection"]07:44
39Strange Emotion [from the "Waves of Sound"]08:31
40Sun Scream [from the "Waves of Sound"]07:30
41That Night [from the "Super Set"]05:37
42The Noise [from the "Super Set"]07:23
43The Only Way [from the "Waves of Sound"]10:09
44Unusual [from the "Private Collection"]07:59
45Waves of Sound [from the "Waves of Sound"]09:38
46We Know [from the "Hallucinate"]06:58
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