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Kill the Lights by Luke Bryan [2015] [album editions]

Kill the Lights (Luke Bryan)

Track listing

1Kick the Dust Up
2Kill the Lights
3Strip It Down
4Home Alone Tonight (ft. Karen Fairchild)
5Razor Blade
8Just Over
9Love It Gone
10Way Way Back
11To the Moon and Back
12Huntin', Fishin' and Lovin' Every Day

Luke Bryan albums

1Crash My Party[ 2013 ]
2Doin' My Thing[ 2009 ]
3I'll Stay Me[ 2007 ]
4Kill the Lights[ 2015 ]
5Spring Break...Checkin' Out[ 2015 ]
6Tailgates & Tanlines[ 2011 ]
1Crash My Party (Luke Bryan)
2Doin' My Thing (Luke Bryan)
3I'll Stay Me (Luke Bryan)
4Kill the Lights (Luke Bryan)
5Spring Break...Checkin' Out (Luke Bryan)
6Tailgates & Tanlines (Luke Bryan)

Luke Bryan songs

1All My Friends Say [from the "I'll Stay Me"]04:02
2Apologize [from the "Doin' My Thing"]02:52
3Are You Leaving With Him [from the "Spring Break...Checkin' Out"]03:24
4Baby's On The Way [from the "I'll Stay Me"]03:20
5Been There, Done That [from the "Tailgates & Tanlines"]04:29
6Beer In The Headlights [from the "Crash My Party"]02:51
7Better Than My Heart [from the "Crash My Party"]03:45
8Blood Brothers [from the "Crash My Party"]04:03
9Checkin’ Out [from the "Spring Break...Checkin' Out"]03:31
10Chuggin' Along [from the "Doin' My Thing"]02:59
11Country Girl (Shake It for Me) [from the "Tailgates & Tanlines"]03:45
12Country Man [from the "I'll Stay Me"]03:10
13Crash My Party [from the "Crash My Party"]03:54
14Dirt Road Diary [from the "Crash My Party"]03:32
15Do I [from the "Doin' My Thing"]03:59
16Doin' My Thing [from the "Doin' My Thing"]03:09
17Drink a Beer [from the "Crash My Party"]03:22
18Drinkin' Beer and Wastin' Bullets [from the "Doin' My Thing"]04:19
19Drunk on You [from the "Tailgates & Tanlines"]03:33
20Every Time I See You [from the "Doin' My Thing"]04:05
21Faded Away [from the "Tailgates & Tanlines"]03:48
22Fast [from the "Kill the Lights"]03:26
23First Love Song [from the "I'll Stay Me"]04:36
24Games [from the "Spring Break...Checkin' Out"]02:56
25Good Lookin' Girl [from the "Spring Break...Checkin' Out"]03:44
26Goodbye Girl [from the "Crash My Party"]02:39
27Harvest Time [from the "Tailgates & Tanlines"]03:27
28Home Alone Tonight (ft. Karen Fairchild) [from the "Kill the Lights"]03:10
29Huntin', Fishin' and Lovin' Every Day [from the "Kill the Lights"]04:38
30I Did It Again [from the "Doin' My Thing"]04:49
31I Don't Want This Night to End [from the "Tailgates & Tanlines"]03:40
32I Knew You That Way [from the "Tailgates & Tanlines"]03:32
33I Know You're Gonna Be There [from the "Tailgates & Tanlines"]03:37
34I See You [from the "Crash My Party"]03:06
35I'll Stay Me [from the "I'll Stay Me"]03:02
36Just Over [from the "Kill the Lights"]03:13
37Kick the Dust Up [from the "Kill the Lights"]03:10
38Kill the Lights [from the "Kill the Lights"]02:59
39Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye [from the "Tailgates & Tanlines"]03:23
40Like We Ain't Ever [from the "Spring Break...Checkin' Out"]03:18
41Love It Gone [from the "Kill the Lights"]03:38
42Move [from the "Kill the Lights"]03:47
43Muckalee Creek Water [from the "Tailgates & Tanlines"]03:56
44My Ol' Bronco [from the "Spring Break...Checkin' Out"]03:13
45Night One [from the "Spring Break...Checkin' Out"]03:53
46Out Like That [from the "Crash My Party"]03:18
47Over The River [from the "I'll Stay Me"]03:54
48Play It Again [from the "Crash My Party"]03:46
49Pray About Everything [from the "I'll Stay Me"]03:16
50Rain Is a Good Thing [from the "Doin' My Thing"]02:56
51Razor Blade [from the "Kill the Lights"]03:41
52Roller Coaster [from the "Crash My Party"]04:19
53Scarecrows [from the "Kill the Lights"]03:38
54She Get Me High [from the "Spring Break...Checkin' Out"]03:37
55Shut It Down [from the "Crash My Party"]03:16
56Someone Else Calling You Baby [from the "Doin' My Thing"]03:49
57Spring Breakdown [from the "Spring Break...Checkin' Out"]03:48
58Strip It Down [from the "Kill the Lights"]04:01
59Sunburnt Lips [from the "Crash My Party"]03:26
60Tackle Box [from the "I'll Stay Me"]04:02

Luke Bryan - top artists list [#33]

Luke Bryan

Thomas Luther "Luke" Bryan is an American country music singer and songwriter. []


  • Country,
  • Bro-country
  • Fast - one of the best Luke Bryan songs, top songs list [#72]

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