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Passing by Behind Your Eyes by Pretty Lights [2009]

Passing by Behind Your Eyes (Pretty Lights)

Track listing

1World of Illusion
2Sunday School
3Short Cut/Detour
4If I Could Feel Again
5Someday Is Everyday
6Fly Away Another Day
7Can't Stop Me Now
8Let 'Em Know It's Time to Go
9Lonesome Street
10City of One
11Dark as the Sky
12Keep 'Em Bouncin'
13Ask Your Friends

Pretty Lights albums

1A Color Map of the Sun[ 2013 ]
2Divergent (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)[ 2014 ]
3Filling Up The City Skies[ 2008 ]
4Passing by Behind Your Eyes[ 2009 ]
5Taking Up Your Precious Time[ 2006 ]
1A Color Map of the Sun (Pretty Lights)
2Divergent (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Various artists)
3Filling Up The City Skies (Pretty Lights)
4Passing by Behind Your Eyes (Pretty Lights)
5Taking Up Your Precious Time (Pretty Lights)

Pretty Lights songs

61So Bright (featuring Eligh) [from the "A Color Map of the Sun"]06:10
62Solamente [from the "Filling Up The City Skies"]06:36
63Someday Is Everyday [from the "Passing by Behind Your Eyes"]06:41
64Something's Wrong [from the "Filling Up The City Skies"]07:07
65Speaking Of Happiness [from the "Filling Up The City Skies"]05:40
66Stay [from the "Taking Up Your Precious Time"]05:07
67Summer's Gone [from the "Filling Up The City Skies"]04:39
68Summer's Thirst [from the "Taking Up Your Precious Time"]04:22
69Sunday School [from the "Passing by Behind Your Eyes"]06:31
70Sweet Long Life [from the "A Color Map of the Sun"]05:52
71Switch Up [from the "Taking Up Your Precious Time"]03:49
72Take the Sun Away [from the "Filling Up The City Skies"]10:33
73The Last Passenger [from the "Taking Up Your Precious Time"]04:42
74The Time Has Come [from the "Filling Up The City Skies"]06:03
75Try To Remember [from the "Taking Up Your Precious Time"]09:32
76Until Tomorrow [from the "Taking Up Your Precious Time"]04:35
77Up & Down I Go [from the "Filling Up The City Skies"]07:53
78Vibe Vendetta [from the "A Color Map of the Sun"]05:43
79Waiting For Her [from the "Taking Up Your Precious Time"]02:59
80Where I'm Trying to Go [from the "A Color Map of the Sun"]06:08
81Who Loves Me [from the "Filling Up The City Skies"]06:07
82World of Illusion [from the "Passing by Behind Your Eyes"]03:14
83Wrong Platform [from the "Taking Up Your Precious Time"]06:13
84Yellow Bird [from the "A Color Map of the Sun"]05:59

Pretty Lights

Pretty Lights

Derek Vincent Smith is an American electronic music artist who performs under the stage name Pretty Lights. []


  • Electronica,
  • Nu jazz,
  • Hip hop,
  • Soul,
  • Trip hop
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