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Special Forces by Alice Cooper [1981] [album editions]

Special Forces (Alice Cooper)

Track listing

1Who Do We Think We Are
2Seven & Seven Is
3Prettiest Cop on the Block
4Don't Talk Old To Me
5Generation Landslide '81 (live)
6Skeletons In The Closet
7You Want It, You Got It
8You Look Good In Rags
9You're A Movie
10Vicious Rumours

Alice Cooper albums

1Along Came a Spider[ 2008 ]
2Billion Dollar Babies[ 2001 ]
3Brutal Planet[ 2000 ]
4Constrictor[ 1995 ]
5Dirty Diamonds[ 2005 ]
6Dragontown[ 2001 ]
7From The Inside[ 1999 ]
8Hey Stoopid[ 1991 ]
9Raise Your Fist and Yell[ 1990 ]
10School's Out[ 1972 ]
11Special Forces[ 1981 ]
12The Eyes of Alice Cooper[ 2003 ]
13The Last Temptation[ 1994 ]
14Trash[ 1989 ]
15Welcome 2 My Nightmare[ 2011 ]
1Along Came a Spider (Alice Cooper)
2Billion Dollar Babies (Alice Cooper)
3Brutal Planet (Alice Cooper)
4Constrictor (Alice Cooper)
5Dirty Diamonds (Alice Cooper)
6Dragontown (Alice Cooper)
7From The Inside (Alice Cooper)
8Hey Stoopid (Alice Cooper)
9Raise Your Fist and Yell (Alice Cooper)
10School's Out (Alice Cooper)
11Special Forces (Alice Cooper)
12The Eyes of Alice Cooper (Alice Cooper)
13The Last Temptation (Alice Cooper)
14Trash (Alice Cooper)
15Welcome 2 My Nightmare (Alice Cooper)

Alice Cooper songs

121Stolen Prayer [from the "The Last Temptation"]05:37
122Street Fight [from the "School's Out"]00:53
123Sunset Babies (All Got Rabies) [from the "Dirty Diamonds"]03:28
124Take It Like A Woman [from the "Brutal Planet"]04:12
125Teenage Frankenstein [from the "Constrictor"]03:36
126The Congregation [from the "Welcome 2 My Nightmare"]03:59
127The Great American Success Story [from the "Constrictor"]03:30
128The Nightmare Returns [from the "Welcome 2 My Nightmare"]01:14
129The One That Got Away [from the "Along Came a Spider"]03:21
130The Quiet Room [from the "From The Inside"]03:53
131The Saga Of Jesse Jane [from the "Dirty Diamonds"]04:16
132The Sentinel [from the "Dragontown"]03:53
133The Song That Didn't Rhyme [from the "The Eyes of Alice Cooper"]03:17
134The Underture (Instrumental) [from the "Welcome 2 My Nightmare"]04:37
135The World Needs Guts [from the "Constrictor"]03:57
136This House Is Haunted [from the "The Eyes of Alice Cooper"]03:30
137This Maniac's In Love With You [from the "Trash"]03:48
138Thrill My Gorilla [from the "Constrictor"]02:55
139Time To Kill [from the "Raise Your Fist and Yell"]03:39
140Trash [from the "Trash"]04:01
141Trick Bag [from the "Constrictor"]04:12
142Triggerman [from the "Dragontown"]03:58
143Unfinished Sweet [from the "Billion Dollar Babies"]06:18
144Unholy War [from the "The Last Temptation"]04:10
145Vengeance Is Mine (ft. Slash) [from the "Along Came a Spider"]04:26
146Vicious Rumours [from the "Special Forces"]03:44
147Wake the Dead (ft. Ozzy Osbourne) [from the "Along Came a Spider"]03:53
148What Baby Wants (ft. Ke$ha) [from the "Welcome 2 My Nightmare"]03:43
149What Do You Want From Me? [from the "The Eyes of Alice Cooper"]03:25
150When Hell Comes Home [from the "Welcome 2 My Nightmare"]04:30
151Who Do We Think We Are [from the "Special Forces"]04:21
152Why Trust You [from the "Trash"]03:12
153Wicked Young Man [from the "Brutal Planet"]03:50
154Wind-Up Toy [from the "Hey Stoopid"]05:27
155Wish I Were Born In Beverly Hills [from the "From The Inside"]03:38
156Woman Of Mass Distraction [from the "Dirty Diamonds"]03:59
157Wrapped in Silk [from the "Along Came a Spider"]04:17
158You Look Good In Rags [from the "Special Forces"]03:35
159You Make Me Wanna [from the "Dirty Diamonds"]03:31
160You Want It, You Got It [from the "Special Forces"]03:15
161Your Own Worst Enemy [from the "Dirty Diamonds"]02:19
162You're A Movie [from the "Special Forces"]03:37
163You're My Temptation [from the "The Last Temptation"]05:09
164Zombie Dance [from the "Dirty Diamonds"]04:23

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Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper is a hard rock singer and musician.

"Alice Cooper" was originally the name of Furnier's band; he legally changed his own name to Alice Cooper for a successful solo career.

He is often referred to as the founder of shock rock due to his gory, theatrical performances. []


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