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Breaker by Accept [1981] [album editions]

Breaker (Accept)

Track listing

3Run If You Can
4Can't Stand the Night
5Son of a Bitch
8Midnight Highway
9Breaking Up Again
10Down and Out

Accept albums

1Accept[ 1979 ]
2Balls to the Wall[ 1983 ]
3Breaker[ 1981 ]
4Death Row[ 1994 ]
5Eat the Heat[ 1989 ]
6I`m A Rebel[ 1980 ]
7Kaizoku-Ban[ 1985 ]
8Metal Heart[ 1985 ]
9Objection Overruled[ 1993 ]
10Predator[ 1996 ]
11Restless & Wild[ 1982 ]
12Russian Roulette[ 1986 ]
13Staying a Life[ 1990 ]
14The Final Chapter[ 1998 ]
1Accept (Accept)
2Balls to the Wall (Accept)
3Breaker (Accept)
4Death Row (Accept)
5Eat the Heat (Accept)
6I`m A Rebel (Accept)
7Kaizoku-Ban (Accept)
8Metal Heart (Accept)
9Objection Overruled (Accept)
10Predator (Accept)
11Restless & Wild (Accept)
12Russian Roulette (Accept)
13Staying a Life (Accept)
14The Final Chapter (Accept)

Accept songs

121Screaming For a Love-Bite [from the "Metal Heart"]04:05
122Screaming For a Love-Bite [from the "Kaizoku-Ban"]04:25
123Screaming For a Love-bite [from the "Staying a Life"]04:21
124Seawinds [from the "Accept"]04:29
125Shake Your Heads [from the "Restless & Wild"]04:17
126Sick, Dirty And Mean [from the "Objection Overruled"]04:33
127Slaves To Metal [from the "Objection Overruled"]04:37
128Slaves To Metal [from the "The Final Chapter"]05:11
129Sodom & Gomorra [from the "Death Row"]06:28
130Sodom & Gomorra [from the "The Final Chapter"]06:39
131Son of a Bitch [from the "Breaker"]03:53
132Son of a Bitch [from the "Staying a Life"]02:34
133Son of a Bitch [from the "The Final Chapter"]03:28
134Sounds of War [from the "Accept"]04:33
135Stand 4 What U R [from the "Eat the Heat"]04:05
136Stand Tight [from the "Russian Roulette"]04:05
137Starlight [from the "Breaker"]03:52
138Starlight [from the "The Final Chapter"]05:24
139Stone Evil [from the "Death Row"]05:23
140Stone Evil [from the "The Final Chapter"]04:33
141Street Fighter [from the "Accept"]03:29
142T. V. War [from the "Russian Roulette"]03:29
143Take Him In My Heart [from the "Accept"]03:30
144Take Out The Crime [from the "Predator"]03:12
145Teach Us To Survive [from the "Metal Heart"]03:33
146Thatґs Rockґn Roll [from the "Accept"]02:52
147The Beast Inside [from the "Death Row"]05:57
148The Beast Inside [from the "The Final Chapter"]06:25
149The King [from the "I`m A Rebel"]04:11
150This One's For You [from the "Objection Overruled"]04:10
151This One's For You [from the "The Final Chapter"]04:08
152Thunder And Lightning [from the "I`m A Rebel"]04:03
153Tired of Me [from the "Accept"]03:13
154Too High To Get It Right [from the "Metal Heart"]03:47
155Too High To Get It Right [from the "The Final Chapter"]05:42
156Turn Me On [from the "Balls to the Wall"]05:12
157Turn The Wheel [from the "Eat the Heat"]05:24
158Up To the Limit [from the "Metal Heart"]03:47
159Up To the Limit [from the "Kaizoku-Ban"]05:03
160Up To the Limit [from the "Staying a Life"]04:45
161Walking In the Shadow [from the "Russian Roulette"]04:27
162What Else [from the "Death Row"]04:39
163What Else [from the "The Final Chapter"]05:29
164Winterdreams [from the "Balls to the Wall"]04:55
165Writing On the Wall [from the "Death Row"]04:25
166Wrong Is Right [from the "Metal Heart"]03:09
167X-t-c [from the "Eat the Heat"]04:26



Accept is a German heavy metal band from the town of Solingen, originally assembled in the early 1970s by Udo Dirkschneider.

Their professional career began in 1976, when they were invited to play at one of the first rock 'n roll festivals from Germany — Rock am Rhein.


  • Heavy metal
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