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Homegrown by UB40 [2003] [album editions]

Homegrown (UB40)

Track listing

1So Destructive
2I Knew You
3Drop On By
4Someone Like Me
6Everything Is Better Now
7Just Be Good To Each Other
8Young Guns
9Hand That Rocks The Cradle
10Nothing Without You
11Nothing Without You (Dub Versi
12Swing Low ( ft. United Colours of Sound)

UB40 albums

1Baggariddim[ 1985 ]
2Cover Up[ 2001 ]
3Dub Sessions[ 2007 ]
4Getting Over the Storm[ 2013 ]
5Homegrown[ 2003 ]
6Labour Of Love[ 1983 ]
7Labour Of Love II[ 1989 ]
8Labour Of Love III[ 1998 ]
9Labour of Love IV[ 2010 ]
10Promises and Lies[ 1993 ]
11Signing Off[ 1980 ]
12UB40[ 1988 ]
13Who You Fighting For?[ 2005 ]
1Baggariddim (UB40)
2Cover Up (UB40)
3Dub Sessions (UB40)
4Getting Over the Storm (UB40)
5Homegrown (UB40)
6Labour Of Love (UB40)
7Labour Of Love II (UB40)
8Labour Of Love III (UB40)
9Labour of Love IV (UB40)
10Promises and Lies (UB40)
11Signing Off (UB40)
12UB40 (UB40)
13Who You Fighting For? (UB40)

UB40 songs

121Singer Man [from the "Labour Of Love II"]03:53
122Sins of the Fathers [from the "Who You Fighting For?"]04:29
123So Destructive [from the "Homegrown"]05:15
124Someone Like Me [from the "Homegrown"]03:10
125Someone Like You [from the "Labour Of Love III"]04:53
126Something More Than This [from the "Cover Up"]04:45
127Sorry [from the "Promises and Lies"]04:27
128Soul Rebel [from the "Labour Of Love III"]03:55
129Soundcheck Dub [from the "Dub Sessions"]05:12
130Sparkle Of My Eye [from the "Cover Up"]04:12
131Stay A Little Bit Longer [from the "Labour Of Love III"]02:52
132Stick By Me [from the "Labour Of Love II"]03:44
133Strange Fruit [from the "Signing Off"]04:05
134Style Mk.4 [from the "Baggariddim"]04:01
135Sweet Cherrie [from the "Labour Of Love II"]03:18
136Sweet Sensation [from the "Labour Of Love"]03:38
137Swing Low ( ft. United Colours of Sound) [from the "Homegrown"]03:30
138Tears From My Eyes [from the "Labour Of Love II"]03:50
139The Buzz Feeling [from the "Baggariddim"]03:41
140The Day I Broke The Law [from the "Cover Up"]03:27
141The King Step Mk.1 [from the "Baggariddim"]03:31
142The Time Has Come [from the "Labour Of Love III"]04:55
143The Train Is Coming [from the "Labour Of Love III"]04:18
144The Way You Do The Things You Do [from the "Labour Of Love II"]03:02
145Things Ain't Like They Used To [from the "Promises and Lies"]04:01
146Things You Say You Love [from the "Who You Fighting For?"]03:24
147Tracks Of My Tears [from the "Labour of Love IV"]03:23
148True, True, True [from the "Labour of Love IV"]02:55
149Two in a One Mk.1 [from the "Baggariddim"]03:18
150Tyler [from the "Signing Off"]05:51
151Version Girl [from the "Labour Of Love"]03:28
152V's Version [from the "Baggariddim"]03:26
153Walk In The Rain [from the "Cover Up"]05:57
154Walk On Me Land [from the "Cover Up"]05:39
155War Poem [from the "Who You Fighting For?"]03:48
156Wear You To The Ball [from the "Labour Of Love II"]03:31
157Wedding Day [from the "Labour Of Love II"]03:12
158Where Did I Go Wrong? [from the "UB40"]03:52
159Who You Fighting For [from the "Who You Fighting For?"]03:30
160Write Off The Debt [from the "Cover Up"]05:06
161Young Guns [from the "Homegrown"]04:21
162You're Always Pulling Me Down [from the "UB40"]04:02
163You're Gonna Need Me [from the "Labour of Love IV"]03:00



UB40 are a British reggae band formed in 1978 in Birmingham, UK. []


  • Reggae fusion,
  • Reggae,
  • Dub
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