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Midnite Lover by Shaggy [1997] [album editions]

Midnite Lover (Shaggy)

Track listing

1My Dream
2Perfect Song (ft. Maxi Priest)
3Tender Love
4Geenie (ft. Brian and Tony Gold)
5Sexy Body Girls
6Piece of My Heart (ft. Marsha)
7Think Ah So it Go
8Midnite Lover
10Way Back Home
11John Doe
12Thank You Lord (ft. Ky-Mani)
13Piece of My Heart (Urban Remix)

Shaggy albums

1Boombastic[ 1995 ]
2Clothes Drop[ 2005 ]
3Hot Shot[ 2000 ]
4Intoxicaton[ 2007 ]
5Lucky Day[ 2002 ]
6Midnite Lover[ 1997 ]
7Original Doberman[ 1994 ]
8Out of Many, One Music[ 2013 ]
9Pure Pleasure[ 1993 ]
10Shaggy & Friends[ 2011 ]
11Summer in Kingston[ 2011 ]
1Boombastic (Shaggy)
2Clothes Drop (Shaggy)
3Hot Shot (Shaggy)
4Intoxicaton (Shaggy)
5Lucky Day (Shaggy)
6Midnite Lover (Shaggy)
7Original Doberman (Shaggy)
8Out of Many, One Music (Shaggy)
9Pure Pleasure (Shaggy)
10Shaggy & Friends (Shaggy)
11Summer in Kingston (Shaggy)

Shaggy songs

61Holla At You (Remix) [from the "Shaggy & Friends"]02:24
62Hookie Jookie [from the "Lucky Day"]03:32
63Hope (ft. Mister Mydas) [from the "Hot Shot"]03:48
64Hot Shot [from the "Hot Shot"]03:47
65How Much More [from the "Boombastic"]03:53
66If U Slip U Slide (You Could Be Mine) (ft. Melissa Musique) [from the "Out of Many, One Music"]03:49
67I'm Rebel [from the "Shaggy & Friends"]03:32
68I'm Sorry (ft. Qwote) [from the "Shaggy & Friends"]03:51
69In the Summertime (ft. Rayvon) [from the "Boombastic"]03:42
70In The Summertime (Ripper Remix) [from the "Boombastic"]04:04
71Intoxication [from the "Intoxicaton"]03:32
72Island Lover [from the "Boombastic"]04:16
73It Bun Me [from the "Pure Pleasure"]03:36
74It Wasn't Me (ft. Ricardo "RikRok" Ducent) [from the "Hot Shot"]03:47
75Jenny (ft. Budda Junky Swan) [from the "Boombastic"]04:18
76John Doe [from the "Midnite Lover"]03:40
77Jump and Rock [from the "Original Doberman"]03:43
78Just Another Girl (ft. Tarrus Riley) [from the "Summer in Kingston"]02:56
79Keep'n It Real [from the "Hot Shot"]03:54
80Kibbles and Bits [from the "Original Doberman"]03:51
81Lately (ft. Rayvon) [from the "Original Doberman"]03:53
82Leave It to Me [from the "Hot Shot"]03:37
83Leave Me Alone [from the "Lucky Day"]03:52
84Letter To My Kids [from the "Clothes Drop"]02:54
85Like Never Before (ft. Cocoa Tea & Joe) [from the "Out of Many, One Music"]03:39
86Lonely Lover (ft. Prof. T) [from the "Hot Shot"]03:47
87Lost (ft. Prince Mydas) [from the "Lucky Day"]03:29
88Love How Them Flex [from the "Pure Pleasure"]03:57
89Love Me Up [from the "Clothes Drop"]03:31
90Lucky Day [from the "Lucky Day"]03:21
91Lust [from the "Pure Pleasure"]03:49
92Luv Me, Luv Me (ft. Samantha Cole) [from the "Hot Shot"]03:35
93Mad Mad World (ft. Collie Buddz) [from the "Intoxicaton"]03:50
94Mampie [from the "Pure Pleasure"]03:44
95Man a Yard [from the "Original Doberman"]03:21
96Midnite Lover [from the "Midnite Lover"]03:44
97Mission [from the "Midnite Lover"]03:49
98Money & Friends [from the "Out of Many, One Music"]03:26
99More Woman [from the "Intoxicaton"]03:38
100My Dream [from the "Midnite Lover"]03:23
101My Duty (ft. Tarrus Riley) [from the "Out of Many, One Music"]03:45
102Needle Eye (ft. Rayvon) [from the "Shaggy & Friends"]03:17
103Never Knew What I Missed (ft. Samira) [from the "Out of Many, One Music"]03:29
104Nice and Lovely (ft. Rayvon) [from the "Pure Pleasure"]03:44
105Not Fair (ft. Tony "Rude" Seawright) [from the "Hot Shot"]03:47
106Oh Carolina [from the "Pure Pleasure"]03:10
107Oh Carolina (Raas Bumba Claat Version) [from the "Pure Pleasure"]03:08
108Out of Control (ft. Rayvon) [from the "Intoxicaton"]03:26
109P.H.A.T. [from the "Original Doberman"]03:49
110Perfect Song (ft. Maxi Priest) [from the "Midnite Lover"]03:43
111Piece of My Heart (ft. Marsha) [from the "Midnite Lover"]04:17
112Piece of My Heart (Urban Remix) [from the "Midnite Lover"]04:05
113Ready Fi Di Ride [from the "Clothes Drop"]03:34
114Reggae Vibes [from the "Intoxicaton"]02:57
115Repeat [from the "Clothes Drop"]03:42
116Road Block feat. Rik Rok [from the "Clothes Drop"]03:32
117Scheming [from the "Out of Many, One Music"]04:15
118Sexy Body Girls [from the "Midnite Lover"]03:49
119Shaggy & Rayvon Show (ft. Rayvon) [from the "Shaggy & Friends"]03:57
120Shake Shake Shake [from the "Lucky Day"]03:26



Shaggy is a Jamaican reggae artist who takes his nickname from Scooby-Doo's companion (possibly from the similarity of their first names).

He is especially notable for his distinctive sub-baritone voice. []


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