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Tejas by ZZ Top [1976] [album editions]

Tejas (ZZ Top)

Track listing

1Its Only Love
2Arrested for Driving While Blind
4Snappy Kakkie
5Enjoy and Get It On
6Ten Dollar Man
7Pan Am Highway Blues
8Avalon Hideaway
9Shes a Heartbreaker
10Asleep in the Desert [Instrumental]

ZZ Top albums

1Afterburner[ 1985 ]
2Antenna[ 1994 ]
3Armageddon (Soundtrack)[ 1998 ]
4Deguello[ 1990 ]
5El Loco[ 1990 ]
6Eliminator[ 1983 ]
7Fandango[ 1975 ]
8From Dusk Till Dawn (Soundtrack)[ 1996 ]
9Mescalero[ 0 ]
10Recycler[ 1994 ]
11Rhythmeen[ 1996 ]
12Rio Grande Mud[ 1972 ]
13Tejas[ 1976 ]
14Tres Hombres[ 1973 ]
15XXX[ 1999 ]
16ZZ Top - Greatest Hits[ 1992 ]
1Afterburner (ZZ Top)
2Antenna (ZZ Top)
3Armageddon (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
4Deguello (ZZ Top)
5El Loco (ZZ Top)
6Eliminator (ZZ Top)
7Fandango (ZZ Top)
8From Dusk Till Dawn (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
9Mescalero (ZZ Top)
10Recycler (ZZ Top)
11Rhythmeen (ZZ Top)
12Rio Grande Mud (ZZ Top)
13Tejas (ZZ Top)
14Tres Hombres (ZZ Top)
15XXX (ZZ Top)
16ZZ Top - Greatest Hits (ZZ Top)

ZZ Top songs

61Gun Love [from the "ZZ Top - Greatest Hits"]03:39
62Hairdresser [from the "Rhythmeen"]03:48
63Have You Heard? [from the "Tres Hombres"]03:12
64Heard It On The X [from the "Fandango"]02:28
65Heaven, Hell Or Houston [from the "El Loco"]02:33
66Hey Mr. Millionaire [from the "XXX"]04:14
67Hi Fi Mama [from the "Deguello"]02:25
68Hot, Blue And Righteous [from the "Tres Hombres"]03:17
69Hummbucking, Pt. 2 [from the "Rhythmeen"]05:12
70I Got The Message [from the "Afterburner"]03:27
71I Got The Six [from the "Eliminator"]02:55
72I Need You Tonight [from the "Eliminator"]06:17
73I Thank You [from the "Deguello"]03:26
74I Wanna Drive You Home [from the "El Loco"]04:48
75If I Could Only Flag Her Down [from the "Eliminator"]03:41
76I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide [from the "Deguello"]04:53
77I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide [from the "ZZ Top - Greatest Hits"]04:45
78Its Only Love [from the "Tejas"]04:23
79It's So Hard [from the "El Loco"]05:11
80Jailhouse Rock [from the "Fandango"]01:56
81Jesus Just Left Chicago [from the "Tres Hombres"]03:31
82Just Got Paid [from the "Rio Grande Mud"]03:48
83Ko Ko Blue [from the "Rio Grande Mud"]04:22
84La Grange [from the "Tres Hombres"]03:54
85La Grange [from the "ZZ Top - Greatest Hits"]03:51
86La Grange - ZZ Top [from the "Armageddon (Soundtrack)"]03:50
87Legs [from the "ZZ Top - Greatest Hits"]04:30
88Legs [from the "Eliminator"]04:34
89Leila [from the "El Loco"]03:17
90Liquor [from the "Mescalero"]03:19
91Live Intro By Ross Mitchell [from the "XXX"]00:34
92Lizard Life [from the "Antenna"]05:09
93Loaded [from the "Rhythmeen"]03:47
94Lovething [from the "Recycler"]03:26
95Lowdown In The Street [from the "Deguello"]02:50
96Made Into A Movie [from the "XXX"]05:13
97Manic Mechanic [from the "Deguello"]02:36
98Master Of Sparks [from the "Tres Hombres"]03:30
99Me So Stupid [from the "Mescalero"]03:33
100Mescalero [from the "Mescalero"]03:46
101Mexican Blackbird [from the "Fandango"]03:05
102Mexican Blackbird - ZZ Top [from the "From Dusk Till Dawn (Soundtrack)"] 
103Move Me On Down The Line [from the "Tres Hombres"]02:30
104Mushmouth Shoutin [from the "Rio Grande Mud"]03:44
105My Head's In Mississippi [from the "ZZ Top - Greatest Hits"]04:18
106My Head's In Mississippi [from the "Recycler"]04:25
107My Mind Is Gone [from the "Rhythmeen"]04:05
108Nasty Dogs And Funky Kings [from the "Fandango"]02:49
109Pan Am Highway Blues [from the "Tejas"]03:13
110Party On The Patio [from the "El Loco"]02:48
111PCH [from the "Antenna"]03:57
112Pearl Necklace [from the "ZZ Top - Greatest Hits"]04:04
113Pearl Necklace [from the "El Loco"]04:07
114Penthouse Eyes [from the "Recycler"]03:47
115Pincushion [from the "Antenna"]04:33
116Planet Of Women [from the "ZZ Top - Greatest Hits"]04:04
117Planet Of Women [from the "Afterburner"]04:02
118Poke Chop Sandwhich [from the "XXX"]04:50
119Precious And Grace [from the "Tres Hombres"]03:10
120Pretty Head [from the "Rhythmeen"]04:39

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ZZ Top

ZZ Top is an American blues rock band formed in 1970 in Houston, Texas.

Their style, which is rooted in blues-based boogie rock, has come to incorporate elements of arena, southern, and boogie rock. []


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