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UB40 by UB40 [1988] [album editions]

UB40 (UB40)

Track listing

1Dance with the Devil
2Come Out to Play
3Breakfast in Bed
4You're Always Pulling Me Down
5I Would Do for You
6'Cos It Isn't True
7Where Did I Go Wrong?
8Contaminated Minds
9Matter of Time
10Music So Nice
11Dance with the Devil (Reprise)

UB40 albums

1Baggariddim[ 1985 ]
2Cover Up[ 2001 ]
3Dub Sessions[ 2007 ]
4Getting Over the Storm[ 2013 ]
5Homegrown[ 2003 ]
6Labour Of Love[ 1983 ]
7Labour Of Love II[ 1989 ]
8Labour Of Love III[ 1998 ]
9Labour of Love IV[ 2010 ]
10Promises and Lies[ 1993 ]
11Signing Off[ 1980 ]
12UB40[ 1988 ]
13Who You Fighting For?[ 2005 ]
1Baggariddim (UB40)
2Cover Up (UB40)
3Dub Sessions (UB40)
4Getting Over the Storm (UB40)
5Homegrown (UB40)
6Labour Of Love (UB40)
7Labour Of Love II (UB40)
8Labour Of Love III (UB40)
9Labour of Love IV (UB40)
10Promises and Lies (UB40)
11Signing Off (UB40)
12UB40 (UB40)
13Who You Fighting For? (UB40)

UB40 songs

1(I Can't Help) Falling in Love With You (Elvis Presley Cover) [from the "Promises and Lies"]03:27
212 Bar [from the "Signing Off"]04:24
325% [from the "Signing Off"]03:31
4A Love I Can Feel [from the "Labour of Love IV"]04:01
5Adella [from the "Signing Off"]03:28
6After Tonight [from the "Who You Fighting For?"]03:42
7Alum Rock [from the "Dub Sessions"]05:48
8Baby [from the "Labour Of Love II"]03:21
9Baby Why [from the "Labour of Love IV"]03:35
10Bananaman Dub [from the "Dub Sessions"]04:30
11Bling Bling [from the "Who You Fighting For?"]03:21
12Blood And Fire [from the "Labour Of Love III"]04:00
13Blue Bilet Doux [from the "Getting Over the Storm"]03:27
14Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain [from the "Getting Over the Storm"]03:26
15Boom Shaka Lacka [from the "Labour of Love IV"]03:32
16Breakfast in Bed [from the "UB40"]03:20
17Bring It On Home To Me [from the "Labour of Love IV"]04:34
18Bring Me Your Cup [from the "Promises and Lies"]05:41
19Bubblin' in Dublin [from the "Dub Sessions"]05:09
20Burden of Shame [from the "Signing Off"]06:29
21C'est La Vie [from the "Promises and Lies"]04:31
22Cherry Oh Baby [from the "Labour Of Love"]03:17
23Close To Me [from the "Labour of Love IV"]03:56
24Come Back Darling [from the "Labour Of Love III"]03:29
25Come Out to Play [from the "UB40"]03:15
26Contaminated Minds [from the "UB40"]04:48
27'Cos It Isn't True [from the "UB40"]02:57
28Cover Up [from the "Cover Up"]03:56
29Cream Puff [from the "Labour of Love IV"]02:50
30Crying Over You [from the "Labour Of Love III"]03:58
31Crying Time [from the "Getting Over the Storm"]03:15
32Dance with the Devil [from the "UB40"]05:44
33Dance with the Devil (Reprise) [from the "UB40"]02:16
34Demonstrate [from the "Baggariddim"]03:56
35Desert Sand [from the "Promises and Lies"]04:48
36Don't Break My Heart [from the "Baggariddim"]03:51
37Don't Want To See You Cry [from the "Labour of Love IV"]03:50
38Doomsday Dub [from the "Dub Sessions"]04:13
39Drop On By [from the "Homegrown"]04:25
40Dub Drop [from the "Dub Sessions"]05:04
41Duck Soup Dub [from the "Dub Sessions"]04:50
42Easy Snappin' [from the "Labour of Love IV"]03:11
43Everything Is Better Now [from the "Homegrown"]05:01
44Everytime [from the "Cover Up"]03:27
45Fight Fe Come in Mk.2 [from the "Baggariddim"]03:25
46Food for Thought [from the "Signing Off"]04:10
47Freestyler [from the "Homegrown"]05:13
48Get Along Without You Now [from the "Labour of Love IV"]03:50
49Getting Over the Storm [from the "Getting Over the Storm"]03:26
50Good Ambition [from the "Labour Of Love III"]02:22
51Good Situation [from the "Who You Fighting For?"]04:02
52Gotta Tell Someone [from the "Who You Fighting For?"]04:22
53Groovin' [from the "Labour Of Love II"]03:50
54Guilty [from the "Labour Of Love"]03:16
55Hand That Rocks The Cradle [from the "Homegrown"]04:10
56He'll Have to Go [from the "Getting Over the Storm"]04:17
57Here I Am [from the "Labour Of Love II"]04:17
58Higher Ground [from the "Promises and Lies"]04:21
59Hip Hop Lyrical Robot [from the "Baggariddim"]04:23
60Hold Your Position Mk.3 [from the "Baggariddim"]03:55



UB40 are a British reggae band formed in 1978 in Birmingham, UK. []


  • Reggae fusion,
  • Reggae,
  • Dub
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