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Predator by Accept [1996] [album editions]

Predator (Accept)

Track listing

1Hard Attack
3Making Me Scream
4Diggin' in the Dirt
5Lay It Down
6It Ain't Over Yet
9Take Out The Crime
10Don't Give A Damn
11Run Through The Night

Accept albums

1Accept[ 1979 ]
2Balls to the Wall[ 1983 ]
3Breaker[ 1981 ]
4Death Row[ 1994 ]
5Eat the Heat[ 1989 ]
6I`m A Rebel[ 1980 ]
7Kaizoku-Ban[ 1985 ]
8Metal Heart[ 1985 ]
9Objection Overruled[ 1993 ]
10Predator[ 1996 ]
11Restless & Wild[ 1982 ]
12Russian Roulette[ 1986 ]
13Staying a Life[ 1990 ]
14The Final Chapter[ 1998 ]
1Accept (Accept)
2Balls to the Wall (Accept)
3Breaker (Accept)
4Death Row (Accept)
5Eat the Heat (Accept)
6I`m A Rebel (Accept)
7Kaizoku-Ban (Accept)
8Metal Heart (Accept)
9Objection Overruled (Accept)
10Predator (Accept)
11Restless & Wild (Accept)
12Russian Roulette (Accept)
13Staying a Life (Accept)
14The Final Chapter (Accept)

Accept songs

1Ahead of the Pack [from the "Restless & Wild"]03:24
2Aiming High [from the "Russian Roulette"]04:24
3All or Nothing [from the "Objection Overruled"]04:31
4Amamos La Vida [from the "Objection Overruled"]04:39
5Another Second to Be [from the "Russian Roulette"]03:19
6Bad Habits Die Hard [from the "Death Row"]04:41
7Bad Habits Die Hard [from the "The Final Chapter"]04:53
8Bad Religion [from the "Death Row"]04:26
9Balls to the Wall [from the "Balls to the Wall"]05:43
10Balls to the Wall [from the "Staying a Life"]10:32
11Balls to the Wall [from the "The Final Chapter"]11:03
12Bound to Fail [from the "Metal Heart"]05:06
13Break the Ice [from the "Eat the Heat"]04:12
14Breaker [from the "Breaker"]03:35
15Breaker [from the "Staying a Life"]03:40
16Breaker [from the "The Final Chapter"]04:49
17Breaking Up Again [from the "Breaker"]04:37
18Bulletproof [from the "Objection Overruled"]05:05
19Bulletproof [from the "The Final Chapter"]06:17
20Burning [from the "Breaker"]05:13
21Burning [from the "Staying a Life"]07:28
22Can't Stand the Night [from the "Breaker"]05:23
23Chain Reaction [from the "Eat the Heat"]04:38
24China Lady [from the "I`m A Rebel"]03:57
25Crossroads [from the "Predator"]05:12
26Crucified [from the "Predator"]03:01
27Dead On! [from the "Death Row"]04:52
28Death Row [from the "Death Row"]05:17
29Death Row [from the "The Final Chapter"]06:01
30Demon's Night [from the "Restless & Wild"]04:27
31Diggin' in the Dirt [from the "Predator"]04:01
32Do It [from the "I`m A Rebel"]04:11
33Dogs on Leads [from the "Metal Heart"]04:24
34Dogs on Leads [from the "Staying a Life"]05:51
35Donation [from the "Objection Overruled"]04:48
36Don't Give A Damn [from the "Predator"]02:58
37Don't Go Stealin' My Soul Away [from the "Restless & Wild"]03:15
38Down and Out [from the "Breaker"]03:44
39Drifting Apart (Instrumental) [from the "Death Row"]03:03
40D-train [from the "Eat the Heat"]04:25
41Fast as a Shark [from the "Restless & Wild"]03:48
42Fast as a Shark [from the "Staying a Life"]05:26
43Fast as a Shark [from the "The Final Chapter"]03:50
44Feelings [from the "Breaker"]04:48
45Fight It Back [from the "Balls to the Wall"]03:34
46Flash Rockin' Man [from the "Restless & Wild"]04:28
47Flash Rockin' Man [from the "Staying a Life"]06:31
48Free Me Now [from the "Accept"]02:59
49Generation Clash [from the "Eat the Heat"]06:23
50Generation Clash II [from the "Death Row"]05:05
51Get Ready [from the "Restless & Wild"]03:41
52Glad To Be Alone [from the "Accept"]05:11
53Guardian of the Night [from the "Balls to the Wall"]04:24
54Guitar Solo Wolf [from the "Staying a Life"]04:27
55Guns 'R' Us [from the "Death Row"]04:41
56Hard Attack [from the "Predator"]04:37
57Head Over Heels [from the "Balls to the Wall"]04:25
58Head Over Heels [from the "Kaizoku-Ban"]06:01
59Head Over Heels [from the "Staying a Life"]05:49
60Head Over Heels (live) (Bonus Track) [from the "Balls to the Wall"]05:52



Accept is a German heavy metal band from the town of Solingen, originally assembled in the early 1970s by Udo Dirkschneider.

Their professional career began in 1976, when they were invited to play at one of the first rock 'n roll festivals from Germany — Rock am Rhein.


  • Heavy metal
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