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Neon by Chris Young [2011] [album editions]

Neon (Chris Young)

Track listing

1I Can Take It from There
4Save Water, Drink Beer
6Old Love Feels New
9When She's On
10She's Got This Thing About Her

Chris Young albums

1A.M.[ 2013 ]
2Chris Young[ 2006 ]
3I'm Comin' Over[ 2015 ]
4Neon[ 2011 ]
5The Man I Want To Be[ 2009 ]
1A.M. (Chris Young)
2Chris Young (Chris Young)
3I'm Comin' Over (Chris Young)
4Neon (Chris Young)
5The Man I Want To Be (Chris Young)

Chris Young songs

1A.M. [from the "A.M."]02:55
2Alone Tonight [from the "I'm Comin' Over"]03:04
3Aw Naw [from the "A.M."]03:09
4Beer Or Gasoline [from the "Chris Young"]03:29
5Burn [from the "Chris Young"]03:04
6Callin' My Name [from the "I'm Comin' Over"]03:12
7Center Of My World [from the "Chris Young"]03:34
8Drinkin' Me Lonely [from the "Chris Young"]03:20
9Flashlight [from the "Neon"]03:24
10Flowers [from the "Chris Young"]03:00
11Forgiveness [from the "A.M."]03:31
12Gettin' You Home (The Black Dress Song) [from the "The Man I Want To Be"]03:32
13Goodbye [from the "A.M."]03:46
14Heartbeat [from the "I'm Comin' Over"]02:56
15Hold You To It [from the "A.M."]03:18
16I Can Take It from There [from the "Neon"]02:38
17I Know A Guy [from the "I'm Comin' Over"]04:04
18I'm Comin' Over [from the "I'm Comin' Over"]03:17
19I'm Headed Your Way, Jose [from the "Chris Young"]03:29
20It Takes A Man [from the "The Man I Want To Be"]03:32
21Lay It On Me [from the "Chris Young"]03:31
22Lighters In The Air [from the "A.M."]04:09
23Lonely Eyes [from the "A.M."]03:39
24Lost [from the "Neon"]03:12
25Neon [from the "Neon"]03:45
26Nothin' But The Cooler Left [from the "A.M."]03:01
27Old Love Feels New [from the "Neon"]04:01
28Rainy Night In Georgia [from the "The Man I Want To Be"]04:13
29Rose in Paradise (duet with Willie Nelson) [from the "The Man I Want To Be"]03:47
30Save Water, Drink Beer [from the "Neon"]02:47
31She's Got This Thing About Her [from the "Neon"]03:02
32Small Town Big Time [from the "Chris Young"]02:54
33Sober Saturday Night (ft. Vince Gill) [from the "I'm Comin' Over"]03:15
34Sunshine Overtime [from the "I'm Comin' Over"]03:02
35Text Me Texas [from the "A.M."]03:28
36That Makes Me [from the "The Man I Want To Be"]03:06
37The Dashboard [from the "The Man I Want To Be"]03:31
38The Man I Want To Be [from the "The Man I Want To Be"]03:27
39The Shoebox [from the "The Man I Want To Be"]03:45
40Think of You (duet with Cassadee Pope) [from the "I'm Comin' Over"]03:40
41Tomorrow [from the "Neon"]03:40
42Twenty-One Candles [from the "The Man I Want To Be"]02:31
43Underdogs [from the "I'm Comin' Over"]03:07
44Voices [from the "The Man I Want To Be"]03:06
45We're Gonna Find It Tonight [from the "A.M."]02:52
46What If I Stay [from the "I'm Comin' Over"]03:25
47When She's On [from the "Neon"]03:10
48White Lightning Hit the Family Tree [from the "Chris Young"]03:52
49Who I Am With You [from the "A.M."]03:13
50Who's Gonna Take Me Home [from the "Chris Young"]03:02
51You [from the "Neon"]02:46
52You Do The Talkin' [from the "I'm Comin' Over"]03:00
53You're Gonna Love Me [from the "Chris Young"]02:57

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Chris Young

Christopher Alan "Chris" is an American country music singer and songwriter. []


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