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Diary Of A Madman by Ozzy Osbourne [2002] [album editions]

Diary Of A Madman (Ozzy Osbourne)

Track listing

1Over The Mountain (Ozbourne, Rhoads, Daisley, Kerslake)
2Flying High Again (Ozbourne, Rhoads, Daisley, Kerslake)
3You Can't Kill Rock And Roll (Ozbourne, Rhoads, Daisley)
4Believer (Ozbourne, Rhoads, Daisley)
5Little Dolls (Ozbourne, Rhoads, Daisley, Kerslake)
6Tonight (Ozbourne, Rhoads, Daisley, Kerslake)
7S.A.T.O. (Ozbourne, Rhoads, Daisley, Kerslake)
8Diary Of A Madman (Ozbourne, Rhoads, Daisley, Kerslake)
9I Don't Tnow

Ozzy Osbourne albums

1Bark At The Moon[ 2002 ]
2Black Rain[ 2007 ]
3Blizzard of Ozz[ 2002 ]
4Chef Aid: The South Park Album (Soundtrack)[ 1998 ]
5Diary Of A Madman[ 2002 ]
6Down To Earth[ 2001 ]
7Just Say Ozzy[ 1990 ]
8Live & Loud[ 1995 ]
9No More Tears[ 2002 ]
10No Rest For The Wicked[ 2003 ]
11Ozzmosis[ 2002 ]
12Scream[ 2010 ]
13Speak Of The Devil[ 1995 ]
14The Ozzman Cometh[ 1997 ]
15The Ultimate Sin[ 1995 ]
16Tribute (Ozzy Osbourne, Randy Rhoads)[ 1987 ]
17Under Cover[ 2005 ]
1Bark At The Moon (Ozzy Osbourne)
2Black Rain (Ozzy Osbourne)
3Blizzard of Ozz (Ozzy Osbourne)
4Chef Aid: The South Park Album (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
5Diary Of A Madman (Ozzy Osbourne)
6Down To Earth (Ozzy Osbourne)
7Just Say Ozzy (Ozzy Osbourne)
8Live & Loud (Ozzy Osbourne)
9No More Tears (Ozzy Osbourne)
10No Rest For The Wicked (Ozzy Osbourne)
11Ozzmosis (Ozzy Osbourne)
12Scream (Ozzy Osbourne)
13Speak Of The Devil (Ozzy Osbourne)
14The Ozzman Cometh (Ozzy Osbourne)
15The Ultimate Sin (Ozzy Osbourne)
16Tribute (Ozzy Osbourne, Randy Rhoads) (Ozzy Osbourne)
17Under Cover (Ozzy Osbourne)

Ozzy Osbourne songs

121Over The Mountain (Ozbourne, Rhoads, Daisley, Kerslake) [from the "Diary Of A Madman"]04:31
122Paranoid [from the "Speak Of The Devil"]03:02
123Paranoid [from the "Tribute (Ozzy Osbourne, Randy Rhoads)"]02:59
124Paranoid (Live With Randy Rhoads) [from the "The Ozzman Cometh"]02:53
125Paranoid (Live) [from the "Live & Loud"]03:15
126Perry Mason [from the "Ozzmosis"]05:53
127Revelation [from the "Tribute (Ozzy Osbourne, Randy Rhoads)"]05:58
128Revelation (Mother Earth) [from the "Blizzard of Ozz"]06:09
129Road To Nowhere [from the "No More Tears"]05:10
130Road To Nowhere (Live) [from the "Live & Loud"]05:30
131Rock 'N' Roll Rebel [from the "Bark At The Moon"]05:21
132Rocky Mountain Way [from the "Under Cover"]04:32
133RR (Outtake from "Blizzard of Ozz" Sessions) [from the "Blizzard of Ozz"]01:13
134Running Out of Time [from the "Down To Earth"]05:05
135S.A.T.O. (Ozbourne, Rhoads, Daisley, Kerslake) [from the "Diary Of A Madman"]04:06
136S.I.N. [from the "No More Tears"]04:47
137Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath [from the "Speak Of The Devil"]05:31
138Secret Loser [from the "The Ultimate Sin"]04:09
139See You On the Other Side [from the "Ozzmosis"]06:10
140Shot In The Dark [from the "Just Say Ozzy"]05:33
141Shot In The Dark [from the "The Ozzman Cometh"]04:16
142Shot in the Dark [from the "The Ultimate Sin"]04:26
143Shot In The Dark (Live) [from the "Live & Loud"]06:02
144Silver [from the "Black Rain"]03:42
145Slow Down [from the "Bark At The Moon"]04:18
146Snowblind [from the "Speak Of The Devil"]04:44
147So Tired [from the "Bark At The Moon"]04:00
148Soul Sucker [from the "Scream"]04:34
149Spiders - (bonus track) [from the "Bark At The Moon"]04:28
150Steal Away [from the "Tribute (Ozzy Osbourne, Randy Rhoads)"]08:04
151Steal Away (The Night) [from the "Blizzard of Ozz"]03:28
152Suicide Solution [from the "Tribute (Ozzy Osbourne, Randy Rhoads)"]07:46
153Suicide Solution [from the "Blizzard of Ozz"]04:19
154Suicide Solution (Live) [from the "Live & Loud"]05:02
155Sunshine Of Your Love [from the "Under Cover"]05:10
156Sweet Leaf [from the "Speak Of The Devil"]05:39
157Sweet Leaf [from the "Just Say Ozzy"]03:22
158Sympathy For The Devil (Originally Recorded By The Rolling Stones) [from the "Under Cover"]07:12
159Symptom Of The Universe [from the "Speak Of The Devil"]05:26
160Tattoed Dancer [from the "Just Say Ozzy"]03:47
161Tattooed Dancer [from the "No Rest For The Wicked"]03:53
162Thank God for the Bomb [from the "The Ultimate Sin"]03:53
163That I Never Had [from the "Down To Earth"]04:23
164The Almighty Dollar [from the "Black Rain"]06:57
165The Ultimate Sin [from the "The Ultimate Sin"]03:44
166The Wizard [from the "Speak Of The Devil"]04:30
167Thunder Underground [from the "Ozzmosis"]06:28
168Time [from the "Scream"]05:31
169Time After Time [from the "No More Tears"]04:20
170Tomorrow [from the "Ozzmosis"]06:36
171Tonight (Ozbourne, Rhoads, Daisley, Kerslake) [from the "Diary Of A Madman"]05:43
172Trap Door [from the "Black Rain"]04:03
173Waiting For Darkness [from the "Bark At The Moon"]05:12
174War Pigs [from the "Speak Of The Devil"]08:21
175War Pigs [from the "Just Say Ozzy"]08:23
176War Pigs [from the "The Ozzman Cometh"]08:15
177War Pigs (Live) [from the "Live & Loud"]09:16
178Woman [from the "Under Cover"]03:45
179Working Class Hero [from the "Under Cover"]03:24
180You Can't Kill Rock And Roll (Ozbourne, Rhoads, Daisley) [from the "Diary Of A Madman"]06:45

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Ozzy Osbourne

John Michael 'Ozzy' Osbourne is a British singer and songwriter.

Osbourne rose to prominence in the early 1970s as the lead vocalist of the pioneering band Black Sabbath. []


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