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Happy Nation by Ace of Base [1992] [album editions]

Happy Nation (Ace of Base)

Track listing

1Voulez-Vous Danser
2All That She Wants
3Munchhausen (Just Chaos)
4Happy Nation
5Waiting For Magic
6Fashion Party
7Wheel Of Fortune
8Dancer In A Daydream
9My Mind (mindless mix)
10Wheel Of Fortune (original club mix)
11Dimension Of Depth
12Young And Proud
13All That She Wants (banghra version)

Ace of Base albums

1Cruel Summer[ 1998 ]
2Da Capo[ 2002 ]
3Flowers[ 1998 ]
4Greatest Hits[ 2000 ]
5Happy Nation[ 1992 ]
6Singles Of The 90s[ 1999 ]
7The Best Of (Platinum & Gold Collection)[ 2003 ]
8The Bridge[ 1995 ]
9The Sign[ 1993 ]
1Cruel Summer (Ace of Base)
2Da Capo (Ace of Base)
3Flowers (Ace of Base)
4Greatest Hits (Ace of Base)
5Happy Nation (Ace of Base)
6Singles Of The 90s (Ace of Base)
7The Best Of  (Platinum & Gold Collection) (Ace of Base)
8The Bridge (Ace of Base)
9The Sign (Ace of Base)

Ace of Base songs

61He Decides [from the "Flowers"]03:09
62Hey Darling [from the "Da Capo"]03:21
63I Pray [from the "Flowers"]03:18
64Just 'n' Image [from the "The Bridge"]03:09
65Life Is A Flower [from the "Flowers"]03:47
66Life Is A Flower [from the "Singles Of The 90s"]03:45
67Life Is A Flower [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:44
68Living In Danger [from the "The Sign"]03:43
69Living In Danger [from the "Singles Of The 90s"]03:11
70Living In Danger (D-House Mix) [from the "The Best Of (Platinum & Gold Collection)"]04:03
71Love In December [from the "Singles Of The 90s"]04:00
72Lucky Love [from the "The Bridge"]02:54
73Lucky Love [from the "Singles Of The 90s"]02:52
74Lucky Love (Acoustic Version) [from the "The Bridge"]02:54
75Lucky Love (Acoustic Version) [from the "Greatest Hits"]02:53
76Lucky Love (Frankie Knuckles Mix) [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:42
77Lucky Love (Original Version) [from the "The Best Of (Platinum & Gold Collection)"]02:53
78Munchhausen (Just Chaos) [from the "Happy Nation"]03:27
79My Dejа Vu [from the "The Bridge"]03:21
80My Mind (mindless mix) [from the "Happy Nation"]04:10
81My Mind (Mindless Mix) [from the "The Sign"]04:11
82Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry [from the "The Bridge"]03:16
83Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry [from the "Singles Of The 90s"]06:33
84Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry [from the "The Best Of (Platinum & Gold Collection)"]03:15
85Ordinary Day [from the "Da Capo"]03:23
86Perfect World [from the "The Bridge"]03:55
87Que Sera [from the "The Bridge"]03:47
88Ravine [from the "The Bridge"]04:39
89Remember The Words [from the "Da Capo"]03:42
90Show Me Love [from the "Da Capo"]03:42
91Strange Ways [from the "The Bridge"]04:15
92The Juvenile [from the "Da Capo"]03:45
93The Sign [from the "The Sign"]03:12
94The Sign [from the "Singles Of The 90s"]03:08
95The Sign [from the "Greatest Hits"]03:08
96The Sign [from the "The Best Of (Platinum & Gold Collection)"]03:08
97Tokyo Girl [from the "Cruel Summer"]03:36
98Tokyo Girl [from the "Flowers"]03:36
99Travel To Romantis [from the "Cruel Summer"]03:39
100Travel To Romantis [from the "Flowers"]04:10
101Unspeakable [from the "Da Capo"]03:14
102Voulez-Vous Danser [from the "Happy Nation"]03:21
103Voulez-Vous Danser [from the "The Sign"]03:20
104Waiting For Magic [from the "Happy Nation"]05:21
105Waiting For Magic (Total Remix 7'') [from the "The Sign"]03:53
106Wave Wet Sand [from the "The Bridge"]03:18
107What's The Name Of The Game [from the "Da Capo"]03:04
108Wheel Of Fortune [from the "Happy Nation"]03:55
109Wheel Of Fortune [from the "The Sign"]03:54
110Wheel Of Fortune [from the "Singles Of The 90s"]03:40
111Wheel Of Fortune [from the "The Best Of (Platinum & Gold Collection)"]03:53
112Wheel Of Fortune (original club mix) [from the "Happy Nation"]04:01
113Whenever You're Near Me [from the "Cruel Summer"]03:32
114Whenever You're Near Me [from the "The Best Of (Platinum & Gold Collection)"]03:30
115Whispers In Blindness [from the "The Bridge"]04:10
116Wonderful Life [from the "Da Capo"]04:15
117World Down Under [from the "Da Capo"]03:34
118You And I [from the "The Bridge"]04:08
119Young And Proud [from the "Happy Nation"]03:56
120Young And Proud [from the "The Sign"]03:56

Ace of Base

Ace of Base

The Ace Of Base story started in the early 90’s when the three Berggren siblings formed the techno band Tech Noir.

Next to their rehearsal room, Ulf Ekberg played in another band. Soon, Jonas and Ulf hit it off, started to write and produce together and Ace Of Base as we know them were formed.


  • House,
  • Eurodance,
  • Pop,
  • Techno
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