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Tracy Chapman by Tracy Chapman [1988] [album editions]

Tracy Chapman (Tracy Chapman)

Track listing

1Talkin' Bout a Revolution
2Fast Car
3Across the Lines
4Behind the Wall
5Baby Can I Hold You
6Mountain O' Things
7She's Got Her Ticket
9For My Lover
10If Not Now
11For You

Tracy Chapman albums

1Crossroads[ 1989 ]
2Matters of the Heart[ 1992 ]
3New Beginning[ 1995 ]
4Our Bright Future[ 2008 ]
5Telling Stories[ 2000 ]
6Tracy Chapman[ 1988 ]
7Where You Live[ 2005 ]
1Crossroads (Tracy Chapman)
2Matters of the Heart (Tracy Chapman)
3New Beginning (Tracy Chapman)
4Our Bright Future (Tracy Chapman)
5Telling Stories (Tracy Chapman)
6Tracy Chapman (Tracy Chapman)
7Where You Live (Tracy Chapman)

Tracy Chapman songs

61Talk to You [from the "Where You Live"]04:27
62Talkin' Bout a Revolution [from the "Tracy Chapman"]02:38
63Tell It Like It Is [from the "New Beginning"]06:01
64Telling Stories [from the "Telling Stories"]03:56
65The First Person on Earth [from the "Our Bright Future"]03:52
66The Love That You Had [from the "Matters of the Heart"]04:08
67The Only One [from the "Telling Stories"]03:05
68The Promise [from the "New Beginning"]05:24
69The Rape Of The World [from the "New Beginning"]07:07
70Thinking of You [from the "Our Bright Future"]04:49
71This Time [from the "Crossroads"]03:40
72Unsung Psalm [from the "Telling Stories"]04:18
73Wedding Song [from the "Telling Stories"]04:34
74Why? [from the "Tracy Chapman"]02:03
75Woman's Work [from the "Matters of the Heart"]02:00

Tracy Chapman

Tracy Chapman

Tracy Chapman is an American singer-songwriter.

She is a multi-platinum and four-time Grammy Award-winning artist. []


  • Folk,
  • Blues-rock,
  • Pop,
  • Soul
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