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Break the Spell by Daughtry [2011] [album editions]

Break the Spell (Daughtry)

Track listing

2Crawling Back to You
3Outta My Head
4Start of Something Good
6Break the Spell
7We're Not Gonna Fall
8Gone Too Soon
9Losing My Mind
10Rescue Me
11Louder Than Ever
13Who's They
14Maybe We're Already Gone
15Everything But Me

Daughtry albums

1Baptized[ 2013 ]
2Break the Spell[ 2011 ]
3Daughtry[ 2006 ]
4Leave This Town[ 2009 ]
1Baptized (Daughtry)
2Break the Spell (Daughtry)
3Daughtry (Daughtry)
4Leave This Town (Daughtry)

Daughtry songs

118 Years [from the "Baptized"]04:51
2All These Lives [from the "Daughtry"]03:24
3Baptized [from the "Baptized"]03:11
4Battleships [from the "Baptized"]03:52
5Battleships [Acoustic] [from the "Baptized"]03:41
6Break the Spell [from the "Break the Spell"]03:32
7Breakdown [from the "Daughtry"]04:01
8Broken Arrows [from the "Baptized"]04:08
9Call Your Name [from the "Leave This Town"]04:03
10Cinderella [from the "Baptized"]03:13
11Crashed [from the "Daughtry"]03:31
12Crawling Back to You [from the "Break the Spell"]03:45
13Crazy [from the "Break the Spell"]03:24
14Everything But Me [from the "Break the Spell"]04:28
15Everytime You Turn Around [from the "Leave This Town"]03:39
16Feels Like The First Time [from the "Daughtry"]03:24
17Feels Like Tonight [from the "Daughtry"]04:01
18Ghost Of Me [from the "Leave This Town"]03:39
19Gone [from the "Daughtry"]03:21
20Gone Too Soon [from the "Break the Spell"]03:36
21High Above The Ground [from the "Baptized"]03:11
22Home [from the "Daughtry"]04:15
23Home (Acoustic) [from the "Daughtry"]04:13
24I'll Fight [from the "Baptized"]03:00
25It's Not Over [from the "Daughtry"]03:35
26It's Not Over (Live) [from the "Daughtry"]04:05
27Learn My Lesson [from the "Leave This Town"]03:50
28Life After You [from the "Leave This Town"]03:26
29Long Live Rock & Roll [from the "Baptized"]03:36
30Losing My Mind [from the "Break the Spell"]03:48
31Louder Than Ever [from the "Break the Spell"]03:37
32Lullaby [from the "Break the Spell"]02:25
33Maybe We're Already Gone [from the "Break the Spell"]04:21
34No Suprise [from the "Leave This Town"]04:29
35Open Up Your Eyes [from the "Leave This Town"]04:19
36Outta My Head [from the "Break the Spell"]03:31
37Over You [from the "Daughtry"]03:27
38Renegade [from the "Break the Spell"]03:35
39Rescue Me [from the "Break the Spell"]03:23
40September [from the "Leave This Town"]04:00
41Spaceship [from the "Break the Spell"]03:51
42Start of Something Good [from the "Break the Spell"]04:24
43Supernatural [from the "Leave This Town"]03:39
44Tennessee Line [from the "Leave This Town"]04:37
45The World We Knew [from the "Baptized"]03:36
46There and Back Again (ft. Brent Smith) [from the "Daughtry"]03:15
47Traitor [from the "Baptized"]03:03
48Undefeated [from the "Baptized"]03:40
49Used To [from the "Daughtry"]03:32
50Waiting for Superman [from the "Baptized"]04:27
51We're Not Gonna Fall [from the "Break the Spell"]03:19
52What About Now [from the "Daughtry"]04:13
53What About Now (Acoustic) [from the "Daughtry"]04:32
54What I Meant To Say [from the "Leave This Town"]03:09
55What I Want (ft. Slash) [from the "Daughtry"]02:48
56Who's They [from the "Break the Spell"]03:11
57Wild Heart [from the "Baptized"]03:50
58Witness [from the "Baptized"]04:11
59You Don't Belong [from the "Leave This Town"]04:00



Daughtry is an American rock band formed in 2005. []


  • Rock,
  • Alternative rock,
  • Post-grunge,
  • Hard rock,
  • Pop rock
  • Crawling Back to You by Daughtry

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