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Golden Road by Keith Urban [2002]

Golden Road (Keith Urban)

Track listing

1Somebody Like You
2Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me
3Whenever I Run
4What About Me
5You'll Think of Me
6Jeans On
7You Look Good In My Shirt
8You're Not Alone Tonight
9You Won
10Song For Dad
11Raining On Sunday
12You're Not My God

Keith Urban albums

1Be Here[ 2004 ]
2Defying Gravity[ 2009 ]
3Fuse[ 2013 ]
4Get Closer[ 2010 ]
5Golden Road[ 2002 ]
6Graffiti U[ 2018 ]
7Keith Urban (1991 album)[ 1991 ]
8Keith Urban (1999 album)[ 1999 ]
9Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing[ 2006 ]
10Ripcord[ 2016 ]
1Be Here (Keith Urban)
2Defying Gravity (Keith Urban)
3Fuse (Keith Urban)
4Get Closer (Keith Urban)
5Golden Road (Keith Urban)
6Graffiti U (Keith Urban)
7Keith Urban (1991 album) (Keith Urban)
8Keith Urban (1999 album) (Keith Urban)
9Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing (Keith Urban)
10Ripcord (Keith Urban)

Keith Urban songs

121You Won [from the "Golden Road"]05:21
122You'll Think of Me [from the "Golden Road"]04:53
123Your Body [from the "Ripcord"]02:45
124Your Everything [from the "Keith Urban (1999 album)"]04:11
125You're My Better Half [from the "Be Here"]04:12
126You're Not Alone Tonight [from the "Golden Road"]03:30
127You're Not My God [from the "Golden Road"]08:31
128You're The Only One [from the "Keith Urban (1999 album)"]04:54

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Keith Urban

Keith Lionel Urban is an Australian country music singer, songwriter and guitarist. []


  • Country,
  • Country pop,
  • ] Pop rock
  • You'll Think of Me by Keith Urban

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