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The Hunter by Jennifer Warnes [1992] [album editions]

The Hunter (Jennifer Warnes)

Track listing

1Rock You Gently
2Somewhere, Somebody
3Big Noise, New York
4True Emotion
5Pretending to Care
6The Whole of the Moon
7Lights of Lousianne
8Way Down Deep
9The Hunter
10I Can't Hide

Jennifer Warnes albums

1Famous Blue Raincoat[ 1987 ]
2I Can Remember Everything[ 1968 ]
3Jennifer[ 1972 ]
4Jennifer Warnes[ 1976 ]
5See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Heal Me[ 1969 ]
6Shot Through the Heart[ 1979 ]
7The Best of Jennifer Warnes[ 1982 ]
8The Hunter[ 1992 ]
9The Well[ 2001 ]
1Famous Blue Raincoat (Jennifer Warnes)
2I Can Remember Everything (Jennifer Warnes)
3Jennifer (Jennifer Warnes)
4Jennifer Warnes (Jennifer Warnes)
5See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Heal Me (Jennifer Warnes)
6Shot Through the Heart (Jennifer Warnes)
7The Best of Jennifer Warnes (Jennifer Warnes)
8The Hunter (Jennifer Warnes)
9The Well (Jennifer Warnes)

Jennifer Warnes songs

1A Singer Must Die [from the "Famous Blue Raincoat"]04:54
2Ain't No Cure for Love [from the "Famous Blue Raincoat"]03:37
3All My Love's Laughter [from the "Jennifer"]03:21
4And So It Goes [from the "The Well"]04:35
5Backstreet Girl [from the "See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Heal Me"]03:34
6Be My Friend [from the "Jennifer"]04:27
7Big Noise, New York [from the "The Hunter"]05:02
8Bird on a Wire [from the "Famous Blue Raincoat"]04:44
9Bring Ol' Maggie Back Home [from the "Jennifer Warnes"]04:11
10Cajun Train [from the "See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Heal Me"]02:47
11Came So Far for Beauty (Cohen, John Lissauer) [from the "Famous Blue Raincoat"]03:37
12Chelsea Morning [from the "I Can Remember Everything"]02:22
13Close Another Door [from the "I Can Remember Everything"]02:50
14Come to Me [from the "The Best of Jennifer Warnes"]03:24
15Coming Back to You [from the "Famous Blue Raincoat"]03:46
16Could It Be Love [from the "The Best of Jennifer Warnes"]03:34
17Daddy Don't Go [from the "Jennifer Warnes"]04:36
18Don't Lead Me On [from the "Jennifer Warnes"]02:45
19Don't Make Me Over (Burt Bacharach, Hal David) [from the "Shot Through the Heart"]04:22
20Easy to be hard (from Hair) [from the "See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Heal Me"]02:58
21Empty Bottles [from the "Jennifer"]02:57
22Famous Blue Raincoat [from the "Famous Blue Raincoat"]05:35
23First We Take Manhattan [from the "Famous Blue Raincoat"]03:49
24Frankie in the Rain (Warnes) [from the "Shot Through the Heart"]02:49
25Hard Times Come Again No More (Stephen Foster) [from the "Shot Through the Heart"]03:34
26Here, There And Everywhere [from the "I Can Remember Everything"]03:16
27I Am Waiting [from the "I Can Remember Everything"]02:51
28I Can't Hide [from the "The Hunter"]04:49
29I Know a Heartache When I See One [from the "The Best of Jennifer Warnes"]03:30
30I Know a Heartache When I See One (Kerry Chater, Charlie Black) [from the "Shot Through the Heart"]03:30
31I Want To Meander In The Meadow [from the "I Can Remember Everything"]02:33
32I'm Dreaming [from the "The Best of Jennifer Warnes"]03:33
33I'm Dreaming [from the "Jennifer Warnes"]03:30
34I'm Restless [from the "The Best of Jennifer Warnes"]04:18
35I'm Restless (Warnes) [from the "Shot Through the Heart"]04:16
36In The Morning [from the "Jennifer"]02:58
37Invitation To The Blues [from the "The Well"]05:10
38It Goes Like It Goes [from the "The Best of Jennifer Warnes"]02:53
39It's Hard To Love A Poet [from the "I Can Remember Everything"]02:45
40It's Raining [from the "The Well"]03:25
41Joan of Arc [from the "Famous Blue Raincoat"]07:59
42Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues [from the "See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Heal Me"]04:50
43Last Song (Jw Writer) [from the "Jennifer"]03:05
44Let the sunshine in (from Hair) [from the "See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Heal Me"]03:04
45Lights of Lousianne [from the "The Hunter"]04:24
46Love Hurts [from the "Jennifer Warnes"]03:07
47Magdalene [from the "Jennifer"]03:31
48Mama [from the "Jennifer Warnes"]01:59
49Needle And Thread [from the "Jennifer"]03:58
50O God Of Loveliness [from the "Jennifer Warnes"]01:00
51Old Folks (Les Vieux) [from the "See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Heal Me"]02:57
52P.F. Sloan [from the "Jennifer"]03:40
53Patriot's Dream [from the "The Well"]05:15
54Places Everyone [from the "I Can Remember Everything"]01:50
55Prairie Melancholy [from the "The Well"]05:43
56Pretending to Care [from the "The Hunter"]04:42
57Right Time of the Night [from the "The Best of Jennifer Warnes"]02:55
58Right Time of the Night [from the "Jennifer Warnes"]02:49
59Rock You Gently [from the "The Hunter"]04:23
60Round And Round [from the "Jennifer Warnes"]04:25

Jennifer Warnes

Jennifer Warnes

Jennifer Jean Warnes is an American singer, songwriter, arranger, and record producer.

She is known for her interpretations of compositions written by herself and many others as well as an extensive playlist as a vocalist on movie soundtracks. []


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  • Pop
  • Lights of Lousianne by Jennifer Warnes

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