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American Recordings by Johnny Cash [2002] [album editions]

American Recordings (Johnny Cash)

Track listing

1Delia's Gone
2Let The Train Blow the Whistle
3The Beast In Me
4Drive On
5Why Me Lord
7Oh, Bury Me Not (Introduction: A Cowboy's Prayer)
8Bird On A Wire
9Tennessee Stud
10Down There By The Train
12Like A Soldier
13The Man Who Couldn't Cry

Johnny Cash albums

1American III: Solitary Man[ 2002 ]
2American IV: The Man Comes Around[ 2002 ]
3American Recordings[ 2002 ]
4American V: A Hundred Highways[ 2006 ]
5At Folsom Prison[ 1999 ]
6Johnny Cash's America[ 2008 ]
7Unchained[ 2002 ]
1American III: Solitary Man (Johnny Cash)
2American IV: The Man Comes Around (Johnny Cash)
3American Recordings (Johnny Cash)
4American V: A Hundred Highways (Johnny Cash)
5At Folsom Prison (Johnny Cash)
6Johnny Cash's America (Johnny Cash)
7Unchained (Johnny Cash)

Johnny Cash songs

125 Minutes To Go [from the "At Folsom Prison"]03:31
2A Legend In My Time [from the "American V: A Hundred Highways"]02:37
3All Of God's Children Ain't Free [from the "Johnny Cash's America"]02:13
4Before My Time [from the "American III: Solitary Man"]02:55
5Big Foot [from the "Johnny Cash's America"]02:38
6Big River [from the "Johnny Cash's America"]02:32
7Bird On A Wire [from the "American Recordings"]04:01
8Bridge Over Troubled Water [from the "American IV: The Man Comes Around"]03:55
9Busted [from the "At Folsom Prison"]01:24
10Children, Go Where I Send Thee (Live) [from the "Johnny Cash's America"]06:21
11Cocaine Blues [from the "At Folsom Prison"]03:01
12Come Along And Ride This Train [from the "Johnny Cash's America"]02:27
13Country Boy [from the "Unchained"]02:31
14Country Trash [from the "American III: Solitary Man"]01:47
15Cry, Cry, Cry [from the "Johnny Cash's America"]02:25
16Danny Boy [from the "American IV: The Man Comes Around"]03:19
17Dark As The Dungeon [from the "At Folsom Prison"]03:04
18Delia's Gone [from the "American Recordings"]02:17
19Desperado [from the "American IV: The Man Comes Around"]03:13
20Dirty Old Egg Suckin' Dog [from the "At Folsom Prison"]01:30
21Don't Take Your Guns To Town [from the "Johnny Cash's America"]03:03
22Down There By The Train [from the "American Recordings"]05:34
23Drive On [from the "American Recordings"]02:23
24Field Of Diamonds [from the "American III: Solitary Man"]03:15
25First Time I Ever Saw Your Face [from the "American IV: The Man Comes Around"]03:52
26Five Feet High And Rising [from the "Johnny Cash's America"]01:47
27Flushed From The Bathroom Of Your Heart [from the "At Folsom Prison"]02:17
28Folsom Prison Blues [from the "At Folsom Prison"]02:42
29Folsom Prison Blues (Lve) [from the "Johnny Cash's America"]02:44
30Four Strong Winds [from the "American V: A Hundred Highways"]04:35
31Further On Up The Road [from the "American V: A Hundred Highways"]03:25
32Give My Love To Rose [from the "At Folsom Prison"]02:40
33Give My Love To Rose [from the "American IV: The Man Comes Around"]03:28
34God's Gonna Cut You Down [from the "American V: A Hundred Highways"]02:38
35Green, Green Grass Of Home [from the "At Folsom Prison"]02:29
36Greystone Chapel [from the "At Folsom Prison"]06:02
37Help Me [from the "American V: A Hundred Highways"]02:51
38Hurt [from the "American IV: The Man Comes Around"]03:38
39I Am The Nation [from the "Johnny Cash's America"]03:14
40I Came To Believe [from the "American V: A Hundred Highways"]03:45
41I Got Stripes [from the "At Folsom Prison"]01:57
42I Hung My Head [from the "American IV: The Man Comes Around"]03:53
43I Never Picked Cotton [from the "Unchained"]02:39
44I See a Darkness [from the "American III: Solitary Man"]03:40
45I Still Miss Someone [from the "At Folsom Prison"]01:37
46I Won't Back Down [from the "American III: Solitary Man"]02:07
47If You Could Read My Mind [from the "American V: A Hundred Highways"]04:30
48I'm Free From The Chain Gang Now [from the "American V: A Hundred Highways"]03:00
49I'm Leavin' Now [from the "American III: Solitary Man"]03:07
50I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry [from the "American IV: The Man Comes Around"]03:03
51In My Life [from the "American IV: The Man Comes Around"]02:58
52I've Been Everywhere [from the "Unchained"]03:17
53Jackson [from the "At Folsom Prison"]03:12
54Joe Bean [from the "At Folsom Prison"]02:25
55Let The Train Blow the Whistle [from the "American Recordings"]02:15
56Like A Soldier [from the "American Recordings"]02:50
57Like The 309 (The Last Song Johnny Wrote & Recorded) [from the "American V: A Hundred Highways"]04:35
58Love's Been Good To Me [from the "American V: A Hundred Highways"]03:18
59Man In Black [from the "Johnny Cash's America"]02:53
60Mary of the Wild Moor [from the "American III: Solitary Man"]02:32

Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash

John R. 'Johnny' Cash, born J. R. Cash, was an American singer-songwriter, actor, and author. []


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  • Drive On by Johnny Cash

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