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The Best of Eagles by The Eagles [1985] [album editions]

The Best of Eagles (The Eagles)

Track listing

1Take It Easy
2Peaceful, Easy Feeling
4Tequila Sunrise
5Best of My Love
6Lyin' Eyes
7Take It To the Limit
8One Of These Nights
9New Kid In Town
10Life In The Fast Lane
11Heartache Tonight
12The Long Run

The Eagles albums

1Desperado[ 1973 ]
2Eagles[ 1972 ]
3Greatest Hits Live[ 1993 ]
4Hell Freezes Over[ 1994 ]
5Hotel California[ 1976 ]
6On The Border[ 1974 ]
7One of These Nights[ 1975 ]
8The Best of Eagles[ 1985 ]
1Desperado (The Eagles)
2Eagles (The Eagles)
3Greatest Hits Live (The Eagles)
4Hell Freezes Over (The Eagles)
5Hotel California (The Eagles)
6On The Border (The Eagles)
7One of These Nights (The Eagles)
8The Best of Eagles (The Eagles)

The Eagles songs

11'55 [from the "Greatest Hits Live"]03:56
2After the Thrill Is Gone [from the "One of These Nights"]03:56
3Already Gone [from the "On The Border"]04:14
4Already Gone [from the "Greatest Hits Live"]04:51
5Best of My Love [from the "The Best of Eagles"]04:34
6Bitter Creek [from the "Desperado"]05:03
7Certain Kind Of Fool [from the "Desperado"]03:01
8Chug All Night [from the "Eagles"]03:18
9Desperado [from the "Desperado"]03:37
10Desperado [from the "Hell Freezes Over"]04:15
11Desperado [from the "Greatest Hits Live"]03:54
12Desperado [from the "The Best of Eagles"]03:33
13Dirty Laundry [from the "Greatest Hits Live"]04:51
14Doolin-Dalton [from the "Desperado"]03:33
15Doolin-Dalton [from the "Greatest Hits Live"]08:43
16Doolin-Dalton (Instrumental) [from the "Desperado"]00:47
17Dooling Dalton-Desperado (Reprise) [from the "Desperado"]04:50
18Earlybird [from the "Eagles"]03:02
19Get Over It [from the "Hell Freezes Over"]03:31
20Good Day In Hell [from the "On The Border"]04:24
21Good Day In Hell [from the "Greatest Hits Live"]04:45
22Heartache Tonight [from the "Greatest Hits Live"]04:00
23Heartache Tonight [from the "The Best of Eagles"]04:25
24Hollywood Waltz [from the "One of These Nights"]04:01
25Hotel California [from the "Hotel California"]06:33
26Hotel California [from the "Hell Freezes Over"]07:12
27Hotel California [from the "Greatest Hits Live"]06:36
28I Can't Tell You Why [from the "Hell Freezes Over"]05:11
29I Can't Tell You Why [from the "Greatest Hits Live"]04:47
30I Wish You Peace [from the "One of These Nights"]03:43
31In The City [from the "Hell Freezes Over"]04:07
32Is It True? [from the "On The Border"]03:14
33James Dean [from the "On The Border"]03:39
34James Dean [from the "Greatest Hits Live"]03:40
35Journey Of The Sorcerer [from the "One of These Nights"]06:39
36Learn To Be Still [from the "Hell Freezes Over"]04:29
37Life In The Fast Lane [from the "Hell Freezes Over"]05:30
38Life In The Fast Lane [from the "Greatest Hits Live"]04:12
39Life In The Fast Lane [from the "The Best of Eagles"]04:48
40Life's Been Good [from the "Greatest Hits Live"]08:33
41Live In The Fast Lane [from the "Hotel California"]04:46
42Love Will Keep Us Alive [from the "Hell Freezes Over"]04:03
43Love Will Keep Us Alive [from the "Greatest Hits Live"]04:17
44Lyin' Eyes [from the "One of These Nights"]06:21
45Lyin' Eyes [from the "Greatest Hits Live"]06:35
46Lyin' Eyes [from the "The Best of Eagles"]06:23
47Midnight Flyer [from the "On The Border"]03:58
48Midnight Flyer [from the "Greatest Hits Live"]03:55
49Most Of Us Are Sad [from the "Eagles"]03:38
50My Man [from the "On The Border"]03:30
51New Kid In Town [from the "Hotel California"]05:04
52New Kid In Town [from the "Greatest Hits Live"]04:54
53New Kid In Town [from the "The Best of Eagles"]05:03
54New York Minute [from the "Hell Freezes Over"]06:37
55Nightingale [from the "Eagles"]04:08
56Ol' 55 [from the "On The Border"]04:22
57On The Border [from the "On The Border"]04:25
58One Of These Nights [from the "One of These Nights"]04:50
59One Of These Nights [from the "Greatest Hits Live"]04:10
60One Of These Nights [from the "The Best of Eagles"]04:53

The Eagles

The Eagles

The Eagles are an American rock band that was formed in Los Angeles, California in the early 1970s. []


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  • Best of My Love by The Eagles

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